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Introducing StudioLive Series III S!

More Power than You’ll Ever Need.

We’d like to introduce you to the latest and greatest StudioLive Mixers yet: StudioLive III S. All models deliver 128-channel (64×64) USB recording—more than any other mixer—plus multitrack SD recording and extensive 128-channel AVB networking. Powered by the PreSonus FLEX DSP Engine, they feature state-space modeled Fat Channel plug-in processing on every input and bus; up to 32 FlexMix buses that can be individually configured as Aux, Matrix, or Subgroup buses; and flexible digital patching unparalleled in this price class. Take a moment to meet the most recent additions to the family:

StudioLive 64S

The new top-of-the-line StudioLive 64S brings the power of a large production console to small-format digital mixing, boasting 76 mixing channels, 43 buses, and 526 simultaneous effects… double the DSP of other mixers in the line, thanks to the all-new quad-core FLEX DSP engine. An independent main Mono/Center bus and a Center Divergence control round out the package.

StudioLive 32S

Spend less time menu-diving and more time mixing hands-on with StudioLive 32S. Powered by the dual-core PreSonus FLEX DSP Engine, the 32S is equipped with 40 mixing channels, 26 mix buses, and 286 simultaneous processors. 32S delivers a fast and intuitive, surface-driven workflow for total control.

StudioLive 32SX

The low profile of the StudioLive 32SX makes it an ideal solution for any mixing environment where desk real estate is at a premium. The split-fader workflow lets you manage 32 input channels in two fader layers, while still providing access to your mix outputs on eight additional faders. The StudioLive 32SX packs connectivity and power into an efficient use of space.

StudioLive 32SC

Don’t let the road-ready, rack-mountable size fool you… the StudioLive 32SC sports the same dual-core PreSonus FLEX DSP Engine of its 32-channel brethren. The StudioLive 32SC provides all the tools you need—whether you’re building your dream studio or putting together a pro touring rig, and is dramatically expandable, thanks to the NSB stage boxes.

Flex DSP Coming This Week to StudioLive Series III Owners

Owners of StudioLive Series III Mixers will soon be receiving the FLEX DSP Update – a dramatic set of improvements to your mixer and software that will add a ton of features—enough for an entirely separate blog post, which you can read by clicking below.