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Studio One 4.6—what’s new

Studio One 4.6 is here! To get it, launch Studio One and click “check for updates” from the “help” drop-down menu.

What’s new in 4.6

We’ve responded to the typical Studio One user requests in typical PreSonus fashion: by giving you what you’re hungry for with a side dish of stuff you didn’t even know you wanted. The new and dramatically improved Ampire leads the 4.6 charge, followed by substantial updates to Studio One’s Browser and major improvements to the Pattern Editor. We’ve also completely re-invented Exchange! (Remember Exchange? If you don’t, we aren’t mad.) And of course, there’s a smattering of uncategorizable improvements that we think you’ll like.

Oh, and if you’ve got Studio One 4, this stuff is all free. Read on.


The Ampire Strikes Back

Studio One’s guitar amp simulator, Ampire, has undergone more than a re-design—it’s been thoroughly re-engineered. We scoured auction sites and shadowy pawnshops to collect five of the most sought-after amps—responsible for a million hit songs—and the boys in Hamburg employed our State Space Modeling technology to emulate their circuit behavior down to the last freakin’ capacitor. That’s the same tech that led to the creation of our incredibly true-to-analog Fat Channel plug-ins, BTW. Oh, and we also modeled five additional classic stompboxes, and created five new cabinet impulse responses for a total of sixteen classic cabinets.

Furthermore, Ampire’s Pedalboard can be run as a standalone effect plug-in for folks who don’t need amp and cabinet simulation. Synth users should find experimenting with Pedalboard to be quite rewarding. 

Studio One has always rocked… but it’s never quite rocked this hard.


Window shopping

Studio One’s Browser has received a major facelift. Most significantly, now has its own tab within the browser, so you don’t even need to leave Studio One to get new sounds and plug-ins when inspiration strikes. Navigating the Browser is also now significantly faster thanks to the new navigation bar below the tabs area. You also get a beautiful new Gallery view for exploring content in a more visible way—which works for the shop, your Instruments and Effects, SoundCloud, and Exchange.

Yeah, Exchange. Remember Exchange? Good, because here comes… 


Exchange 2.0!

The new Exchange is where Studio One users can browse, download, review, and preview shared Studio One content from our unparalleled user community. In addition, you’ll be able to upload and rate content from other users. Furthermore, you get a public landing page where your content contributions are posted for all to see. Join the community and share liberally—everybody wins. 


Pattern and Arranger updates

We introduced the Pattern Editor in Studio One 4, and we’ve already received a lot of feedback on how to make them better. You can now convert Instrument Parts to Patterns; both Melodic and Drum Patterns now allow for varied individual note lengths of more than one step. Great for basslines. Furthermore, each step in a Pattern can now have an individual delay value, which may be applied to all steps of an instrument at the same time. 

Patterns now have their own Preset format, which includes Variations, which can be loaded and saved independently of the current instrument. And we’ve improved real-time recording to Patterns. (Try it, ATOM users. Seriously.)

Arranger tracks have received improved support for enclosed tempo and time signature changes, even when using the clipboard.


The kitchen sink

Podcasters and voice-over producers will appreciate the new Podcast Production template we’ve added to Studio One—but we didn’t stop there. We also added a new Macro Toolbar page featuring Macros and commands tailored to the specific needs of Podcasters and audiobook producers.

We also added some convenient new keyboard shortcuts, updated the Japanese, German, Spanish, and French manuals, and improved tempo-matching for loops, new gallery views for browsing Fat Channel EQs and compressors, realtime time-stretching support for Presence XT Editor… Click here for the release notes.


  • Felipe

    Still no option to prevent fader from moving when scrolling the mouse..

  • stryker1999

    So, can we FINALLY define our own colors in the color palette? Or do I have to get Cubase or Pro Tools?

  • Wichtel Horst

    no i submit it here, if you really think this is cool then you can do much more than my little request….

    in addition i came here because on the presonus forum nobody of your company cares at all what we user want …..

