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Instant Rebates on all AudioBox VSL Interfaces Until April 30, 2016



We’re offering discounts of up to 20% discounts on the award-winning PreSonus AudioBox VSL family of recording interfaces.

All members of the AudioBox VSL family sport USB connectivity, high headroom, low noise XMAX preamps, sampling rates of up to 96k, and Studio One 3 Artist. The 22VSL and 44VSL give you high-quality audio in a portable profile, and the 1818VSL is rack-mountable and expandable to up to 18 inputs via ADAT. All of these guys also offer MIDI I/O.

These instant rebates are easy price drops at the register and require no paperwork, proofs of purchase, or wait times to get your money back. Just take a chunk of change off the price.

Save $50 on Upgrades to Studio One 3 in February 2016!


Hey!  Been looking to take your DAW to the next level? Now’s the best possible time—we’re offering upgrades to Studio One 3 Professional for $50 off the typical price.

Studio One 3 Professional gives you access to Melodyne, Scratch Tracks, Multi-instruments, the Project page for mastering, Note FX, Studio One Remote, Macro Controls, Extended FX Chains, and gigabytes of bundled sound content. It’s available worldwide, and excludes education volume licensing and crossgrades. Hurry, this offer ends 2/29/16!

New Low Price on AudioBox iOne in the USA

Lo_price_iOne_300x250_12-28-15_Nee01The AudioBox iOne has had its price permanently dropped to $99.95. This is the ideal portable recording interface for guitarists. Pack it into your guitar case or cable bag, take it with you wherever you go, and record your inspirations directly to your iPad. You can then wirelessly transmit your recordings to the included Studio One 3 Artist on your main computer for mixing and editing.

Click here to find a dealer!

Happy 2016—Check out these Savings on PreSonus Hardware

New deals for the new year for customers in the USA. All of these dealers are available nationwide.
Click here to find a dealer.SL_AI_Rebates_300x250_12-28-15_Nee01

First, we’ve extended our existing StudioLive AI Rebates until March 31—Our award-winning StudioLive AI mixers can now be had for the following post-rebate prices in the USA:

  • StudioLive 32.4.2 AI: $2299.95
  • StudioLive 24.4.2 AI: $1899.95
  • StudioLive 16.4.2 AI: $1599.95


The StudioLive AI Console Mixers have garnered a lot of praise in the time they’ve been around. Click any of the quotes below to read the full review.



Next, we’re offering a limited-time $100 rebate on the StudioLive 16.0.2 until March 31. That’s a heckuva lot of mix power for $899.95. You get sixteen inputs and four Aux Outs, the same XMAX preamps and Fat Channels found in more expensive StudioLive mixers, and Smaart Measurement Technology via VSL. This all makes it ideal for both project studios and mobile PA/DJ rigs. Pound for pound, it’s arguably the most feature-rich mixer in the line. And don’t forget the 16.0.2’s secret weapon that no other StudioLive mixer in the line has: MIDI control! You can adjust mixer settings live, in-performance, with a standard MIDI controller.


All of the above deals are instant rebates—cash at the time of purchase, with no forms to fill out and mail.

Click here to find a dealer!


Flash Holiday Sale: All Versions of Studio One 3 are 30% Off Until Dec. 31!

30off_SO3_EN_300x300_11-6-15Quick and to the point: Until Dec. 31, we’re offering 30% off of Studio One 3 Artist and Studio One 3 Professional.

This offer includes upgrades, so if you’ve been thinking about making the jump from Artist to Professional, this is a great opportunity for you. And if you’re still back on version 2, here’s just a touch of what you’re missing out on by not upgrading to version 3:

  • Arranger Track and Scratch Pads
  • New instruments, including Presence XT sampler and Mai Tai polysynth
  • Extended FX chains
  • Multi-instruments
  • Macro Controls
  • Note FX including Arpeggiator
  • Gorgeous HD configurable UI
  • Multi-touch control
  • New Effects like Bitcrusher and Rotor
  • Studio One Remote for iOS


This offer is available worldwide, and excludes EDU licenses and crossgrades.

Save 20% on LANDR Mastering

LANDRLANDR mastering has changed the face of production and their new app for Mac puts the power of LANDR right into your Studio One workflow.  To help you discover the LANDR app, they’re offering 20% off all LANDR subscriptions to PreSonus customers. If you add that savings to an already discounted yearly subscription, you’ll save nearly 50%.
Based on sophisticated artificial intelligence, LANDR detects the genre of your track for custom-tailored mastering. That means no presets and no overcompression, just great sound, instantly. This offer is only valid until December 24th, so don’t wait to jump on it.


Mac Users: Get Started with LANDR (and Save) by Following These Steps:
  1. Download the LANDR app (Mac only)
  2. Open the app and create an account
  3. Enter STUDIOONE20 in the coupon code field when choosing your subscription
  4. Return to the app to login and start mastering!


Windows Users can also save on LANDR Subscriptions:
  1. Create a LANDR Account
  2. Enter STUDIOONE20 in the coupon code field when choosing your subscription



PreSonus Holiday Specials for December 2015

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday at a close, we’re proud to announce PreSonus Tuesday! We’ve got a couple of new discount offers for you to close out the new year—and we’ve extended a couple of favorites that we had running last month. Check it out:Lo_price_iOne_300x250_11-30-15_Nee01

First up, the AudioBox iOne has had its price permanently dropped to $89.95 USD. This is the ideal portable recording interface for guitarists, and should stuff cozily in most stockings size 12 or larger. Pack it up, take it with you, and record your best riffs directly to your iPad. You can then wirelessly transmit your recordings to Studio One on your main computer for mixing and editing. This is not a rebate, so there’s no proof or purchase required.

