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Setting Up Logic to Use with the StudioLive

Aside from working with Capture, the StudioLive 16.4.2 also is a great front end for Apple’s Logic Studio. In this blog, we’ll show you how to set up a Logic Project from scratch that will allow you to record all of the analog inputs of your Studiolive mixer and route the outputs correctly so you can mixdown using the board.

  • Lily Pinto

    Did you ever figure it out? I am struggling with the same thing.

  • Please sign into your account at and submit a support ticket, thank you!

  • Please sign into your account at and submit a support ticket, thanks!

  • Loren Bolden

    i have studiolive 16.4.2 and logic pro x 10.3.3 and im trying to use them together and im having a bad time trying. im using a mac mini i5 mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 can you help me pls

  • John

    Hi Presonus, I bought a Presonus Srudio live 24.24 and I was windering : but can I use it as a simple fader controller w/ logic pro and keep my UAD interface to record ?


  • I don’t have a link to an article for you but it’s possible that our tech support crew does. Sign in at and submit a ticket. They should be able to help you out.

    Sorry, I should have mentioned that in response to your first comment. 🙂

  • Ben Plunkett

    True that, I just bought an old 24:4:2 but am struggling to work out how I can multitrack into Logic. I can record into Capture, no problem, but would be nice to go straight into logic. I appreciate I may be chasing a ghost but, I don’t suppose you are aware of any articles that would explain how to achieve this?


  • Hey Ben – this blog post is ten years old, and it looks like whatever YouTube video was originally posted in here has since been taken down.

  • Ben Plunkett

    This may be a weird question but does this blog post actually have any content? It says that the post will walk through the set up of a logic project. But all I see is an empty page with a load of comments. Am I missing something?

  • PsyChris

    Sorry to open this old post…
    Could someone point me in the right direction to route Logic’s stereo output (output 1-2) to livestudio (16.0.2 USB) main out instead of channel 1 and 2.

    All questions are answered by Presonus, except the questions related to my specific question.

    An ‘it’s not possible’ answer is ok, as long as you guys answer.

    Thank you

  • dertacys21
  • Hey there, please submit a support ticket by logging into and registering your 16.4.2. Our support team will help you from there, thanks for choosing us!

  • Jon Maez Y Nuevo Mejico

    Im new to this recording thing and just purchased a Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2. And am running Logic Pro X on a macbook pro 2008 10.11.6 el capitan. Any suggestions on how to set this all up or learn if it is even compatible together?

  • Ron

    I use Logic Pro X on a Mac Pro 3.0ghz 12 core dual cpu computer with 64gb ram, I want to use 2 RML32AI rack Digital Mixers with Logic Pro X but I am having problems.
    I have connected both mixers exactly as shown in the cascading instructions. Both are connected to a MOTU AVB switch the master mixer is connected to the computer via Firewire800, and the wireless (apple airport extreme) is hard wire connected to the MOTU router as well.
    The problem is that Logic Pro only recognizes all 64 channels and works off and on, and even when it is working, it will soon disappear leaving only the masters 32 channels working. Most of the time nothing works at all. If I use only one RML32AI, it works perfectly. I have tried Universal Control, although that software is very slow to update mixers / network etc… when that software does work, it shows the cascade and all 64 channels and that its working but there is now sound. I always get sound in Logic Pro when it does work. Any ideas what is wrong?

  • Not yet, but we plan to add DAW control in future firmware updates.

  • kevin

    can the studio live 32 series 3 control faders I Logic Pro x

  • Finis Magnus Terry-Robinson

    Good afternoon Roy. I too, have this issue. I am trying to understand which button you are referring to. What exactly do you mean by the. “digital out” button? Is this a physical button on the mixer or something in the Logic Daw?

  • Hey Tom, sorry I missed your original comment.

    1) Yes!
    2) No. The StudioLive AI mixers are not control surfaces. If you’re interested in a control surface, we have several options including the StudioLive CS18AI, the just-released FaderPort 8, and of course the classic original FaderPort.

    Hope that helps!

  • Tom J

    Pressonus- any input on this question?
    It’s a big purchase and I would like to be clear before I purchase it.

  • Tom J

    Hi Pressonus

    I’m very interested in using Studio One or Logic in conjunction with a StudioLive 64AI and I have two questions I need clarity on (one is a little fundamental)

    1) With this system cascaded, will I get 64 independent tracks out to my Studio One (or Logic)?

