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PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra—Even More Powerful with Chord Track and Harmonic Editing

The PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra is something of a secret weapon over at With over 14 gigs of samples and musicloops, it combines a complete symphonic orchestra instrument library with ready-to-use Studio One Musicloops for lightning-fast arranging and production. The instruments not only comprise a full symphony orchestra, but also a contemporary strings library. More than 1,200 Musicloops allow for creating full arrangements on the fly while retaining complete control over tempo, key, chords and sound character.

If you’re currently running Studio One 4 and have passed on the PSO before, now is a great time to give it another look—because with the release of the new Chord Track and Harmonic Editing features, the PSO becomes a lot more versatile and powerful with no increase in price!

PreSonus beta tester and content creator Lukas Ruschitzka recently created some new videos and audio demos showcasing not only the PSO’s sound quality and ease-of-use, but also how much stronger it has become when paired with Studio One’s new Chord Track and Harmonic editing. Check out these videos below, and…

Click here to get the PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra!


PSO Construction Kits

PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra contains more than 1,200 Musicloops organized into 28 Construction Kits that cover various musical styles like classical film music but also contemporary genres like ambient, pop, groove and hip-hop. This video provides a short overview of the included Construction Kits.

Working with PSO Construction Kits

Being creative with the PSO Construction Kits is pretty straightforward. Just drag some Musicloops into your own songs and take advantage of Studio One’s Chord Track to change chords and try different harmonic patterns with just a few clicks. This video shows how easy it is to access PSO Construction Kits, preview different Musicloops in the song tempo and adapt them to the song via Harmonic Editing.

New PSO Audio Demos


  • David Metoyer Jr.

    did you post it anywhere? i would love to hear? if not could you send it to my email.

  • Søren Werner Bohn

    Hi David.
    I did a quick export of my unfinished Indiana Jones Map Room work.
    I am not sure if there is any way to attach in here ?
    It’s an mp3 file 2,26 MB so not too bad in size.

  • Søren Werner Bohn

    Hi David,

    No it’s quite strange that there are so few videos demos of it’s potential out there. Seems like it is not used so much, probably because many already own big expensive libraries. Of course you cannot compared this to Hollywood Orchestra etc but for the price it’s quite good to get started. I never had any orchestral tool so maybe I am easy to impress. But I can definitely make better and more realistic sounding things than what the demos show. They are very simple and mechanical sounding to me. The thing that stopped my little “Indiana Jones, The Map Room” try-to-reconstruct project, was the fast string runs. I just couldn’t make them sound any good, that is really difficult. I know there are specific tools out there for exactly that, but they are probably out of my budget as a hobbyist 😉
    Also I miss a realistic Celeste which is used a lot in movie themes.

    Kind Regards

  • David Metoyer Jr.

    have you found any demos or know of any on the presonus site/youtube that showcases the power of this library? i really want to get but everything i keep coming across sounds close to this

  • Courtney Forrest

    Hello❤ I wanna ċhαt with you😏
    My id 226971

  • Marty The C

    Soren, I am finding it difficult to find a great taiko percussion library. Do you use one?

  • Søren Werner Bohn

    The demos available doesn’t really show the potential of Symphonic Orchestra as an orchestral plugin.
    They are very dance / pop style quite simple and very hard quantized, therefore sounding mechanical and midi like.The plugin is capable of much more than that.
    It would be nice with some more orchestral film score style demos.