Speaking of rebates, we’ve got a new rebate going on the iOne’s bigger Brother: the iTwo and iTwo Studio have a $10 instant rebate this month. The iTwo works just like the iOne, but offers two XLR/1/4″ combo jack inputs to work with, allowing you a bit more connective versatility. If you’re looking for a single-purchase combo pack that includes everything you need to be recording on Christmas morning, check out the iTwo Studio—you get the iTwo interface, Studio One 3 Artist, an M7 microphone, and HD7 headphones—plus all required cabling. As an instant rebate, there’s no hassle with rebate forms.Lo_price_iTwo_300x250_11-30-15_Nee01

We’ve also extended our existing Black Friday StudioLive AI Rebates until December 31—this year, Black Friday lasts over a month! Can you believe it? Our award-winning StudioLive AI mixers can now be had for the following post-rebate prices in the USA:

  • StudioLive 32.4.2 AI: 2299.95
  • StudioLive 24.4.2 AI: 1899.95
  • StudioLive 16.4.2 AI: 1599.95


Furthermore, don’t forget that we’ve got a couple other offers that are carrying over from November until the end of 2015:

  • The StudioLive 16.0.2 is down by a couple hundred dollars to $899.95 in the USA.SL_AI_Rebates_300x250_11-9-15_Nee01
  • The AudioBox Music Creation Suite price is down by $50 to $249.95 in the USA.


Both of the above are also instant rebates—cash on the table, at the register. Or credit in the account, at the laptop for those of you who aren’t of the brick-and-mortar persuasion.



Black Friday 2015 Deals from PreSonus

Hey, we love you guys, and ’tis the season for giving back, so check out these Black Friday deals. FUN FACT: Black Friday lasts nearly a week this year, from Nov. 23—30. While these are no doubt exceptional offers, they were once exclusive offers. See, we actually had a proper naughty-and-nice list, but Rick lost it somewhere. So, with no list with which to hold the naughty accountable, we’re jolly to instead extend these offers to all of our customers in the USA.

  • StudioLive AI Console Mixers: our flagship product line has been ​reduced to their lowest prices ever, only for Black Friday Week:
    • StudioLive 32.4.2AI: $2299
    • StudioLive 24.4.2AI: $1899
    • StudioLive 16.4.2AI: $1599


  • Studio One 3 Professional: Warm up by stuffing your stocking with Studio One 3 Professional, and get the Channel Strip Collection Add-on for free! It’s usually $79.99.
  • AudioBox iTwo Studio: Includes an interface, mic, headphones, and Studio One Artist, and all necessary cabling. Everything one needs to get started in music production and recording. Price dropped down to just $199.
  • AudioBox iOne: Just $79! Record in sterling quality to your iPad, then zap your tracks over to your main computer for mixing and editing. Includes Studio One 3 Artist for exactly this purpose.
  • Eris E4.5s: Tremendous little studio monitors with a small footprint. Great for apartment or bedroom production setups. You can get a pair for $149, down from $249.95.


To find a dealer in the USA, click here.


6 Free Studio One 3 Tutorial videos, plus monster Groove 3 discounts in November 2015

Wow, Groove 3 is getting a jump on Black Friday with some crazy deals, including on some excellent Studio One 3 training packages.
Check it out, they’re offering the following.
  • ALL downloads at half price
  • 1 year All-Access Pass discounted from $150 to $99
  • 2 year All-Access Pass for only $175
  • or a 3 year for only $225.

Check out their video courses via the links below. Each has a couple of freebies to get you hooked. If you like what you see, sign up! They’ve also got tons of non-Studio One related stuff worth checking out, too.

Save $50 on the Music Creation Suite until Dec. 31!


Perfect for the aspiring home recordist, the Music Creation Suite includes everything a budding producer, musician, or mix engineer needs to get started, all in one shiny box that fits conveniently under a tree. Get rolling in music and audio production from the comfort of your own home—or classroom, school lab, or church. Oh, and for a limited time, we’ve knocked fifty bucks off the price, down to $249. 

Here’s what ya get—all for about the cost of a single crappy entry-level guitar:

  • An AudioBox USB interface ($99 value)
  • Studio One 3 Artist music production software ($99 value)
  • Notion 5 music notation software ($149 value)
  • The PS49 USB MIDI Keyboard ($79value)
  • HD3 monitoring headphones ($25 value)
  • The M7 large-diaphragm condenser microphone ($49 value)
  • All the cables you need to hook everything up correctly the first time you try to set it all up (priceless)


All told, this package would set you back about $450 bucks if purchased separately. The lucky owner will be able to record guitar, vocals, or whatever else they put in front of the mic. They can produce wonderful piano or orchestral parts using Studio One or Notion 5’s built-in sound libraries. They can even arrange dynamic, stirring rhythms that come without the inconvenient sonic warfare of listening to someone learning to play real drums. And once tracked, they will be able to go back and mix and edit their li’l masterpiece to their heart’s content. (Quietly, on the M7 headphones.)

This is a no-fuss, no-muss, temporary price drop for customers in the US of A. No proofs-of-purchase to cut out. No forms to fill out and then forget to mail-in. I mean come on—everybody hates those.

To find a dealer in the USA, click here.



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