    2) I have not seen transport control mentioned any, so if I use logic and want to make edits to my mix with plugins will I need to use my mouse and keyboard (will the fades move in logic as I adjust them on the StudioLive 64AI,)


  • Yes!

  • Gerardo Castmu

    Hi Pressonus. Can I use PreSonus StudioLive 32 Series III – 32-channel Digital Mixer/Recorder with logic and protools ??

  • Roy In Philly

    Just hit the digital out button when setting up the channel

  • Mark Martins

    Hi Pressonus,

    I recently got the Studio Live 16.02
    I would love to use the Fat Channel/FX in my daw (Logic)
    However, when I record just the clean sound goes to my daw without any FX or EQ.

    there is any way to solve this?

  • Yep!

  • Paul Shah Flavashop

    Thinking of buying one of these. Does it support 64bit for logic?

  • Hey there—we will need more info to help, can you please submit a support ticket at the following link? Thanks!

  • AM

    Having a little problem getting Logic Pro 9 to recognize the 32.4.2AI. Please help! Thanks!

  • No, Universal Control AI doesn’t support the FireStudio Project. You can chain a FireStudio Project to a classic StudioLive mixer, however.

  • Jeremy

    Hello Presonus People!!!
    Can I use my Fire studio project with my Studiolive 1642ai as an additional 2 inputs?

    Thanks for your great products.

  • Hey Lamon, please contact our tech support team for help with this. Thanks!

  • I just recently updated my computer from Mavericks to Yosemite and logic 9 to logic pro X. Everything was working fine but now the 16.4.2 is not being recognized in either. (System pref > Audio > Input) I checked the cord and the firewire port and they are fine. I’m going crazy here. Please help!

  • Dandan Gallagher

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hey Dandan, you’ll want to get in touch with our tech support team for more in-depth questions like these. You can reach them here:

  • Dandan Gallagher

    To the people at PreSonus. I hope you can help me out.

    I’ve got a 16.0.2 which I use with Logic Pro 9.

    I was wondering:

    1. how do I route different headphone monitor mixes in Logic to the four Aux Outputs? I don’t understand how can I assign the Outputs on each channel strip/bus on Logic (Outputs 1-2, 3-4, 4-6, etc) to the actual physical Aux Outputs (or whatever Outputs they are supposed to be assigned to) on the StudioLive. Can anyone help me out?

    2. Can I actually mix in 5.1 with StudioLive and Logic pro 9? Can I assign each Output Channel to a speaker to have 5 or 6 speakers, each one with their own mixes?

    I can’t for the life of me figure out if these things are possible and I assume that they aren’t even possible, which would at least end my frustration.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Malcolm

    Can the template that Rick mentions in Part 2 (at the end) be used in Logic Pro X ? Thanks

  • Yep! I’m not sure which StudioLive you’re using, but you can get the driver from your account or from the product pages’ download tab.

  • Sbello

    Do I need to install a driver on my Macbook Pro to use The studio Live as an interface with Logic Pro?

  • Hey Misikermoss! We’re glad to help, and thanks for choosing the StudioLive. This question is a little in-depth to be answered via blog comments, the best thing you can do is set up a support ticket here:

    You might also want to check in with our forum community for some insights from other users:

    In the meantime, perhaps while waiting for a response to your ticket, you might want to check this out: we have an article on running plug-ins through the StudioLive using Studio One at the following link. While it’s written for Studio One, you might find some of it helpful for getting a similar setup running in Logic.

    Thanks for checking in, we’ll get you the help you need!

  • musikermoss

    Hello! I got a Presonus Studiolive in my studio. I have connected it to a headphone amplifier out from aux1-2 , aux3-4, aux5-6, aux7-8, aux9-10 so the musicians can get a stereo headphones mix. But my problem is how to setup this up in my Logic pro x Daw so i can hear the plugins/sounds I’m using in my daw, with using mix button and have the same control so i can turn up every channel in the aux mix on the presonus. And a other quiestion is how i can use the compressor when I’m recording. just to compress a better signal in my daw. but the thought after recording is to mix in logic and use plugins/effects.

    hope i can get some helps for this.

  • geoffvernon

    Thanks so much guys! I’ll contact tech support!

