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15 Things VisionRecordingCt Likes About Studio One

May 14,2013

Big big thanks to VisionRecordingCt over on YouTube for this great opinion piece on Studio One. We use stuff like this to warm our little hearts when we run low on Cafe Louisiana Hotter ‘n Hell Hot Sauce, which is often.

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

  • William Beckem

    I really liked your video. It gives the basics reasons why you should switch to or buy Presonus Studio One 2.5 Professional.

  • Doug Robinson

    Loved the video. I have SO Artist that I got when I bought my 1818VSL. I loaded as a whim while I was waiting to get the money for PT10. I have record enough to know it is a serious DAW. But after talking to some other SO Pro users, and watching this video, I am going to upgrade to Pro rather than buy Pro Tools. It was very helpful. Thanks a lot. I will be looking for more of your Studio One Videos.

  • LaurynasG

    Absolutely true!!! Studio One is the best you can get for that price. Super stable and a lot of features.

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