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Friday Tip: Stereo to Virtual Mono

There are several ways to convert stereo into two mono tracks with Studio One (e.g., for processing the two channels separately, reversing one channel but not the other, etc.), but those ways can be somewhat convoluted. One simple way to convert a stereo track into mono involves going into the Browser, right-clicking on the track’s filename, and selecting Split to Mono Files. But if a track consists of multiple clips from multiple files, then you first need to bounce them to create a track—yet you might not want to bounce them until later. And you’re also creating additional files.

The approach in this tip doesn’t create true mono tracks, but it treats a stereo track as two different tracks that behave exactly like mono tracks—which is probably the desired goal anyway. This method also doesn’t create any additional files, and is non-destructive.

  1. Insert a Dual Pan into your stereo track. Set Input Balance to Left (fully counter-clockwise), and the Left and Right controls to Center.
  2. Select the track and choose Duplicate Track (Complete).
  3. In the duplicated track, set the Dual Pan Input Balance to Right (fully clockwise).

The original track becomes the left channel and the duplicated track, the right channel. Now you can process and pan each channel individually. To avoid confusion, rename one track so it includes the letter L, and the other so it includes the letter R. In the screen shot, the right track is red and the left track is white to follow the color scheme of RCA phono jack stereo connections in consumer electronics devices. Hey, why not?


  • Tonya Rabish

    this all-in-one stereo to mono converter-iDealshare VideoGo is specialized in video and audio format conversion, which also can be helpful when you want to get mono channel from stereo channel.

  • Rocco

    Hey, this seems really helpful, however I seem to be confused, I cant find the duel pan on my interface, I tried regular panning in the mixing section, all it did was kill the audio. Im using an old synth with only a mono out so only the right side of the headset is receiving sound, not the left. I don’t know what to do..

  • Craig Anderton

    I think you’ll find this simpler than the right-click technique, and not having to generate another file is a good thing. As to how to make something mono sound more stereo…sounds like a good topic for a future Friday tip!

  • Caspar David Friedrich

    Thanks for the tip Craig, I used to do the right-click technique. Do you have any suggestions to go the other way – to somehow turn a mono track into something sounding more stereo? How would I go about that in Studio One? Cheers, Caspar.