    My routing with Logic question is how can get get the stereo outputs in Logic to go to the “Main” fader instead of channels 1 and 2 on the board itself. Right now when we push audio through channels 1 and 2 so we can mix everything comes through which is not what we’re wanting! Looking forward to getting this fixed! 🙂

  • Hey Geoff—you did the right thing by resetting and getting the latest firmware installed. Also make sure you’re running the most recent version of the drivers, available from the 16.0.2 page:

    We would still like to know more about this issue, if you could please contact our tech support team and let us know about it, I’d appreciate it! And while we’re working on that, we’re happy to help you with your question about routing with Logic. Cheers!

    PreSonus tech support:

  • geoffvernon

    I also had another question. For some reason our board is acting slightly crazy now. When we turn it on it seems as if the preamps or something aren’t turning on every time. We’re having to shut the board off and turn it on multiple times for any of the XLR or Jack inputs to register audio. What could be the issue? We’ve reset the board to factory settings and made sure we’re up to date. Thanks!

  • geoffvernon

    Question! My church is using a 16.0.2 in the studio. When in Logic the stereo outs are set to channels 1 and 2. However we’re wanting to use these for recording, playback and mixing on the console. How can we reroute the stereo outs to shop up to the main fader or something instead of having to use the stereo 1 and 2 channels? Thanks!

  • Hello Sebastian! Which adapter are you using? This is the recommended one:

    If you’re using the correct adapter and still having trouble with connectivity, please contact our tech support team here:

  • Sebastian Vasquez

    Hey I just bought a macbook pro it doesn’t have the firewire port, so i bought the thunderbolt to firewire adapter to connect the macbook to myPresonus studio live but the macbook is not recognizing the Presonus, im checking preferences, audio, output device input divide ti should show me the presonues there but is not please help i need to record some drums and now i don’t know what to do

  • Hey Joe, best to contact our tech support team on this one, as we’ll need a little more info to get you up and running on Logic 8. Kindly submit a ticket at the following link, thanks!

  • JoeWright

    How do you set it up in Logic 8? There’s only an input device in the menu, no output; and the presonus isn’t being picked up in that menu anyway. Is it possible to do in that version of LP? Perhaps there’s an order I need to fire them up in? Please help.

  • Hi! The StudioLive mixers are not control surfaces. I recommend checking out the PreSonus FaderPort!

  • ash

    Hi. Can the studiolive work as a simple fader control surface with logic pro x?

  • Hey Jonny, we would be happy to help out. Kindly submit a tech support ticket detailing your setup and we will help you find a solution!

  • Jonny

    I know this was posted a long time ago but I’m having trouble with getting a live return feed for stage monitors. For example I have half the band recorded from home an I need to use the studio live for drums and I need the drummer to be able to hear what was already recorded while he is on the stage through his normal monitor mix. He keeps getting a mono mix. I want it to be mono but the left and right need to be joined to one mix. Right now he is only getting right.. I’m using logic X BTW… I hope that made sense.

  • Mr Fiji

    Sorry Troy, just realised that you asked the question since July 2013. You sure have the solution already by now i believe. I am just so excited about my desk esp. now i know how to manoeuvre few things 🙂


  • Kele

    Hi Jason, are you refering to just an interface or the build-in interface in the Presonus desk(s)? Are using a Mac or a PC? If your Logic Pro 8 uses a Macbook Pro with 10.7 or 10.6.8 / 2.66 GHz intel Core i7 / 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 should work out good. So far, LOGIC works well with Presonus as long as you download the right driver from presonus website directly. Hope this helps.

    Mr Fiji ( Kele )

  • Mr Fiji

    Hi Ric, unplug all your stuff and let everything cool down… even yourself :). Have positive attitude towards what you bought and believe. It’s very easy!

    let’s get to work – Connect only your Mac to the 16.4.2 and the Internet. Your desk has a build in presonus interface called “Firestudio” but it will not show up on your core audio ( Output / Input device ) until you download the driver online. Google type in: Firestudio or go directly to presoinus webpage and look for download. On down load, you will see the Firestudio interface that fit’s your board. MIne is called a “UniversalStudio” for Mac. Maybe yours too but please check.

    Keep you Mac/Desk connected. After download, restart – open your logic ( looks better ) with the input 1 now showing when you open a new track??. Now, check your core audio – Presonus FireStudio should appear. Click both Input and out to the same name and you are ready to rock. i Just hope you are familiar to the presonus desk more then me. It’s my first Digital desk but i am finding my way out of it slowly.

