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Future Music Magazine

Just delivered a small Studio One “Pro Tips & Tricks” article to Future Music magazine in the UK, which should be in the next issue if I didn’t miss the deadline by too much. Have even included a small Presence soundset that will ship on their cover DVD. Should be a good one I think.

Getting ready for NAMM

It’s mid-December and for a music biz evangelist like me that means starting to think about the NAMM show in Anaheim, California. And that means sitting down with Studio One and figuring out some cool stuff to entertain and inform the assembled multitudes with. Luckily this software is so much fun to use that it’s not exactly a boring job to have to do that 🙂

StudioLive Laptop Mix Down… with a extra flat.

StudioLive for Worship and Music Pastors

StudioLive Analog to Digital Mixers Vineyard Church

StudioLive: Input to Final Mix and Beyond

Adding Tracks with FireStudio Project & Studio One – Justin Spence

Importing & Exporting audio Using Pro Tools and Studio One

Old Skool Engineer Discovers Studio One Pro

CC Drum Kit for Impact