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GarageBand Owners Eligible for Crossgrade Discount!

A great question came in via Twitter this morning, and I thought the answer was worth sharing with everyone. I was asked how GarageBand owners should demonstrate proof-of-purchase in order to qualify for our Studio One Crossgrade offer, as GarageBand is often bundled with a Mac upon purchase.

The answer is to take a screenshot of your registered applications list including GarageBand, and send it to us. In case you don’t know where to find this information, (its in the system profiler, and who ever needs to mess around in there?) I’ve taken the liberty of assembling this handy li’l guide. Click to embiggen any screenshots.

1. Click “About This Mac” from the Apple Menu.

2. In the dialogue that pops up, click “More Info…” The System Profiler will appear.

3. In the left column, scroll down to “Applications,” under “Software.” Click here.

4. In the main System Profiler window, scroll down until you find “GarageBand.”

5. Press Command+Shift+3 (all at once) to take a screenshot. It will be saved to your desktop.

6. Send this screenshot to to qualify for your discount, and we’ll send you a coupon allowing you to purchase Studio One Professional 2 for $299 USD!