    It took me 10 hours to break my head before i can proudly inform you on this. I truly hope this will help you. Enjoy while you have it. It’s a great pieces of equipment and not many have such opportunity like you do. God bless you!

    Mr Fiji ( Kele )

  • Kele

    Hi Guys!
    I have just started enjoying my Presonus 32.4.2 Studio Live Ai today the 20th of Jan, 2014. I purchased one last Friday. I am using a Macbook with Audio Logic pro Software for recording. I just needed to learn more about the desk but works really smooth with Logic. My first mistake: Well, I don’t believe to be a total thick head but i went crazy just thinking that the interface “FireStudio” was suppose to appear by itself in audio. Infect, it was driving me nuts the whole of yesterday but then i calmed down slowly and realise that i had to download the driver first online before it could show up in my Audio thing after restart. What almost got me mad again, it was not called FireStudio directly but this “UniversalControl” if you are using a Mac. I hope you will find this helpful to your setup. God bless and enjoy! Mr Fiji :))

  • Troy Ricciardi

    I am having a very serious problem using the 16.4.2 with logic on my mac. Capture and then the slow loading process sucks. I want to use the 16.4.2 like I used the FP10. If I can’t do that I may as well get a power supply to replace the broken one on my FP10 and send the 16.4.2 back for refund. Hugely frustrating, lots of forum diving, and no answers. This is losing me business and costing me money. Any help???

  • Jeremy

    Hey guys, I was wondering how the most effective way to use outboard gear as a means of bussing it back into Logic and being able to use hardware like a plugin. I’ve succeeded in sending a signal to a preamp and receive signal from the desired channel I want to I/O, but I’m not sure whether the audio from the preamp is actually being sent back into Logic. All I’m receiving is feedback and cannot tell if the audio is being routed back into Logic. Thank you for your help.

  • Jonathan

    Hey i have a question.

    When recording in logic pro, how would i make the tracks come out of the monitors we have set in Aux 1-6 on our board?

  • Jim Joyce

    I am trying to find the Logic Templates you talked about you created for the 24.4.2

  • Jason Jones

    Will the Sonus plug and play with Logic Pro 8? Or does it just interface with newer versions of Logic?


  • Diego Bernard

    It is important for to get some kind of software up date for the ability to use the Studiolive 16.0.2 with Logic, and that implies to TRULY synch with it such as the faders etc. After all, isn’t this a digital work station? The more flexible and accommodating a company is, the more welcome their product become.

  • Matt K

    I have the same question as Joshua above I believe, in that is it possible to use the faders on the studio live to control the faders in logic? I know the faders aren’t motorized, so it won’t go the other direction, but is that way possible?

  • Joshua

    Could I use the physical faders as DAW in Garageband or Logic during mixing? Joshua

  • Anonymous

    all the firewire returns works but final mix is not working.

  • Anonymous

    I can't set up 2 Studiolives on a g5 I Tried everything and don't work.

  • ricknaqvi

    Yes, absolutely. A single StudioLive can actually record a total of 32 simultaneous channels. The first sixteen audio streams are of course the 16 channels of the mixer. There is a Router application that is part of the Universal Control Panel. This is where you can configure what the next 16 audio streams will be. You can choose from the MAIN output, any of the auxes, subgroups, Aux Returns, Tape In, even the Talkback mic! Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

    Rick is it possible to simultaneously record a stereo mix of a live show along with an independent 16 track recording with Logic. I know that the Presonus Software allows this. I am interested in being able to deliver cd's or multiple thumb drives after the show.

  • ricknaqvi

    Hi Andy, I'll definitely bring that request up to our product management people. Great idea. Thanks for the input.

  • andrew smith

    Hi there Rick, is it possible to put the new EQ page higher up the chain, as every time I want to come back to it I have to scroll through pages 1 thru 6… Page 1 is dimmer settings, which whilst useful I think getting to the eq quickly for me has a higher priority… What's your thinking. Oh did I say.. awesome product…..thanks a lot

    Andy Smith
    Vancouver Live Sound

  • Anonymous

    Wich Mac I should buy???

  • Anonymous

    Awesome but.. how i find those???…is an Interface?

