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PreSonus® Notion™ 6 New Features and Fixes

New Features

Handwriting recognition, Powered by MyScript™

  • Write directly into score area
  • Use the optional handwriting zoom area for large scores
  • Supported items: write notes, rests, chords, articulations, measure lines, accidentals, time signatures, measure lines, ledger lines, slurs, ties, clefs, voices

Transfer data to and from PreSonus® Studio One®

  • Send and receive audio or note data with Studio One 3.3 or later
  • Share on the same computer or with any computer on the same network
  • Send VST instrument data and presets


  • New Lakeside Pipe Organ from Soundiron with five stops and pedals
  • New Olympus Micro Choir from Soundiron with “ooh” and “aah” sounds
  • Notion Harpsichord: a 1972 instrument, made by Robert Goble & Son, Oxford
  • Notion Score Library: a collection of over 200 public domain scores in the Notion format, including orchestral and piano works

Layout controls

  • View/Hide Layout Handles
  • Respace measure widths
  • Respace staves / systems
  • Hide and show empty staves
  • Angled hairpins
  • Hairpin opening angle
  • Drag hairpins vertically
  • Enter chords anywhere
  • Articulations can be dragged in any direction
  • Rests can now be dragged vertically
  • Multi-measure rest feature completely redesigned
  • Part names can be added automatically, and also edited directly


  • Mid-staff instrument and transposition change
  • Mid-staff transposition change in same instrument
  • Change enharmonic of individual notes in a chord
  • Write hammer-on directly into tab
  • Write ghost notes (parentheses), including on grace notes, directly into tab
  • Paste lyrics from an external source
  • Many MusicXML enhancements for seamless transfer with other notation apps
  • New Basic instrument category in Score Setup to add generic treble/bass clef staves


  • Metronome now available in playback
  • Preroll record feature
  • Video window control buttons: Frame Advance, Add Hitpoint, Play, Stop, and Video Volume
  • Export audio as .mp3
  • More FX slots: eight per channel
  • MIDI over ReWire: Route MIDI from Notion to your DAW in real time


  • Three new languages: Korean, Italian, and Simplified Chinese
  • Export PDF on Windows®
  • High-DPI display on Windows
  • Touch gestures on Mac® Trackpad: Pinch to zoom and use two fingers to scroll
  • Touch gestures on Windows refined
  • New MIDI Record and MIDI Import preferences
  • Import compressed MusicXML files (.mxl)
  • Can now directly type in Hz values for global tuning in Preferences
  • New shortcut added for Transpose (Ctrl+Shift+P)



  • Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese characters now show correctly after placing in text boxes on Windows.
  • Preference added to import MIDI onto grand staff where appropriate
  • MIDI Record options do not now affect MIDI file import
  • MIDI File Import opens directly in notation; a preferences to use Sequencer Staff can be found in Preferences
  • Fix matching MIDI import instruments to Notion instruments


  • Enharmonic tool added to palette
  • Single selected notes within a chord can now be enharmonically changed (rather than the whole chord)
  • Vienna Symphonic Library 4/8 Horns and Cor anglais now showing in score setup
  • Custom chord symbols, some express entry articulations, and Unicode now showing correctly in Windows
  • Cup Mute now switches to other mutes and expressions
  • Fill With Rests now not filling measures that have measure repeat symbols
  • Show as common or cut time now unchecked by default
  • Part name can now be edited
  • Import MIDI file brings in key changes
  • Instrument transposition in E now selectable on Windows
  • 8va now not double transposing on MIDI import
  • Treble 15ma now at correct pitch when using keyboard for note entry
  • Celesta now sounding at correct octave
  • Can now see multimeasure rests in the part, when the score only has one instrument
  • Multimeasure rests now right justify with other systems on a page
  • Multimeasure rest bug fixed, where in some instances they would run off the system
  • Multimeasure rests do not now include pick up and partial measures
  • Multimeasure rests now show correct number of rests when immediately following a start repeat line
  • Multimeasure rests font for the number now resized and sits above staff
  • Width of final measure now as expected
  • Special barline now disappearing when using Link to Next
  • Changing a note to a rest now does not delete later ties in measure or shift attachments (ties, fermatas, dynamics) later in the measure
  • Fixed issues where attachments could get improperly shifted when inserting tuplets or changing a note to a rest of a different duration
  • Don’t allow ties between notes that are the same letter but different pitches (e.g., E and Eb)
  • Don’t allow ties to cancelling accidentals (e.g., in adjacent chords)
  • Hiding cuts now does not crash Notion if it contains a glissando
  • Notion now recognizes type-in chords that just have the chord number, for example, C6 rather than Cmaj6


  • ReWire now responds to resting cursor position from host
  • Receives stopped position from ReWire slave
  • Better audio device default selection in ReWire
  • Better error messages from ReWire
  • Sequencer staff shortcut fixes to increase/decrease velocity
  • Multiple sequencer staff items can now be increased/decreased together
  • Notes now easier to select in sequencer staff
  • Final note in a measure in sequencer overlay can now be edited
  • If hiding resting staves, do not hide staves that contain CC data
  • Fix crashing when clicking in score if selected audio device and sample rate could not be opened

User Interface

  • Score setup instruments now scrollable when window height is smaller
  • Auto-scroll in continuous view now happens much later
  • Change Instrument shortcut fixed and correctly showing as Ctrl+I
  • Setup/Delete/Hide buttons now showing on the page in Score Setup
  • Ctrl+; now opens/closes palette as expected on Windows
  • Change Use Instrument menu item to Change Instrument to match the dialog title and add Shift+I keyboard shortcut to the menu item
  • Echo MIDI preferences now in same order on Mac and Windows
  • In the Change Instrument dialog, fix options not being selected when highlighted (Mac)
  • Augmentation dot now works in the keypad with the Sibelius and Finale settings


  • Notes are no longer doubled when input with a Microsoft Surface stylus
  • If Windows screen has a pen, use touch for just pan and zoom gestures
  • Mac OS X crash reporter now updated
  • Mac OS X update mechanism fixed
  • Sounds update mechanism update

XML Import Fixes

  • Checks voices before combining notes into a chord
  • Braces/brackets/barlines now importing correctly (to the extent that Notion supports them)
  • Correctly assigns voices to left hand of grand staff
  • Assigns attachments to the correct voice in left hand of grand staff
  • Checks whether to retain symbols in chords (e.g., triangle for major)
  • Imports chord symbols that have more than six strings
  • Bass vocal now not being imported as double bass
  • Stem direction or absence of stem is retained
  • Scores that have measure numbers reset midscore are now displayed correctly
  • Measure repeat symbol retained in XML


XML Export Fixes

  • Beaming information
  • Exports “maj” in a major 7th chord
  • Exports chords correctly that just have 6, 9, 11, or 13 (e.g., C6)
  • First and second endings
  • Exports chords with more than just root of chord symbol
  • Corrected “kind” values for chord export
  • Exports rhythm slashes
  • Exports chord diagrams
  • Stem direction now retained
  • Cross-staff beaming now retained