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PreSonus Products Nominated Four Times in the 28th Annual TEC Awards for Outstanding Technical Achievement!


Geaux TEC Awards!

Wow. Double wow. We are humbled and honored to have received nominations in Mix Online’s 28th Annual TEC Awards. That’s nominations, plural. In fact, four products of ours were nominated across four categories. They include:


Audio Apps Technology for Smartphones & Tablets 
PreSonus QMix 

Computer Audio Hardware 
PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL 

Workstation Technology 
PreSonus Studio One Professional V2 

Small Format Console Technology
PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 

From Mix Online’s announcement:

“The TEC Foundation for Excellence in Audio announces the Technical Achievement nominees for the 28th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards, to be held Friday, January 25, 2013, in Anaheim, Calif. Presented by the TEC Foundation, the TEC Awards is the pro audio industry’s most prestigious awards show honoring outstanding achievement in product innovation and sound production.

Online voting will begin in November among members of various professional audio organizations, and qualified professionals subscribing to audio and music products trade publications.”

Big big thanks to Mix Online for their continued support of PreSonus.  November can’t come soon enough, and who knows, maybe this time we’ll actually freakin’ win, which would make this all eligible for the ultra-rare Quadruple Wow.

StudioLive 24.4.2 Saves the day for a Gospel Quartet in Chennai, India

The above might be my favorite PreSonus Blog headline EVER. The below comes to us from Sudhin Prabhakar, all-around great guy from Pro Musicals, our distributor in India!

“Award-winning gospel quartet Ernie Haase with Signature Sound were recently in Chennai, and had agreed to record a song and video for a local record label with a Chennai-based choir backing them.

They had only a few hours to get this recording done, so they appointed audio engineers Timmy Madhukar and Sean Bout to achieve this. The engineering team decided unanimously that the best way to do this would be to use the PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 digital mixing console with FireWire interface built in.
We had to work within several limitations of space and time. The control room was a small box-shaped room above the shooting floor, just 4 feet high, and the recording rig had to be compact with minimal wiring complications. The StudioLive 24.4.2 fit the bill perfectly, as you can see.
Setup was a breeze. The mixer was plugged into a MacBook Pro and worked perfectly, as expected. Giving the band and the singers a comfortable monitor mix was a matter of a few seconds. The entire session was over in a few hours.
Thanks to exclusive all India distributor ProMusicals for tech support and photographs.”

Learn Music Business Online with Berklee College of Music

Check it out! The Berklee College of Music has a bunch of informative new videos up on Direct-to-Fan Marketing.

Appropriately enough, this includes two insightful interviews with Nimbit’s founder, Patrick Faucher.

It doesn’t end there, however. Click through and sign in to the Berklee site and check out further videos featuring wisdom on the direct-to-fan model from Benji Rogers, Erin McKeown, and Karmin.




StudioLive 24.4.2 Spotted in the “Musician’s Cockpit”


Check out this KILLER studio setup featured over at LifeHacker:

“Today’s featured workspace features a gorgeous, drool-worthy setup for a musician. Sean Rieger’s massive U-shaped desk holds no less than six screens, and multiple mixers and other musical equipment.
 While this setup isn’t practical for everyone, the workspace has some inspiring touches. The desktop wallpaper matching with the wall treatments gives the space a cohesive look. Also, the U-shaped desk definitely puts everything within easy reach.”

 Check out the full article here.

Ray Johnston Band’s CD Release Coming up in Austin, TX, Sept. 25!

Check it out! PreSonus Artist Ray Johnston Band has a show that’s coming up in Austin on Sept. 25, and it’s kinda special. The band is recording to a StudioLive 16.4.2, as well as producing a video of the show. To top it all off, it’s for Ray’s CD Release!

I met Ray and company (including Bobby Sparks) at SXSW this year, and you can’t imagine a kinder, more hard-workin’ six-string slinger. We’re lucky to have Ray and Co. on board.

If you’re in the area, we strongly recommend that you check this show out. And if you’re not in the area, we strongly recommend you take a train.

Here’s an interview I did w/ Ray at SXSW:

Winning Isn’t for Everyone, but it is for These Guys

Check it out, here are the lucky winners of our Pads ‘n’ Pods Giveaway: Sean of Lakewood, USA, and Andreas of Nürnberg, Germany! Each of these guys gets four iPod touches and 16GB iPad3, allowing them (and their bands) full control of their StudioLive Mixers. We were able to get a few words from each of the winners:

Hello, I’m Sean.
I have the PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2, and I love this mixer. It has everything I need. Looking at getting the bigger one. I travel with a
Hawaiian reggae band named Unified Culture and have been with them for a while. I am so honored to win, thanks! You can check us out at “

Next up is Andreas:

“Yeah I won! This is perfect!
My band mates and I use the StudioLive 24.4.2 by PreSonus for in-ear monitoring and FOH. Me winning allows us to use an iPod to mix our monitor sounds individually, and gives us the freedom and ability to rapidly obtain the best in-ear sound.
Moreover, our sound engineer can now operate the mixer via iPad, and is no longer bound to the mixer location, but can adapt the sound from anywhere in the venue.
In October, we’re on a huge tour across Germany and now we can exploit the full potential of our technology.Thank you PreSonus!” 

