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Studio One 3 is Here—FAQ

What is Studio One 3?

It’s rad.

What’s new in Studio One 3?

Where can I learn more about Studio One 3?

Where can I get Studio One 3?

Lotsa places.

I would like to try Studio One 3 before I purchase it.

This is not a question, but you can try the full version of Studio One Professional 3 for thirty days by clicking here.

Can I get a version of Studio One 3 in a box with a hard copy on CD?

No. You will, however, soon be able to get a version on a USB stick installer directly from us or at your local PreSonus dealer. CDs are old hat. Studio One looks to the future!

Is Studio One 3 “purchased” via a subscription model?

No, because Studio One 3 is not a magazine or dessert-of-the-month club. Buy it and receive five activations that can be installed cross-platform.

What are the upgrade costs for owners of Studio One 2? 

Existing owners can upgrade for the following USD prices. International prices will vary. 

  • Studio One Artist 1.0 or 2.0 to Studio One Artist 3: $49.00 
  • Studio One Artist 1.0 or 2.0 to Studio One Professional 3: $349.00 
  • Studio One Producer 2 to Studio One Professional 3: $199.00 
  • Studio One Professional 1.0 / 2.0 to Studio One Professional 3: $149.00
  • Studio One Artist 3 to Studio One Professional 3: $299.00


I would like to crossgrade to Studio One Professional 3 from a different DAW.

We would like you to do this, too.

If you can show us proof of purchase of another DAW, we will sell you a crossgrade to Studio One 3 for $299 USD. More details on can be had by clicking here.

Qualifying DAWs include:

  • Cubase 5 or higher
  • Pro Tools 9 or higher
  • Nuendo 5 or higher
  • Logic 9, X
  • Sonar X2 or higher
  • Live 8 or higher
  • Digital Performer 7 or higher
  • Acid Pro 6 or higher
  • Reason 6 or higher
  • Reaper 4 or higher
  • Samplitude 9 or higher
  • Mixcraft Pro 6 or higher
  • FL Studio 11 or higher
  • Notion 5 or higher

But I just bought Studio One 2 and now you guys come out with Studio One 3‽ Waaaaaaaaah!

If you registered Studio One 2 between April 1, 2015 and May 20, 2015, we will upgrade you for FREE.

We understand that it sucks when you put your hard-earned money down on something only to have the new model come out a short time later. As such, we’re offering a grace period that extends back to April 1, 2015. If you registered Studio One between April 1, 2015 and May 20, 2015, we’ll upgrade you to Studio One 3 at no charge. Simply log into your account after the launch on May 20th, and you will find a Studio One 3 notification that will lead you to your free upgrade.”

If you received Studio One Artist as a pack-in with one of our hardware products, simply register the product at Instead of receiving Studio One Artist 2 in your account, you will get Studio One Artist 3, automagically.

Do you still offer Studio One Free? What about Producer?

Studio One Free has been re-named Studio One Prime, and will be available in June. Producer edition has been discontinued in favor of giving you the ability to buy only the features you need via our online store.

Has the recipe in the back of the Studio One manual been updated?

Oh yes.

  • Fella Manero

    why my studio one 3 professional doesn’t work outside canada?

  • You can still run Studio One Pro 2. Studio One 3.5 will be a separate installation.

    However, if you open a song made in Studio One 2 and SAVE it in Studio One 3.5, you won’t be able to open it in version 2 again. I would advise making backup/secondary copies of your projects if you want to use both versions of Studio One concurrently. Hope that helps!

  • Bob

    if I upgraded to Studio one 3.5 Pro from Studio one 2 Pro can I still play my song mixes recorded in Studio One Pro2?
    Will I still be able to run Studio one Pro 2 to run my old mixes if I can’t?

  • Yes, Studio One 2 and 3 are separate installations. You are entitled to the latest version of Melodyne (they just released 4.1) but you may need to install an update from them. Thanks for choosing us!

  • James M. Johnson

    yeah! I completely support your thoughts mupetpwr! they reply from presonus is “nice” but it would have great if they provided a link or dates…just a little patchwork for the company..I am so upset with this and going to their site is not clear in regards to special offers..I have already switch to another daw(s) will use studio one for a bit..just not happy, I even email support and they gave the wrong info. (msrp price) glad as customers we have a choice!

  • mupetmower

    That is good to hear. I still stand by what I said about when companies offer things cheaper to new customers.

    But thanks for the quick response. That is relieving. I hope the upgrade is on special soon, then. Say.. for Black Friday. /wink

  • Hey mupetpower – the current crossgrade price of $199 is a special, limited time offer. The crossgrade is usually $299—same as the upgrade price from Artist to Professional.

    Similarly, we occasionally offer upgrade pricing discounts on Studio One Upgrades from Artist Professional for the same price—$199.

  • mupetmower

    Why do people with other DAWs get a “crossgrade” price for Studio One 3 PROFESSIONAL at $199.99.. and then people with Studio One 3 Artist, who are ALREADY PreSonus customers, get an upgrade price of $299.99? that doesn’t seem fair at all.. I am already a customer, and i want studio one 3 PRO, but it is going to cost me $100 dollars more to get it than it does for people who aren’t even your customers!!

    That is completely disgraceful. I see so many companies doing stuff like this now — giving better prices/incentives to non-customers, so they will come over to you — and it really is tragic. Its a slap-in-the-face to all of us loyal customers who want the product but have to pay more..