    This request for undocked Browser is like 3 years old already on the presonus forum… its hopeless… Ari your main programer does what he wants and doesnt give much about requests on the forum at all….

    presonus´s forum communication is worse than bad…

  • This is a cool idea, submit it over at under Feature Requests.

  • Hmm… sign in at and submit a support ticket. We’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

  • Maurice Tooty Jones

    Have purchased studio one 4 ,it use to recognize my interface but now it want recognize any interface I use,I have to use the computer for output..and I keep trying to download studio one 4 professional and I can’t do that either…So I haven’t been able to join the DAW for over 4 months…very disappointed and I haven’t gotten a good excuse oh how to solve yet🤔

  • Leider Die Wahrheit

    Give us a Undocked Browser please….

    I use 3 Monitors and got enough space for an undocked Browser left or right..

  • Joncarlos Orozco

    it would be really nice if we can get an update to make the native instruments maschine mk3 beat machine compatible to function the stop rec and play
    i know the native instruments komplete kontrol piano got an update making it more intergrated
    really appreciate the support

  • Magnetic Intrusion

    Please fix it so I can use the Metal Pack for the Ampire…

  • Scoox

    All updates are good in their own right, but I wish the focus was more on workflow than new plugins and flashy features. For example, piano roll smart tools, fix the automation bezier curves, parameter modulation, better, allow using FX in multi instruments, etc.

  • Bill

    4.6 is brilliant but I seem to be having issues with the Metal Pack add on that I purchased.????

  • I have the same problem as the others and have created a support ticket in my account regarding the issue. Your solution will not work. You see, the Fat Channel XT plugin or Collection Volume 1 were never installed and are not available to be removed. My issue is with a fresh install.

  • Cameron E Shawcross

    Is there any way for artist users to access the new pedalboard?

  • Gregor Beyerle

    Please following the steps below to resolve that issue.

    1. Uninstall Fat Channel Collection Volume 1 from menu Studio One > Studio One Extensions and then restart Studio One.
    2. Go to menu Studio One > Studio One Installation > My Purchased Items and install Fat Channel Collection Volume 1 again.

    If you have any problems installing add-ons please see this support article:–7-Studio-One-4-Installing-Studio-One-Add-Ons

  • Gregor Beyerle

    yes, of course there is. Please head to Studio One -> Studio One Extensions and install the “Ampire XT Classics” pack for 100% backwards compatibility.

  • Cameron E Shawcross

    I use artist and all of the preset I LOVED are gone – is there a fix for artist users who can’t necessarily afford the upgrade to Pro?

  • ScooterMac

    YES …….please!! I am right there with you on that Simon. There’s so much they could do with the color picker that wouldn’t be that time intensive to fix / update.

  • Spidiir

    Fantastic! Thank you 🙂

  • I was loving the pattern mode and had two main beefs with it… Which you guys just addressed and fixed. Awesome.

  • Pelle Fridell

    I had the same but reinstalling is not fixing it.. There will probably coming an update soon.

  • Sam Richardson

    In the new ampire, I only have access to one head and 1 cab. Is this because I’m using Artist?

  • Outta-on-b@il🏃🏿‍♂️


  • I just re-downloaded the Fat Channel add-ons, and all was well.

  • Gerson E Larios

    I would like to see things like audacity getting mp3 in tracks and features like cubase pro 10 aligning a song in tempo

  • Michael Kelly

    First thing to go wrong after 4.6 update.Fat Channel add-ons not compatible with S1 4.6!!!! I’m sure it’ll get resolved in the “Post update” update!

  • Simon Brown

    Is fixing the god-awful colour picker on the “kitchen sink” list for a forthcoming update?

  • **FANTASTIC** job on the new amp sims!! They’re night and day compared to the original Ampire, which I never used – but these new ones will get a LOT of use.