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Welcome to the StudioLive Beta test!

Hi folks,

We are now starting our second phase of beta testing for the new StudioLive mixer. Over the next few weeks I hope to put it through some paces and let you all see how it works. I’ll be bringing it to gigs with my band as well as doing some recordings in my studio and also doing some shootouts with other mixers to see how it holds out. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible. Thanks!!

  • rachelscottmusic

    I love what I see so far about the board. Just want to know more about the eq section. It looks like its more of a seudo paramentric EQ as appose to a full on 4 band parametric eq. Would love to know more about your compression and limiter sections as well. Oh yeah does the recording software function better on either mac or pc? If it worked well I could see using this for my wife’s concerts.

    Greg Scott
    Rachel Scott Music

  • Anonymous

    The only thing i was looking for was info on hooking up 2 of them , no ifo came with the unit ,please advise

    Dave Perry ( submixer CBS Sports )

  • Anonymous

    Just got mine ! WOW it not only sounds great but looks great ! Nice job, i have placed an order for the second one last friday.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rick. Great to see this is still happening. I own a KV2 system currently running a GL2200-24 at FOH with DBX 160x’s and Lex PCM90 verb. I am hoping that this little desk x 2 can replace the GL2200 at FOH. I can still use my 160x’s and the PCM90. I have used the LS9 and the M7CL and don’t like the sound. The 01v96v2 was OK but too many layers for live gigs.

    Get this thing out.


  • Anonymous

    My question is are the ADA converters at 24 or 32 bit and is there any upgrade planed for 96 conversion

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rick
    On The scene saving; I know it’s possible.
    Is there a way to save these scenes on Capture” or an external device?
    I think it would be nice to do so with the song in case I take the data back up disc to another sytem and bring up my particular mix.
    Would I only be able to open that scene on my system?

    Been thinking of up grading my; Vs-1680 home system to something as your system.
    Here’s some of my earlier work.

    Please remember I’ve learn mixing by reading manuals, trail, and experimenting.
    I think; your system seems to work in the way I operate in my home, we’ll see huh?

    My best to you, (nice band you got there).
    Fran Roman
    Trinity FSG
    Wilmington, De.

  • Nick Dynice

    Hey Rick! I remember when you came by my store with the ACP-8 around ’97 at Whittaker Music, Long Beach, Ca! I still have one in my studio and I love it. It would be great if you can turn on RSS/Atom feed syndication for this blog so I know when you make a new post. I subscribe to many blog, and I use an RSS reader to notify me of new posts.

  • Anthony S Guyer

    Rick I love the Blog. I have been waiting for this piece for a while. I am a Guitar Center Salesman and I have a production company in Pennsylvania. I would love to beta test if you need any others. Let me know if I can help.

  • Craig Anderton

    Hey Rick – so what I videoed you talking about in Frankfurt last spring is finally happening! Congrats. I also like the idea of a blog like you’re doing…it’s a good way to get across the product in an informal way, rather than pounding people with hype. I’ll be checking back as this progresses.

  • Anonymous

    Nice! I can’t wait for this bad boy to drop!!!!!