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StudioLive 24.4.2 @ Winter Namm 2010

  • ongaud


  • Timo

    motorfaders are eyecandy for someone – to me just the most ultimate annoying feature

    Never liked multimillion PT-system with lots of them nor other cheaper systems using them. Mute groups were more suitable to my workflow. Live or studio.

  • Anonymous

    goes digital?
    seems like everybody talk about motorized faders.

  • Jessie Torres

    Well in my opinion you want something better. Take a look at the Tascam DM-3200. You can use it for both live and studio applications. Where i think the StudioLive fails, that in my opinion its a LiveStudio mixer. In other words its more for recording live shows. For purposes of studio, i don't think its very studio like. You can't use it as a DAW controller. Which i think is very important for a studio! The DM-3200 has motorized faders, 16 of them with full DAW cotrol for playback, record, and eq, etc. for the price of a thousand dollars extra. I should of definitely gone with it.

    I do more studio work than live, and StudioLive mixer is just an interface. I should of just bought two Firestudios to get my 16 channels and save some money. If you notice their promotional videos they're mostly about live application… I would honestly like to see more studio capabilities than using it with Capture (which is decent, but definitely not for studio production).

  • Avery Hannah

    I mean how much more could it cost to make the faders motorized a couple of hundred, that would still be a great price, i mean afterall what sense would it make to be able to recall everything except for your fader volumes.

  • Pete in Plano

    Motorized faders would bring the price up. the low price of these consoles is what makes them so attractive. But that may be something Presonus could do– make a motorized fader version and price it accordingly. In the small to medium sound reinforcement market, these consoles are priced great. And they are much easier to learn and get around on for an inexperienced user. We have some for rental consoles and it is a real quick learn for a rental customer to get up to speed to mix on the board. we have LS9s and M7s, but they only go out with experienced operators, at a much higher cost!!

  • Avery Hannah

    Im really digging the Studio Live mixers, but guys HELLO, if you're gonna keep up with technology and this is suppose to be a digital mixer, where are the automated faders

  • Anonymous

    can i use the waveslive bundle(mercury and studio classic collection) and waveslive multirack compatibility (mercury/studio classic collection) with the 24.4.2.
    Can i also use toontracks, autotune efx vocal suite with my 24.42.
    what's the difference btw studio one and studio one pro.
    If i buy a 24.4.2, does it come with the studio one pro software

  • Pete in Plano

    I am wrong on my GEQ question!! Of course it is a 1/3 octave GEQ so the second page would be 25-31!!! Doh!!!

  • 18:01 Ministries

    Hey Rick!

    What's the official release date for the 24.4.2? I've seen available in about 3 proaudio dealers, but many without. I love the 16.4.2 and can barely wait for it's big brother! Everytime we do worship, someone's asking about the board.


  • Pete in Plano

    Another quick question on the GEQs. Looks like you can stereo pair them or use them as 8 independent mono channels, is that true?? And assign to auxes? When you run the GEQs, do the 24 knobs do bands 1-24, then another page does 25-32?? When you have aux selected and you hit the GEQ button, are you then controlling that auxes GEQ?? This will make this a perfect 8 mix monitor console, self contained (could do 10 mixes with external GEQ)!! Just need console and amp racks!!

  • Pete in Plano

    Would really like to see the input pads have a "recall" indication like the faders. That would make this console totally ideal!!

  • Gene & Linnea

    Will the 24.4.2 have the daisy chain function as the 16.4.2? I am considering a 24.4.2 paired with a 16.4.2 to get the channels we need and still record.


  • Anonymous

    I suggest you re-record this and correct the focus problem. Can't see any detail when you show the board!

  • ricknaqvi

    The Win7 drivers for the Firepod are now available from our site. We have responded on many places of the forum stating that we were working on the Win7 drivers. We are not allowed to publicly speculate on when drivers will be released because software development is a moving target and we are more interested in releasing solid drivers than being the first with the latest driver. I truly know how difficult it is to have a box that doesn't work on your computer. However, we have been working on support for Windows7 for all of our products and now 100% of them are compatible.

  • Matt

    Hey, that's cool. But you know what would be even cooler? Taking care of your customers by ACTUALLY RESPONDING to them when they repeatedly ask about Windows 7 drivers for their existing Presonus products.

    It would be one thing if Presonus is having trouble writing these drivers (which you have had MORE than ample time to write). While extremely annoying, at least we, the customer, would know what is going on. What is unacceptable is the complete lack of communication with your customers to let them know this. I, along with numerous others on YOUR OWN TECH SUPPORT FORUM, have written you asking about this and your silence is deafening.

    Ignoring your customers, not responding to their correspondence, was the wrong way to handle this, ESPECIALLY in the age of social networking. Word spreads quickly and by creating this precedent, you are announcing to the world that you do not take care of your customers. You will be losing future business from many people as a result. It's unfortunate because I've loved my Firepod and all you would have had to do is show respect to your customers by taking 5 minutes to respond and let them.