    Also pretty crazy that Artist doesn’t provide vst plugin support, and you have to pay $80 for an add-on to get it.. one of the biggest reasons i even want PRO is for that, instead of paying $80(which seems unnecessarily high) for just one add-on for plugin support. but that isnt my biggest issue with all of this. My biggest issue is what i said earlier. Pretty messed up that companies now like to give incentives and price cuts to non-customers to get their business, while their loyal customers pay full price since they already have our business.

    This might be enough to sway me to choose a different companies to start giving my money to. Going to be looking for a different DAW for sure now, though. Dont get me wrong, i like how Studio One 3 works, even.. but this is just disgraceful. I have a big problem when companies choose to do this kind-of stuff.

  • Nope!

  • Ak

    Do I lose my lose my current DAW license in case of cross-grade?

  • Nope, you just need to activate the demo and Prime will function as the demo version. Find the option in Studio One’s Activation menu. 🙂

  • Dapharaoh

    Do you have to uninstall studio one prime to use Studio one demo

  • You should be fine. There might be some small changes to the parameters of presets in Presence, since Presence got upgraded to Presence XT—but nothing drastic.

  • Karina Panama Harris

    i have artist if that makes a difference

  • Karina Panama Harris

    do they convert over and are the instruments the same?

  • Karina Panama Harris

    what happends to my tracks in studio one 2 when i get studio one 3

  • Esteban Chamorro

    I already did and all I got was a link to purchase a upgrade to version 3

  • Hey Esteban, sorry to hear this—please contact our support team here:

  • Esteban Chamorro

    Hi I just purchased the studiolive 24 AI and register Studio one artist v2 but I didn’t get artist v3 instead in my account reflects that I only have artis v2

  • No need. Studio One 2 will remain installed on your computer when you install Studio One 3.

  • Beto

    Before I install version 3, should I uninstall version 2??

  • Hey David—a song created in 2 that is then opened and saved in 3 cannot be re-opened in version 2. This is because 3 uses several new features that are not compatible in 2.

    There are many DAWs out there, and I can’t say for sure if all of them work this way—but I can say that backward compatibility is fairly uncommon.

  • Why is it that 2 Professional and 3 Professional are not compatible? I’m running 2 Professional 2.6.5 and can no longer do projects with people running 3 professional. Might be a good time to sort out a compatibility plug in. Do all other DAWs work this way?

  • Why are Studio One 2 Professional and 3 Professional not compatible? Is that the same with other DAW software?

  • PS: I know that in the screen shot it looks like I don’t have both tracks highlighted, but they were both highlighted before inserting the slice with the mouse. I just tried it using the menu command to insert the slice and both tracks stay highlighted, but the clips have the same result: only the immediate clips remain highlighted after the slice is inserted.

  • That sounds great, but I have a feeling I am missing something. I selected everything, then inserted a slice. What happened was that only the clips immediately following the slice stayed selected. Here’s a screen shot:
    (1) Shows the clips that remained highlighted, and (2) shows the clips after this, that were not highlighted. I don’t mean to be a pain, I’m just still figuring this out (coming from a background in other DAWs). Any thoughts?

  • Use the slice tool to insert a slice, hold down the shift key and select all of the tracks, and then click and drag all of the tracks at once. The key is holding down the shift key while you click each track to select all of them at once. If you select everything in your score and use the slice tool to make a cut, it will cut all tracks at once. You can then click and drag all of the tracks at one time. 🙂

  • Do you know how to “select to end” on ALL tracks at once in Studio One? Imagine you want to increase the space between two sections in the song, what do you do? Select every clip after a certain point manually and drag them? That’s a lot of wasted time. In Cubase and Pro Tools I can “select to end” and then drag them. In Studio One I can find “event to end” but that doesn’t do the same thing, because it only does it on one track, not all the tracks. Any tips? Help please, my work flow has become seriously crippled!

  • Best answer ever haha!

  • If you registered the FireStudio Mobile after May 20 you should be able to get Studio One 3 from your account at The April 1—May 20 window was only for people who bought Studio One standalone, not as a pack-in with an interface. 🙂

  • Yes, you will have needed to register the software between April 1, 2015, and May 20, 2015.

  • Qagy

    I bought some hardware with a license of Studio One 2 included. Will it be upgraded to v3 ?

    “If you received Studio One Artist as a pack-in with one of our hardware products, simply register the product at Instead of receiving Studio One Artist 2 in your account, you will get Studio One Artist 3, automagically.” Dont know if that last paragraph obey the apr1 may 20 thing.

  • It’s absolutely worthy—it’s just that having not researched or developed this particular model, we aren’t comfortable releasing a definitive FAQ on the matter. Important info needs to come from a qualified source!

  • readyrover

    Prestantious! You do rock!

  • Savage1969

    Mine, apparently, is not worthy of such a FAQ

  • V3 and V2 are separate installs, but v3 will check the Locations you have saved in V2 upon installation and find all your little goodies.

  • Did you see the FAQ for Ray’s Beard? It’s pretty good, too.

  • readyrover

    Zero brainer. Songwriter must have! Question: Just upgrading to a new computer. Does the V3 upgrade from Pro to Pro update program files or what would be best practice upgrade? Will I uninstall V2 or will the little goodies like melodyne and guitar rig transfer easily to V3? I’ve been a S1 user since it first came out, and can’t recommend it enough. Now it appears to be twice as good, and it was GREAT before.

  • Correct!

  • Daniel

    Its your second thought. “Or does it mean you can have it installed on 5 devices at any time and then deactivate the copies on computers that are being replaced”

  • al .

    How do the 5 activations work? Does it mean you can only ever install it 5 times and then you are done? Or does it mean you can have it installed on 5 devices at any time and then deactivate the copies on computers that are being replaced?

  • Savage1969

    Most epic FAQ ever