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2nd Live Gig with Eddie Mapp

Here’s my second gig with StudioLive and what a treat it was! Our good friend, Eddie Mapp, was in town for the holidays and just off the road with Stone Temple Pilots.

Eddie was kind enough to give the StudioLive a test mixing my band.

This was also my first time using the Capture software to record the gig.

Check it out!

  • Fogorvos fogbeültetés

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  • Gunnar

    Can I put together 4 Studio Live and do a live gig with 60 channels and then record 60 channels to my Mac pro with Logic pro?


  • Anonymous

    Patiently waiting for the 64 bit drivers. Whats the good word?

  • Anonymous

    How do I cascade 2 studiolives together for live use?

  • ricknaqvi

    Each channel can be individually selected to record your Comp/Limiter/EQ settings either pre or post.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding 5:30AM Anonymous: Each individual firewire output channel can be set to Pre or Post COMP/LIMIT/EQ/Effects aka the FAT CHANNEL, I believe I heard Rick mention.
    Can’t wait to see the next video!!!!!!
    David Maui

  • Anonymous

    Is the firewire output to the computer pre or post EQ? Pre or post efx?

  • Anonymous

    what about the aux returns? 2 stereos if I’m right… can those be routed directly to a sub group to use them as separate audio channels? and into aux out for monitoring? through fat channel and effects?
    It would be nice to have 2 more stereo trs channels on this baby!

  • Vincent Rice

    Excellent news! Look forward to seeing it.

  • ricknaqvi

    We just got a Mighty Gig Rig here at the factory. Rackspace-wise it will fit in this rack. The MGR accomodates 14U and we are only 13U on the StudioLive. We are waiting for the new rack rails to come in any day now. I’ll let you guys see it racked up in that rack very soon and post it on a future blog.

  • Vincent Rice

    Hi Rick, such an exciting product…

    Have you made any decisions yet on the rackmount arrangement? Its important that it fits into the SKB Gig Rig format I think, but of course the SL unit has the fader surface ‘kink’ that most of these rackable mixers don’t have.

  • ricknaqvi

    The CR (Control Room) Output is for feeding studio monitors. It can get it’s source from the Main, Firewire, Tape In or Solo Bus.

  • Paul

    Thanx! But what about the CR-OUT I see on the mixer’s back? Can I consider it as a separate analog out? Can I feed that output with 2 firewire returns (i.e. by pushing the firewire button near the monitor knob)? … PS…. Great thing the new cool firmware future!

  • ricknaqvi

    Hi Paul,

    You have 18 signals that can be routed from the computer to the mixer. Sixteen of these return directly into the channel strips. The other two are stereo and show up in the 2 Track inputs (really handy for streaming Itunes straight to the stereo bus). As far as separate outputs from the mixer, you have the six aux outputs, four sub outputs, and main outputs (TRS and XLR outputs are mirrored as are the TAPE Outputs). We just added a new feature in firmware last week. The SPDIF outputs now will get its source from your choice of:

    Aux 1/2
    Aux 3/4
    Aux 5/6
    Sub 1/2
    Sub 3/4

    This is great if you are recording directly from the SPDIF output into a CD Burner. That way you don’t have to settle for just the main mix feeding that output. You can customize a mix using any of the other sources.

    I’ll show more about this in the next blog hopefully next week.

  • Paul

    Well, this blog is a very good idea! Great job! Two question for you…. The first: how many different firewire channels can I route to different physical outputs? 6 Auxes, 4 Subs, 2 CR out, 2 Main (sharing main XLR outs, main jacks outs, phones out) ? So can I address 14 different firewire channels to different analog outputs? The second one…. This mixer is very smart and powerful, well enginnered. It would be nice to put a SPDIF-IN in the mixer, and let the user switch, via the firewire channel button and/or system setup, between analog, firewire, SPDIF-IN on 2 channels… many of us have some “digital output stuff”, like a vocal channel strip with digital out….. this would be the cherry on top of the cake 🙂 However, thanks again guys for the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much. That makes a great improvement on the systems ease of operation.

  • ricknaqvi

    Originally we had an extra knob at the end of the fat channel that was going to be a send level going to the computer. We decided that we didn’t need this because once you set the input level for FOH without clipping, you *cannot* clip the recording. So in other words, that knob was redudant. We opted to use this knob for gate release time (a much more crucial control in my opinion). One of the greatest things about the StudioLive is that you don’t have to monitor two different input levels (one for the house, one for the recording). This makes it infinitely quicker and easier to record in a live environment with basically no set up time (plug in a firewire cable, launch Capture, hit arm all tracks, hit record).

    Another thing we just added in the latest firmware last week was a second gate mode. The default gate mode is a downward expander. This works great for 90% of the applications including drums. However, in some really loud stage environments, we needed a true noise gate on drums. So, this mode was added in the ‘system’ menu. It allows you to select between the gate or downward expander in channel pairs and it will save your preferences on a scene.

    I’ll go over this in my next blog when we get to some mixing.

  • jason

    its hard to tell but what physical modifications were made to add the release control on the gate? thats one more knob? are the controls now more bunched up together than they were before without a release control?


  • ricknaqvi

    There’s a small chance we *may* sneak a few of these out by the end of the year. Our original plan was to ship these in December and that still might happen but the majority of these will ship next month. Feel free to email me directly at if you’d like me to find out which dealers in your area will be carrying it. THANKS!

  • brian

    is there a chance this will be out by christmas? i know thats hard to ask but i figure i was gonna get a firestudio but ill just save a couple more paychecks and step up for this. If not when is the release date? thanks this is a great looking piece of equipment!