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Coming soon… Mix the Music!

What’s Mix The Music?
Mix The Music is a new online store specializing in multitrack audio files that allows producers, mix engineers, musicians, and… well, anyone to legally download, listen to, and re-mix songs using the original multitracks as recorded by major artists and film/game composers.


Who are multitracks for?
You! Music fans, amateur and professional audio engineers, DJs, teachers, and students can all benefit from multitrack audio. Once downloaded, you have independent access to the original individual recorded instrument and vocal tracks like isolated bass, drums, guitar, keys, and more. This lets you:

  • Hear how classic recordings were created
  • Hear every nuance of your favorite performer’s instrumental techniques
  • Play along with legendary artists with exactly the mix that works for you
  • Even record your own parts alongside the heaviest hitters in the music world


What styles of music are available?
We’ve got something for everybody—contemporary and classic hits, film scores, video game scores, and more. Even better, our content will continue to rapidly grow with more and more songs from top artists across all genres.


What labels/entities are participating in Mix The Music?
Major label tracks from Universal Music Group, Sony, Paramount, EA, and more are now available in a new .multitrack format containing the original stems. There are many more tracks on the way from dozens of labels and artists, the store is expected to grow rapidly.


How do I open up these multitracks and begin exploring?
Our files use the new .multitrack audio format developed by PreSonus Software Ltd., and as such are available to be opened and processed exclusively in PreSonus Studio One 4—Prime, Artist, and Professional editions. Mix The Music makes it easy and secure to access this never-before-available content—and now any Studio One user can listen to, explore, mix, and remix multitracks from major label artists!


Can I release my own re-mixes of songs from Mix The Music and sell them?
No. The music licenses in question do not allow for this. This is all about your personal learning and enjoyment.


Sounds great! When can I get involved?
Mix The Music will be launching in October, follow the link to learn more: