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Buy Eris E5 or E8 monitors, get Studio One Artist Free!

The reviews for our new Eris monitors are pouring in, and, well. We’re happy. Currently the Eris speakers are enjoying a five-out-of-five AVERAGE user scores at Guitar Center AND Sweetwater, and we just can’t help but feel like celebrating. History has shown that the best way to share that celebratory spirit is to give away free kick-ass stuff. In this case, it’s Studio One Artist. Don’t forget to grab the free 2.6 update when you install it!

From a couple of days ago until March 31st, you’ll get Studio One Artist FREE if you purchase a Eris E5 or E8 monitors. This offer is available worldwide.

All you need to do is get your monitor(s), and visit the brand-new and register them. The download link for Studio One Artist will appear in your account. Note that you will only receive a single copy of Studio One per pair of monitors purchased.

Some readers prefer user reviews, others want to know what the pros have to say. Well, here’s a bit of that:

  • PreSonus has a reputation of making great products “for the rest of us,” and the Eris speakers follow that philosophy.” Jon Chappell, Harmony Central
  • Setting them up in my humble (yet effective) home studio for a few months helped me hear things I wasn’t hearing previously and helped me to provide better mixes for my clients.Eli Crews, Tape Op
  • “The PreSonus Eris E5 and E8 are quality made, well­ equipped and good-­natured active speakers for near field… Five Stars” Felix Klostermann, Bonedo.De
  • Billy Schneider, Guitarist /Producer

    Awesome monitors!

  • This is a very good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere. Simple but very precise info… Many thanks for sharing this one. A must read post!

  • Phil Meek

    I forgot to mention, I love the speakers. Also after makeing the change from the DAW from another maker that I used for many years, the switch was painless. I am using Studio One Two now and feel like I have used it forever.
    Also Presonus AudioBox 44VSL is really cool. Thanks Presonus.

  • Phil Meek

    I purchased 2 Eris E8 monitor speakers at Guitar Center. I drove 130 miles to pick these things up.
    While there, I asked the sales person about the free bees that came along with this deal. He told me, that because of the super deal I got on my purchase, that I was not eligible for any benifits, and that he had given them all out the day before. I know that Presonus is not responsible for the employes at Guitar Center, but thought you might like to know whats happening.


    I really like the Eris E5 monitors. Well made and solid. I am doing spoken word along with vocal tracking in the heavy metal genres (death metal and King Diamond type stuff) for our own works. They are performing very well. I am able to trust the sound I hear coming out of them and would have no problem mixing a full length record with the E5 monitors.
    I am also using the Presonus AudioBox 44VSL and Studio One software with a Shure SM7B. The Presonus 44VSL has plenty of gain by itself for the SM7B. Excellent combination!!!!
    All purchased from an independent dealer Dexter Music Center.

  • Hey there! I’m sorry for the inconvenience, we have had some issues with our registration server lately. Please try again, we have them back up and running!

  • Alambic Paris


    i’ve just bought my Eris E8 and received them 2 days ago !
    Still, I do not understand when i register them they tell me Serial Number is unvalid… But I just bought them on Thomann !
    Thanks for any update fellows 🙂

  • I’m sorry, we’re experiencing some intermittent issues with the registration server. We’re working on it and it should be fixed soon.

  • Larronde-Larretche

    Just bought the E5 in France but i’ve tried to register my brand new hardware to get a download link to get STudio One for free but it’s unavailable for the moment….
    Does someone has a clue ???

  • jay

    Just bought the E5s from GuitarCenter for $112 a piece ~!@ They sound amazing, totally destroyed the M-Audio BX5 D2s that I had orginally went into the store to buy.

  • euber

    ola amigo gostaria de saber o valor do Buy Eris E5 or E8 monitors >>>

  • irsan

    see my posting abv about the promo

  • irsan

    if u buy Eris E5 or E8 in nov 2013, musicianfriends got promotion for both speakers, buy one get one half off and you get free S1 Artist, hurry up…..i bought E5

  • Hello Kiran! If you order the Eris monitors and get a printed receipt with your order date before Dec 31, 2013, you will qualify for Studio One Artist. Check in with Pro Musicals, our distributor in India, to find out when more Eris will be available!

  • That is correct!

  • Hey Joseph, I’m not sure where you’re located, but in the USA The Eris E5s are $149 each. The E8s are $249 each.

  • joseph

    whats the price

  • kiran

    I have placed a verbal order for these speakers but they are out of stock. If the speakers do not come before DEC then how can i get a free copy of Artist? I am from India

  • Victor

    I love these Monitors ! They sound awesome.
    Hey guys, great job .

  • kiran phalke

    After I purchase Eri 5 i will get studio one artist OK then you have said dont forget to upgrade to 2. 6 free. Is that correct? This is what you have mentioned.
    “In this case, it’s Studio One Artist. Don’t forget to grab the free 2.6 update when you install it!”

  • Hey Michael, thanks for choosing us. This happens to some users with every deal, I’m afraid. 🙂

  • Hey Fredrik! The price will vary by region, but this should give you some idea:

  • Fredrik

    Ok, sounds really nice – but how much is the monitors..? Am I blind – can’t find any price for the deal..!?

  • Michael

    It’s always after I buy a product a deal comes up lol awesome products BTW!

  • Alper Demircan

    Mükemmel, başka söze gerek yok…. 🙂 Perfect!!!

  • biney

    i just love you guys
    keep it up