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Hey, we love you guys, and ’tis the season for giving back, so check out these Black Friday deals. FUN FACT: Black Friday lasts nearly a week this year, from Nov. 23—30. While these are no doubt exceptional offers, they were once exclusive offers. See, we actually had a proper naughty-and-nice list, but Rick lost it somewhere. So, with no list with which to hold the naughty accountable, we’re jolly to instead extend these offers to all of our customers in the USA.

  • StudioLive AI Console Mixers: our flagship product line has been ​reduced to their lowest prices ever, only for Black Friday Week:
    • StudioLive 32.4.2AI: $2299
    • StudioLive 24.4.2AI: $1899
    • StudioLive 16.4.2AI: $1599


  • Studio One 3 Professional: Warm up by stuffing your stocking with Studio One 3 Professional, and get the Channel Strip Collection Add-on for free! It’s usually $79.99.
  • AudioBox iTwo Studio: Includes an interface, mic, headphones, and Studio One Artist, and all necessary cabling. Everything one needs to get started in music production and recording. Price dropped down to just $199.
  • AudioBox iOne: Just $79! Record in sterling quality to your iPad, then zap your tracks over to your main computer for mixing and editing. Includes Studio One 3 Artist for exactly this purpose.
  • Eris E4.5s: Tremendous little studio monitors with a small footprint. Great for apartment or bedroom production setups. You can get a pair for $149, down from $249.95.


To find a dealer in the USA, click here.


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Wow, Groove 3 is getting a jump on Black Friday with some crazy deals, including on some excellent Studio One 3 training packages.
Check it out, they’re offering the following.
  • ALL downloads at half price
  • 1 year All-Access Pass discounted from $150 to $99
  • 2 year All-Access Pass for only $175
  • or a 3 year for only $225.

Check out their video courses via the links below. Each has a couple of freebies to get you hooked. If you like what you see, sign up! They’ve also got tons of non-Studio One related stuff worth checking out, too.

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Perfect for the aspiring home recordist, the Music Creation Suite includes everything a budding producer, musician, or mix engineer needs to get started, all in one shiny box that fits conveniently under a tree. Get rolling in music and audio production from the comfort of your own home—or classroom, school lab, or church. Oh, and for a limited time, we’ve knocked fifty bucks off the price, down to $249. 

Here’s what ya get—all for about the cost of a single crappy entry-level guitar:

  • An AudioBox USB interface ($99 value)
  • Studio One 3 Artist music production software ($99 value)
  • Notion 5 music notation software ($149 value)
  • The PS49 USB MIDI Keyboard ($79value)
  • HD3 monitoring headphones ($25 value)
  • The M7 large-diaphragm condenser microphone ($49 value)
  • All the cables you need to hook everything up correctly the first time you try to set it all up (priceless)


All told, this package would set you back about $450 bucks if purchased separately. The lucky owner will be able to record guitar, vocals, or whatever else they put in front of the mic. They can produce wonderful piano or orchestral parts using Studio One or Notion 5’s built-in sound libraries. They can even arrange dynamic, stirring rhythms that come without the inconvenient sonic warfare of listening to someone learning to play real drums. And once tracked, they will be able to go back and mix and edit their li’l masterpiece to their heart’s content. (Quietly, on the M7 headphones.)

This is a no-fuss, no-muss, temporary price drop for customers in the US of A. No proofs-of-purchase to cut out. No forms to fill out and then forget to mail-in. I mean come on—everybody hates those.

To find a dealer in the USA, click here.



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RM_Lo_Price_Digital_Flyer_8-26-15I’ll keep this short: everybody wins!

From this day forward, the pricing of StudioLive RM-series Rack Mixers have dropped. Prices are lower worldwide and vary by region, but here in the US they have been reduced by $200 USD, each. That brings the StudioLive RM32AI down to $1,799.95, and the RM16AI down to $1199.95.

You may or may not decide that it’s a coincidence that this price drop coincides with the availability of the StudioLive CS18AI touch sensitive control surface for RM mixers. It makes the idea of a complete AVB mix system, with motorized faders, no need for a digital snake (because it’s replaced by a single ethernet cable) and no need for a separate stage box more appealing, now doesn’t it?

If you’re still not sure about getting an RM mixer, read more about them by clicking here. And if you don’t want to take our word for it, you can read an excellent review from FOH Online here.

“The RM-Series mixers break through the touch barrier with a compact, affordable rig that can double as a stage box (no snakes required), while offering a versatile, flexible merging of hardware and software control to form a powerful mix solution.”

This is not a rebate or limited time offer. This is a permanent price drop.


