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Studio 192 Quick Setup Guide

Looking to hit the ground running with the Studio 192? Look no further! Justin shows you all you need to do to get rolling with your new interface and take advantage of low-latency monitoring, Fat Channel processing, speaker switching, and more via UC Surface.

You’ll also learn how to use Studio 192’s integration with Studio One for remote preamp control, Fat Channel DSP, and Z-Mix outputs.


For more on the Studio 192, click HERE!

  • Ryan Roullard

    What version of Universal Control are you running? The most recent version, 2.1.1, is available here:

  • Mike Wiesner

    Its 7/20/2017 has the dim/mute button issue been resolved yet?…as mine still doesn’t work?

  • Sorry Pierre, I don’t find any support tickets under your e-mail address. Tech support in the UK is handled by Source Distribution, you can contact them here:

  • Pierre Dreyer


  • Pierre Dreyer

    i am seriously disgussed with after sales service. pissed off to be honest. PRESONUS SUCKS from a small little home studio. but lets see if a person can contact me cause i cant seem to reach anything from their shitty website. why???????? tell me why i cant contact you!

  • ScooterMac

    The Studio 192 “will be” a great Audio Interface when they get the problem fixed with the Talk button, the Dim/Mute button and the Mono button not working when a Cue Mix is enabled !!!! Will really be glad when the Firmware Update comes out and hopefully fixes the problem. This is the second time this has happened since I bought the Studio 192 ! Other than that……I love the thing ! 🙂