PreSonus and Sound On Sound join forces for “From Riff to Release” UK Roadshow

PreSonus Audio Electronics and Sound On Sound magazine have come together to stage a series of 3 free events in the UK this October. Entitled “From Riff to Release”, each event will show the audience how an artist can take a song from initial concept right through to commercial release.

To show how it’s done, PreSonus’s own Rick Naqvi, Mark Williams and Rodney Orpheus will team up with UK songwriter Leroy Buckley and demonstrate how Leroy writes a song, does a virtual soundcheck, performs the song live, creates a multitrack recording and then mixes and masters it before releasing it for sale and promoting it.

Sound On Sound’s own editor and guru Paul White will also be on hand to introduce the evening and host a Q&A session on all aspects of the recording process, so this is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in finding out more about songwriting, recording and live performance.

Visitors will get to see a number of key PreSonus products in action – including the best-selling StudioLive digital mixers and the award-winning Studio One DAW, and PreSonus will also be giving away an AudioBox Studio recording bundle at each event.

Dates/locations are as follows:

Tuesday October 9th
Alchemea College, The Windsor Centre, Windsor Street, London N1 8QG

Wednesday October 10th
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Mount Street, Liverpool, L1 9HF

Thursday October 11th
La Cheetah Club at Max’s Bar, 72 Queen Street, Glasgow, G1 3BZ

Each event kicks off at 7pm, and the events are being co-ordinated by Source Distribution – the UK distributor for PreSonus products.

Entry is free but there is limited space at each event so please register in advance here:

For any queries please call Source Distribution on 020 8962 5080.

PreSonus Aritst L’Dia on Bass Launches New W’bsite on Internet

L’dia on Bass, the First Lady of Four Strings, brought the house down with her brand of hip-shaking, string-breaking thunder at our booth at MusikMesse. She recently launched a new website, and wanted to make sure that all the PreSonus fans out there knew about it!

L’dia on Bass is an enthusiastic Eureka and Studio One user, and we’re lucky to have her representing us. Check out her new site… she gives lessons, and you could learn a lot!




Video from PALMM!

This came in recently from Modular Display, our Philippine distributor, from the PALMM Asia show!

Hey guys! This is one of the top bassists in Philippines, playing in the PreSonus booth a the PALMM show, recorded live through the StudioLive 24.4.2 and Studio One.

StudioLive in the SafeHouse at the Olympic Games.

We just got a tremendous pat-on-the-back via e-mail from Marc “Thux” Theodosiou, who runs sound at the Oakley Safehouse. The Oakley Safehouse operates on an exceptionally clever premise. Olympic athletes are oft surrounded by paperazzi and fans, and it can all be overwhelming for someone who really needs to focus on the task at hand: proving to the world that they are the best at their chosen sport. The idea of the SafeHouse is to give athletes some respite from fame so they can focus on what really matters: The Games. PreSonus is playing a part in this endeavor, and Marc wrote us the following to shed some light on it to the public.
“I have been a long time PreSonus user—over 10 years now. Initially I used the mic preamps and then the recording interfaces, so I have always been familiar with the product line and its reliability and quality.
I am not as involved in live sound and recording as I used to be, my focus switched to specific events and customized set-ups for these events.
If you go to this link you can get a good insight into the Safehouse and why it is so critical to Oakley. I have worked with Oakley on their Beijing Safehouse, Vancouver Safehouse and now the London Safehouse—all have had different requirements and layouts.
I work closely with Cuan Petersen who puts the Safehouse together. He is the Safehouse Activator, my role covers all the technology in the Safehouse. So that includes IT, broadcast video, all audio requirements and sound design. In London we had a very large space in the London Design Museum, and the StudioLive formed the mixing and routing hub for all the sound.
I chose the PreSonus StudioLive for a number of key reasons: small form factor, enough inputs and outputs to cover the various music mixes including a Pioneer DJ system, live audio
from the sports broadcasts, and live Oakley presentations. The StudioLive has flexibility that allows me to mix both analog inputs and digital feeds via FireWire (which is fantastic) and of course it allowed me to create zone matrixes in the Safehouse, so we could have dedicated music mixes in some zones and dedicated live commentary for an event in other zones. “