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Half_Off_Eris_Digital_Flyer_8-24-15The Eris monitors have enjoyed overwhelmingly positive reviews since launch—more on that below. While much of this is due to their small footprint and admirable signal-to-noise ratio, there’s also an incredible bang-to-buck ratio to be had with these bad boys.

Well, guess what? The latter ratio is now even better, if just for a little while. From now until Nov. 30, 2015, we have cut the price of an Eris E5 or E8 in half when you get a pair of them. (A pair of monitors is the preferred deployment method for working in stereo, BTW.)

Gotta admit, “Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off” has a nicer ring to it than “Save 25% on a pair of Eris Monitors.” But that’s basically what the deal is here.

But don’t take our word for it—after all, these are speakers we’re talking about. You really ought to hear them. This offer is available in the USA—click here to find a dealer so you can hear them in person—and take advantage of this offer.



Here’s those nice reviews I was talking about:


“Ultimately, someone looking to setup a home studio or who needs portable monitors ought to go with the PreSonus Eris E8. The quality’s professional level, the functions are versatile, and the design is fairly portable – so how much more could you want?”



“For their first attempt in the monitor speaker market, PreSonus start with an already technically mature product. The Eris E8 offers high-quality construction, comprehensive input connections and extensive setting possibilities (low-cut filter plus low, mid and high filters) at an affordable price ($250 for a single monitor). During our listening sessions, the speaker seduced us because it reveals no real weakness. The frequency response is very smooth, even smoother than the Mackie we liked so much two years ago, all frequencies are reproduced effortless. This also applies to the dynamic range and the stereo imaging. This E8 monitor speaker is the autumn hot deal in the lower mid-class market segment.”



“This is a speaker that could easily take care of all recording and mixing possibilities in a small studio.”

Click through to MusicRadar to read the full review!


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Studio-One-3-Made-EZThe title of this blog says it all, really. If you’ve been interested in Studio One 3 Professional but aren’t quite sure how to best make use of its incredible array of new features, than this is a deal for you!

The total geniuses at VISION Recording Studios have created an incredible hybrid training program called “Studio One Made Easy.” It’s usually $15, but if you purchase (or upgrade or crossgrade to) Studio One 3 Professional between Aug. 1, 2015 and Aug. 31, 2015, you’ll get access to the entire curriculum absolutely free. This also goes for folks who get Studio One 3 Professional via our new StudioLive Production Suite bundle.

The curriculum includes .WAV files for a tutorial song, and several video guides on how to mix it using ONLY stock plug-ins built in to Studio One 3—as well as some great bonuses. All you have to do is register your new Studio One 3 Professional at and you’ll get an e-mail with a link to download the training materials.

All in all, you get:

  • Over 6 hours of training in Studio One 3 in 12 videos
  • Creating a new session to the final master
  • A complete mix, using only stock plug-ins
  • Mix the tutorial song yourself with the included .WAV files
  • Free “EQ Frequency Guide” included
  • Free “Guide to Compression” included
  • Many concepts and techniques discussed in detail
  • Free bonus 50-minute “how to” video

As if that’s not enough, existing Studio One 3 Professional Customers can save 50% off the collection by clicking here.

Learn more about the program in this video:


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OK, OK, we heard you. See, we got a handful of comments on our Facebook ads for our recent RM16AI rebate that—ahem—very politely inquired as to our rationale for excluding the StudioLive RM32AI from the rebate program. Thanks for checking in, guys—you raised an excellent point, and we’re sorry if those of you excited for the RM32AI felt left out.

So, with our CEO on a personal holiday for a couple weeks, and our arms sufficiently twisted by the proletariat strong-arming of Social Media, we decided to give you want you want and sneak this one under the radar. So, from now ’til the end of September, you can save $200 on the StudioLive RM16AI AND the StudioLive RM32AI. 

If you’re on the fence, read more about the RM-series by clicking here, and you can read an excellent review from FOH Online here.

“The RM-Series mixers break through the touch barrier with a compact, affordable rig that can double as a stage box (no snakes required), while offering a versatile, flexible merging of hardware and software control to form a powerful mix solution.”

This is an instant rebate with no forms to fill out because, hey, everybody hates forms.

  • To find a dealer and save a buncha money on a StudioLive RM digital mixer, click here.


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As we head back to school, PreSonus is giving back an instant $50 discount on our most popular solutions for students and teachers. These recording and composition tools are all easy to use and many include free resources! These savings last through September 30, 2015, so contact your favorite retailer right away.

