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Guitar cab IRs!

November 25,2011

Yes, it’s Impulse Response day here at Orpheus HQ, and now some for you guitarists out there. One of the very cool things about the new Ampire XT plugin (which has rapidly become my favourite guitar sound plugin bar none) is that not only do you get a choice of several very nice cabinet models with Studio One, you can even load your own custom cabinets! And you can have up to three different IRs with varying mic positions on every preset.

So here are some nice cabinet IRs you can download for free – to use them open Ampire XT in Studio One 2.0 and in the cab drop down menu on the top right select User Cabinet. Then just drag and drop the Impulse Responses on to one of the three IR slots. Most of the IRs listed here have been recorded with several different mic positions, so I recommend loading three different IRs of the cabinet you want, then you can use the Edit Mic function in Ampire to mix and match between them to get the exact sound you need.

I haven’t tested all of these yet, but the ones I’ve tried so far have been great:

  • Guitar Hacks (Powertube/Fredman)
  • God’s Cab (Mesa – lots of different mics used, be sure to read the great manual that comes with it)
  • Redwirez (Marshall 1960A • Celestion G12M25s)
  • Recabinet Demo (1960/Blackface/Tangerine/Top Boost)

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More reverb impulses…

November 25,2011

And if the list on Echochamber still isn’t enough, here are some of my other favourite free reverb IRs. Just drag and drop on to OpenAir to use them:

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November 25,2011

If the hundreds (thousands?) of reverb unit presets shipped with Studio One 2.0 still aren’t enough, check out this list of reverb Impulse Responses for download. I haven’t tested them all out myself yet, but I assume that they should work fine with OpenAir. As a lover of big-sounding 80s music I will be downloading some today to listen to for sure.

Yes, the listing is in German, but I think you can figure out the links even if you don’t speak the language. Or use Google Translate :-)

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We have Wallpapers!

November 25,2011

The remarkably talented Florian just posted some Studio One wallpapers. Download and enjoy!

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Presence & SoundFonts

November 22,2011

I’ve just been given a sneak preview of a new Presence sound bank that a third-party developer has been making and it sounds really nice… Not sure when it will be on the market, it’s a work in progress, but I personally can’t wait to have it. People keep asking me about new sounds for Presence – I guess a lot of people don’t realise that Presence is basically a sophisticated SoundFont player, so any sounds in that format should work great with it. So there are already a huge amount of sounds available if you know where to look.

My personal favorite place is Digital Sound Factory. These guys are ex-Emu developers, and they have pretty much the entire Emu sampler and Proteus module library available as SoundFonts, which can be dragged and dropped directly from the Studio One browser into Presence. I have a ton of these sounds and they are killer, highly recommended. The Proteus Pack especially is ridiculous value for money: 3,500 Proteus instruments for $99! That’s a no-brainer if you want to increase your library fast.

Or if you are really on a budget, a quick Google search will turn up some nice freebies, such as:

Anyone know of any other good resources like this?


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November 20,2011

Astonishingly I actually have a (more or less) free weekend, so am currently on a train from Munich to Stuttgart with my PreSonus headphones plugged into my iPad, writing new songs on the rather wonderful Korg iMS20 and iElectribe apps. I am sure I have mentioned these before, but just to reiterate: I freakin’ love these programs. They are bringing me back to my youth when all I had was a couple of analog synths and basic sequencers to write on. And as much as I have criticised the iPad in the past for various reasons, I have to confess that with the installation of these apps it really does become a magnificent mobile compositional tool.

The really cool part that as soon as I get to an Internet connection I can upload to Soundcloud the .wav files of the rhythm tracks I just made and when I turn my computer on they will be waiting for me inside Studio One’s Browser, ready to have vocals and guitars added to them, thanks to the Soundcloud integration added in Studio One 2.0.

Technology. It’s a wonderful thing when it’s done right.

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Perhaps “Transforming Audio” isn’t the ideal nomenclature. In the DAW sense, “Transforming” is all about rendering your malleable, spongey, VST-, reverb- and Melodyne-saturated audio track down to a single, simple, WAV. Think less like Optimus Prime turning into a truck and more like flattening layers in Photoshop. Do so once you’ve dialed in the effects to juuuuust the way you like them—this process frees up your rapidly aging CPU from thinking about all those heady, pitch-shifty convolution-reverberizing plugins. Freeing up RAM in this way means you can apply heady pitch-shifty convolution-reverberizing plugins to some other track. Or you can Transform to MIDI.

Fortunately, if you like, Transformation is non-destructive. If you’re unhappy with the changes you’ve committed to, you can always bring it back to the way it was before, much unlike my relationships with women.

Our dudes over at Obedia stay busy. Visit them!

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Music Store Hugeness

November 17,2011

Spent most of yesterday at the new premises of Music Store Professional in Cologne, Germany. To say this place is HUGE would be barely scratching the surface of the gigantic immensity of the place. Even their elevator was bigger than some music stores I’ve been in. It took me three photographs from the far end of the car park to be able to capture all of it. As much as I love small local music stores – and I do, they are the backbone of our industry, and you should support them – I can’t help but be impressed by the sheer amount of music gear under one roof that this place has.

They also have their own Internet TV channel, so I spent the afternoon being interviewed by their presenter Alex, who is a great guy that I really enjoy working with. We shot a couple of things about Studio One 2.0 and the new Audiobox VSL interfaces, one in German, one in English, that should hopefully appear on their site soon. A nice visit, and a really impressive store.

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Obedia Melodyne Tutorial

November 12,2011

We’re lucky to have the folks at Obedia in our corner, and so are you. These folks are experts at being experts, and serve as a fallback/auxiliary for our in-house tech support crew—effortlessly dispensing expert advice with a guru’s credibility and a surgeon’s hand.

Smart as whips but really much more kind than whips, Obedia’s video editors have been earning time-and-a-half while producing a new, five-part series of Studio One 2 techie videos. Episode 1, above, highlights tips’n’tricks concerning the mucho-lauded Celemony Melodyne.

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Good news everyone! If you buy (or upgrade to) Studio One 2 Producer or Pro before the end of 2011, you’re entitled to some free training from OBEDIA!

OBEDIA is a rad company that ‘s all about making your gear work FOR you instead of against you. “Obedient media,” see what they did there?  Their training is fun, concise, and above all informative. It makes even the expert-level functionality of the software easy-to-understand. OBEDIA videos have mined all the fun of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and all the information of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos,” and compressed it all into sparkly 6-minute infotainment diamonds.

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