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A Closer Look at Asskan Studios

This just in From Jean-Jaque in Aalen, Germany! He runs Asskan Studios, where many PreSonus products have found a caring home. He sent some photos for me to put on our Facebook album of user studio photos, and I instead found them completely blogworthy. Jean-Jaque shares a few words:

Asskan started as a little home recording project. But perfectionism led to a complete little studio, with all the stuff I need. The studio was finished just about 6 months ago.

I searched for a recording solution with a analog-like usage that’s covering a wide range of requirements. I wanted to record mobile, for example in good sounding rooms, I wanted to record bands live, and most of the time, use it in my studio. The solution was the StudioLive 16.4.2. It gives me many channels of recording, great neutral preamps, and the opportunity of mixing my monitors, all in just one device. The HP60 was the perfect extension—now I can give all members of the band what they need in live recording situations.

I also use several pieces of outboard gear, and I’m a total microphone freak. The studio is equipped with a full drum set, guitar amps and many instruments. The combination especially of vintage gear and modern recording gear is what I like. I’m a singer and guitarist myself and so I understand the wish of recording a real 412 guitar-cabinet and not via VST…. although I’m using VST instruments as well. 🙂

With Studio One I’ve found a classic, but easy-to-use DAW with many time-saving features. And the FaderPort adds ease to my fader adjustments. I do not like to do  fine adjustments via the mouse, but also I searched for a controller with just one single control.

What I’d like to have? The Studio Channel could be a good follower for my actual outboard preamps.  Maybe the ADL600?!

Some of my recordings:
– Big Fish Audio: The Black Kit 
– My Band: SevenLies

Photos by Andy Nowakowski


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  • Dirk Schäffner

    Mahlzeit, ich bräuchte mal ein paar Infos, wo in Aalen Du stationiert bist, was bei Dir ein Studiotag im Einzelnen kostet, ob es Bundle-Agreements gibt, wenn man ne komplette Band bei Dir recorded, mit welchem Studioprogramm Du arbeitest (Pro Tools, Cubabase?? usw. Quasi alles, was für eine Band wichtig zu wissen wäre 🙂 Vielleicht hast Du ja so ein komplettes Infoteil, was man mal einsehen könnte. Und dann interessiert mich natürlich auch noch die Hardware, mit der Du arbeitest. Mikrofonie, hast Du evtl. auch Powersoaker für Röhrenamps, damit man tatsächlich die Verzerrung bei einem Marshallmonster aus der Endstufe holen kann, ohne das Haus von innen abzureißen usw… Grüßle….