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PreSonus Interface Comparison Chart

UPDATED 1-24-19 to add new interfaces!


This might come in handy if you’re in the market for a new recording interface. Click the image above to download a convenient PDF to get a convenient at-a-glance look at I/O, sampling rates, connectivity methods, and more. Enjoy!




  • real_mBrane

    OK, so USB 3.0 is a protocol spec (actually, now 3.1 gen 1, 5 Mb/s). USB-C is an interface form factor; that says *nothing* about the *speed* of the interface. So, it looks like these new USB-C interfaces are just the dated USB 3.1 gen 1 spec, not the newer gen 2 spec, which is 10 Mb/s. They say this *nowhere* in their brochures or user manuals. Also, they don’t even use the right logo on the USB-C port (should be SS or SS 10, not some generic USB symbol). Again, Presonus, whaddup? More reason to get a 192 mobile. I’m not paying another $100, just for a black faceplate.

  • real_mBrane

    What? 68C is *definite* weak sauce dollar-for-dollar vs. 192 mobile which is 22×26 vs. 6×6, *has* DSPs, ADATs in and out, clock, remote pre-amp control, pre-amp recall. All for 2 less pre-amps. Seriously?

    Even the 1810c sucks wind on much of this. Wish we knew if Presonus was putting their left foot in, their left foot out, their left foot in, and DSPing all about. Weird progression here.

  • Chuck Johnson

    How much is the Quantum 4848? And when?

  • Clark Westmont

    Thanks, exactly what I was searching for.

  • Studio 192 !

  • flying V

    Where is the VSL serie?