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How to Set Levels and Monitor Mixes on the StudioLive AI Digital Mixers

Hey there, we just wrapped up a couple videos on the new StudioLive AI digital mixers. In these, Rick shows you how to set up a monitor mix or aux mix on the StudioLive. This is great for setting up floor wedge monitors or headphone mixes. Video #2 showcases how you can set up your levels. It’s easy!


For more on the StudioLive AI mixers, click here:

  • Chris Flowers

    Thanks! Love the 24ai btw!

  • Correct!

  • Chris Flowers

    I just read the 24ai has an output impedance of 100Ω and general rule is 1/8th of the headphones impedance (In my case 600/8 = 75) So the 24ai should drive the DT880 600 ohm headphones with no problem. correct?

  • Chris Flowers

    Sorry. I meant to ask can the 24ai’s native headphone jack push 600 ohms or would I need a seperate amp like the HP60. I am look at DT880s for mixing on the 24ai. Thanks for response.

  • The Headphone Impedance Working Range for both the HP60 and HP4 is 32Ω – 600Ω.

    I’m not exactly certain of your intended application, but just so you know… when it comes to headphone amps, don’t forget about the brand new HP2:

  • Chris Flowers

    Can the headphone amp push 250ohm or 600ohm? I am looking to buy DT880s and I am unsure of which ohm to get. I own a 24ai board. Thanks!

  • Chris Flowers

    What studio headphone ohms is suitable for the 24ai? DT880 32ohm, 250 ohm or 600ohm? Can the board push the 600’s?

  • Joedubs

    I find it disappointing that the solo bus for the aux outputs is before the aux graphic EQs. Using headphones to solo aux outputs after graphic EQs is very helpful for finding feeback and furthermore actually hearing what the aux really sounds like (through headphones of course instead of the stage wedge).

  • Yes, you’ll need to run those Auxes through a headphone amp like the HP4 or HP60. Note that the StudioLive AI mixers have a headphone output with the amp built-in if only a single person needs to monitor. 🙂

  • Steve

    If you are using headphones, will you need a preamp using the 10 auxs supplied if the headphones do not have them built in?