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Studio One Remote 1.6 has been released!

Studio One Remote 1.6 has been released! This free update adds support for the Listen Bus and the Show Page in Studio One 5.2. You’ll also find that Studio One Remote now offers the same Performance View as Studio One’s Show Page, allowing you to do all kinds of incredible things, like:
  • Re-sequence your song’s Arranger Track sections live
  • Control your patches per Show Player—even with multiple instances of Studio One Remote and multiple Players simultaneously!
  • Navigate the Show Page’s Setlist
  • Control any parameter from the Macro page
Studio One Remote 1.6 also includes a new Commands page with preset Sound Variations—this is a powerful tool to supercharge composing workflows—select your Sound Variations with a single touch! Also, don’t forget that the Commands pages in Studio One Remote are fully customizable with preset or user Commands and Macros.

Studio One Remote 1.6 remains free of charge, and is compatible with Studio One 5 Artist and Professional.

  • Kjell Sindre Johannessen

    Is there any chance that the remote app will available on iphone any time soon? That would be awesome, as my ipad is starting to get old, and the remote app is literally the only thing I use the ipad for.

  • donpreuninger

    I have Remote 1.6 installed on my iPad and it looks nothing like that screen shot above. It’s actually quite boring and could stand to be a lot more customizable. Where do I get the one shown above? Mine says it was built on March 24th 2021. Build I don’t understand why it doesn’t have the functionality described here either.

  • Jeroen van den Wildenberg

    I can’t update to 1.6 with my ancient Ipad 2. Would love to know which Android tablet you used!

  • Johnny Wolf De Vita

    Hi, I’m still working with Studio One 4.6 PRO. Is Studio One Remote 1.6 working with my version ?
    Thank You

  • Craig Anderton

    Since Remote doesn’t work on an iPhone, I bought an ultra-cheap, used Android tablet for $35. Turned out to be a great investment – being able to remote control Studio One while doing narration, or playing guitar far away from sources of electrical interference, is a beautiful thing,

  • Alexander Shesha

    Wow, that looks amazing! Thank you, I`ve recently demoed a few other DAWs, and I must say Studio One looks and works best for me, as always 🙂