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Universal Control 2.10 available now!

We’ve had quite a few software and firmware updates in public beta for a while, and now all of those updates are part of our Universal Control 2.10 public release… available now! This update adds 44.1 hKz sample rate support for Studiolive Series III Rack and Console mixers. We’ve also enabled HUI/MCU DAW Modes in the Console mixers—HUI for Pro Tools and MCU optimized for Logic.

Get Universal Control 2.10 here!

Additionally, this Universal Control update adds support for the just-announced Studio Series USB-C™-compatible interfaces, a firmware update for the ATOM pad controller.

Be sure to update your StudioLive mixer to the latest firmware. You can get product-specific firmware updates by logging into your My.PreSonus accountInstructions for updating SW5E, NSB, or EarMix 16M firmware will be displayed when downloading the firmware file for each product from your account.

New In This Release:
  • MCU/HUI support for Series III Consoles
  • 44.1kHz support for all Series III mixers
  • NSB and EarMix 16M firmware update – Adds 44.1kHz support, as well as indicator light workflow improvements (light will no longer change from green to blue unless AVB clock is locked)
  • Adds support for Studio 1824c, Studio 1810c, Studio 68c, Studio 26c, Studio 24c
  • Firmware update for ATOM

Version Information


  • StudioLive Series III (all models) – v1.10.15552
  • NSB 16.8 – v1.1.0.15533
  • NSB 8.8 – v1.1.0.15534
  • EarMix – v1.1.0.15533
  • SW5E – v1.0.0.15447

Supporting Software:

  • Universal Control (Mac/PC) – v2.10.0.50756
  • UC Surface (iOS/Android) – v2.10.0.50756
  • QMix-UC (iOS/Android) –  v2.6.0.49920
  • Capture (Mac/PC) – v2.4.0.50756

Notable Bug Fixes In This Release:

  • Android permission issues for UC Surface and QMix-UC now fixed
  • UC Surface – Series III mixer Aux Ins, Tape In, and Digital Return now show up in all Mix Views
  • StudioLive Series III – Rack Mixer now gets Dig Gain Trim when another network mixer has exclusive preamp permission over the Rack Mixer
Please see the UC 2.10 Release Notes for further details.
As mentioned above, there is a new workflow for the indicator light on our NSB and EarMix products:
   Red – Unit is powering on
   Green – Unit has booted up, but is not synced to an AVB clock
   Blue – Unit is synced to an AVB clock
This new workflow should aid in troubleshooting clocking issues on an AVB network with NSB and EarMix by indicating not only when the unit has AVB stream(s) connected to it, but also if its AVB clock is synced.