The AudioBox iTwo Studio is perfect for individual home recording or practice rooms. The portable AudioBox iTwo recording interface will record to a Mac PC with included Studio One Artist software, and record to an iPad with our free Capture Duo recording app. With the microphone and headphones includes, this package includes everything you need to get started right away. Plus, PreSonus offers a free video series on recorded practice:

The AudioBox Stereo bundle is designed specifically for ensemble recording and includes all needed condenser mics, cables, and accessories. This is ideal for recording small ensembles, choirs, jazz ensembles, or full concerts bands and orchestras. We also offer free tutorials on school ensemble recording:

Notion music notation software is easy to use, includes amazing live sounds from the London Symphony Orchestra, and integrates all of your scores on any iOS device with the Notion App. Quickly compose, hear, print, and share your scores! Notion is also great for learning or teaching composition and theory.

The Music Creation Suite offers a complete composition and recording solution, with free lessons and tutorial videos! With both Notion and Studio One Artist software, along with an AudioBox recording interface, condenser microphone, 49-key MIDI controller, and headphones, this package is ideal for any serious music student or composer and works equally well at home and in class. Our extensive free curriculum provides all the lessons and videos needed to start composing:

Most importantly, you must listen to your music with clear, accurate, and powerful speakers. The Eris E5 Studio Monitors are the perfect addition to any of the above solutions, and you will enjoy hearing your music like never before.

This special back-to-school sale is easy! No rebate forms and no coupons, just instant saving from any US retailer.

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Here’s the deal… when you buy and register an AudioBox iOne you automatically get Studio One 3 Artist, which is a tremendous value. But now through September 30th, 2015 you will also get Progression 3.

That’s a screamin’ deal…you basically get the audio interface for the price of the software…and it’s the perfect recording solution for guitarists and singer songwriters.

The AudioBox iOne allows you to record your vocals and guitar (or anything else) at a sterling 96 kHz. You can use it with Studio One 3 on your laptop or desktop computer, or record directly to your iPad using Capture Duo (which is a free download from iTunes). Capture Duo also allows you to wirelessly zap your recordings over to Studio One 3 for editing and mixing.

Once your recording is in Studio One 3, you can add all kinds of distortion, amp simulations and effects via Ampire and our other Native plug-ins. And thanks to Impact, and a nice collection of backing loops, you’ll even be able to create drum tracks and produce full songs.

Last but not least, for the more tablature-minded set, Progression 3 will allow you to create guitar and bass tablature, lead sheets, and standard sheet music with an intuitive fingerboard interface.

All told, this is a lot of power for not a lot of cash.

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From August 1 through October 31, 2015, customers who buy any StudioLive AI console mixer will also get automatically upgraded to Studio One 3 Professional. If you’re looking for a professional studio solution (even in your very own home), this is the way to go.

StudioLive AI Mixers make a great choice for studio production work for 3 reasons: great sound, flexibility, and software integration.

Let’s Start with Great Sound

  • 96 kHz HD Recording Mode
  • XMAX Preamps
  • Burr Brown Converters
  • The same 64-bit summing, eq, and compression as Studio One 3 Professional


Flexibility For Every Studio Environment

  • An integrated FireWire 800 Audio Interface with LOTS of channels (48 x 34 with a StudioLive 32.4.2)
  • Inserts on each channel for integrating external gear
  • 14 Auxes for independent headphone mixes
  • Dedicated Fat Channels and effects processing processing for getting a great sound while tracking (with no latency).
  • Independent Solo Bus
  • Summing Control Room Bus
  • Talkback and more


Tight Software Integration

  • QMix for every player, so they can control their mix levels from their iPhone while recording
  • Make your mix environment more accurate through Smaart analysis and StudioLive’s EQ on the master bus
  • Use Spectral Analysis to head off Phase problems
  • Now with Studio One 3 Artist…and through October 31st, Studio One 3 Professional! (more on this below)


Benefits of the Studio One / StudioLive Connection

The StudioLive AI mixers and Studio One 3 play very nicely together. In fact, any settings you make in the StudioLive’s Fat Channel during recording are non-destructive—these settings can be imported into your Studio One session for additional tweaking during your mix process. Furthermore, StudioOne includes template configurations for all of our mixers and interfaces, so once you’ve connected the StudioLive to your computer and fired up Studio One, you’ve only got to make about two clicks before you’re recording. Smart stuff!  

With all the additional effects, instruments, editing and Sound Design capabilities (like parallel processing FX chains) that come with the auto upgrade to Studio One 3 Professional.  The StudioLive Production Suite is the ultimate solution for your recording studio (while still an incredible solution for live sound production and recording).

This offer is available worldwide. Just get yourself a StudioLive AI before October 31 2015, and you’ll receive a download link for Studio One 3 Professional in your account when you register your mixer.



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