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What’s New in Studio One 5.1

Studio One 5.1 has arrived! This update is free to PreSonus Sphere members, or anyone else who owns Studio One 5—Artist or Professional editions. Fire up Studio One and click “Check for Updates” to get it!

This update addresses many user requests, particularly in the realms of composition and notation, but if you’re less old-school and more no-school, don’t fret! We’ve got plenty of updates for you including Retrospective Record, External Instrument support for the Show Page, and a ton of workflow streamlining. All are detailed below.


1. Score Printing

Version 5.1 adds score printing to Studio One Professional. Scores and individual parts can now be printed directly from Studio One! Printing is supported for any number of tracks, from single instruments to full orchestral arrangements. Several other composition enhancements along with Score Printing are featured in this video:

2. Retrospective Recording

Never miss another great song idea again! Retrospective Recording captures everything you play on your keyboard or controller—even without hitting record! It works invisibly in the background on a track-by-track basis.


3. Powerful Track/Channel search and filter options

Managing large projects with a huge track and channel count is now faster and easier than ever with the addition of powerful search and filter options.


4. Bypass option for Clip Gain Envelopes

Clip Gain Envelops can now be bypassed from the Event context menu and the Event Inspector, making it quick and easy to compare the result of your Gain Envelopes without losing any of your adjustments.


5. Combined Time/Key Signature Track

The Score View will reflect any Key Signature changes added to Studio One’s new Signature Track. These will also transfer to Notion when sending a score between applications.


6. Secondary Timeline Ruler option

View minutes:seconds with bars and beats at the same time! A must for film composers.


7. Global Tracks in Editors

Global Tracks can now be displayed inside Editors and used as guides when editing audio or Note Events in Piano View and Drum View.


8. External Instruments support on Show Page

External MIDI instruments are now supported using Virtual Instrument Players. Patches can include program change and bank change messages so you can control an entire MIDI rig from your Show!


9. Ampire/Pedalboard Update

Drag and drop stompbox settings between Ampire and Pedalboard, so go ahead and steal that Big Fuzz tone from your guitarist… we won’t tell!


10. TONS of Extended Integration with ATOM controller

Note Events in the Pattern Editor are now colorized to match the pad colors in Impact, ATOM and ATOM SQ, so you always know which sound is being triggered and which pad is controlling it. And there’s a new library of inspirational drum patterns and variations patterns in Musicloops format for easy, drag-and-drop saving and export.


Too much to list!

Studio One 5.1 is a significant update and is free to owners of Studio One 5 Artist and Professional. Click here for the full change log, and click “Check for Updates” in Studio One’s start page to get all these new features now!



  • Ron Zabrocki

    I’m testing it now. Seems more stable. What concerns me most is how no one from presonus replied to any of these comments except for “Is it available for Mac?” Only that? I may have to go back to Cubase 10 pro.

  • When surround 5.1/7.1 mixing?

  • Juan Antonio Toledano Fernánde

    Insertar compás=? Antes era click derecho en la barra , ahora no sale

  • It is!

  • Steven Rivers

    is this not available for mac os yet?

  • Popa2caps

    Yeah, I started testing out S5 when it released and what a nightmare that was. Audio just clipping, volume changes just because I enable my midi keyboard. I have no issues using Studio One 4 for the time being. I didn’t care for any of the features that 5 has, that 4 doesn’t anyway. Plus I’m not a fan of the new look design of the plugins from Presonus.

    I don’t think i’ll be contacting their support ever again. I sent in something like 20 crash packages to Presonus on the issue. The first person just said it was something I did and not listening to my issues. It took something like 7 messages back to back for them to finally say, Wa’ll look into it.

    At one point they thought I was talking about audio dropouts from an audio buffer (over runs) and tried to market me a Presonus audio interface. lol

    Currently SO5 is 5.01 (I think), still has the occasional random audio glitch, but I mainly get the hard crash more than anything when holding alt. Most times when I’m doing anything with a high latency it tends to happen more.

    I work with linear phase EQs so I always have a ton of latency. So much I could share!

  • Ryan Burgess

    Depends what you are doing. although I never had audio cutting out until I upgraded

  • Popa2caps

    I could update to this, but I won’t. I have no issues using Studio One 4 as it works perfectly. If the team over at Presonus can’t match Studio One 4’s rock solid stability, there is no reason to upgrade to Studio One 5.

    You have people just in these comments talking about plugins not working with this update WTF. Presonus, you’re causing people to hate your brand / product because you’re pushing out updates without testing them, Stop it.

    If this is a race to see how fast you can make everyone hate Studio One 5, I think it’s working. Studio One 4 is a better product, hands down.

  • Dr. Erich Beckmann

    Last time I used Studio One 5 I kept getting tons of crashes and tracks will just not play at all unless i stopped and started a few times so I had to go back to a more stable Studio One 4. Has anyone with an unstable 5 found 5.1 to be more stable?

  • Александр Глушков

    Hey guys! 50% of my plugins don’t work at 5.1 but but everything works at Studio one 4! What is going on!?

  • Xpres_MixProf

    Love the update so far but there is still no crossfade for the samplers. Please add these feature.

  • Kurt Mcloughlin

    Please add better sidechain routing so the sidechain trigger and destination can be on the same track. I’ve been waiting so long for this small tweak but it never comes. Was doing this for years in Ableton before I moved to S1 back in 2015. Thanks guys

  • Please implement the MPC 16 steps feature for the Atom. It’s the only feature that I miss since adopting Studio One.

  • Jeff Greenberg

    I did that. It takes me to a page telling me about the update, but nowhere does it allow me to download it..

  • Leo Villanueva

    open your existing Studio One and at the bottom of the middle window (Setup), bottom left, click on “Check for Updates”

  • Jeff Greenberg

    How do we download? All the links lead to pages that don’t have a download option.

  • politITguy™

    Score print looks interesting…: – ))