  • ricknaqvi

    Absolutely. We use two Mac Mini's in our tradeshow booth with the StudioLive and they work fine. I would probably recommend recording to a faster hard drive than the one inside the Mac Mini. You need a 7200 rpm drive.

  • Anonymous

    Can I used with my Mac mini? because it has a firewire entrance

  • Boz

    Never mind, I figured it out. 😛

  • Boz


    These videos are great, but I am having a problem…

    Under the Global Audio settings in logic, I have the StudioLive selected as my audio unit, but for some reason I cannot change any IO's on the channel strips. All that can be active is Input 1 and the master bus output….

    I feel as though I must be doing something stupid. Please cure me?

    I've tried using the StudioLive template, and I've tried following the process described in the video (Creating a new 16 track project).


  • Anonymous

    These videos are exactly what fung-shway i needed to be satisfied with the SL and Logic. I am an experienced Logic Pro user that is looking for an upgrade, and the SL is that upgrade thanks for you wonderful men!

  • Anonymous

    How about Cubase SX? do you have a template for it too?

  • ernesto

    I have one more question… does it have latency? i mean, when you are recording, if you want to do a litlle mix not affecting the recording, but to listen to it nicer… does it have latency? in the main outputs as in the aux outputs. thanks

  • Ernesto

    WOW! you can save the eq settings, and the effects and the dynamic changes too?? amazing. thanks a lot.

  • ricknaqvi

    Yes, the StudioLive works with Nuendo, Cubase, DP, Logic, Sonar and basically every ASIO and Core Audio DAW except ProTools. However, if you are a ProTools user, you can record into Capture and easily export the files into PT.

    Regarding your 2nd question: Yes, you can save the EQ settings on the board itself to recall the settings for a mix.

  • Ernesto

    Hi, I´m Ernesto, from Argentina…
    My two questions are: Does it run with Nuendo? I mean, is it compatible with Asio driver? And the other one, if you want to mix the recorded tracks in the console, you are not able to save that mix, so if you want to review it later, yo can´t. right?
    thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rick,
    I have been looking for a mixer board in a while and after I watched all of your video, now I think I have found it. This is a very good board for the money with lots of features on it. The most important thing is that, you have put out all these wonderful video to support it, and also this is why I am going to invest my hard working money on it. Thank you very much for doing the good works. So, Is the StudioLive been shipped yet? I have been looking around, and no one seems to have it in stock. Any idea to when will it be in the store?

  • ricknaqvi

    The firmware to daisy chain 2 StudioLive Consoles will be released sometime within the next 30 days. The actual transition piece that physically locks them together should be available not long after that.

  • ricknaqvi

    StudioOne should be shipping this summer/early fall. It’s going to have a US MAP of $399 and will ship with a ton of plug ins, virtual instruments and samples. We’ll be starting a separate Studio One blog series soon and will have videos showing how it works. The really cool thing is that you can open up Capture Sessions directly into StudioOne and do all of your editing and add plug ins, etc

  • jason rice


    We have our first studiolive and love it. The clarity of the output is amazing, we were using an allen and heath gl3300. We are supposed to have our second studiolive next week so we can daisy chain them.

    Any idea of when the part will be available to hook the two together physically? And then how do we get those parts? Thanks for your work on this. We are church in a box and are pumped to have these boards because of the size and then all of the recording capabilities. Thanks!!


  • Anonymous

    Hello Rick,

    What is the release date for ‘Studio One’ software? And the price?


  • Anonymous

    Man, stereo 31 band EQs on the main. Very cool! Add an RTA with auto eq, I’ll be in heaven.

  • Anonymous

    Rick, I hope you getting your bonus this year buddy!! 🙂 That is excellent news! cheers Anton

  • ricknaqvi

    Believe it or not, you’ll have that functionality very soon. The next driver/firmware update for the StudioLive will add the following: compatibility with 64bit computers, daisy chainable with another StudioLive, daisy chainable with any Firestudio Family Recording Interface, stereo 31 band EQ on main outputs. We’re working hard to have this released as soon as possible. It should be in beta later in April and released in late April/May.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Rick, wow that was quick – I figured as much, going to Maplin (UK’s equalivalant of RS electronics). Just a note I think you have me sold on this mixer. Just a point after reading through the other blogs; something that I think you guys do have within your power and grasp, you have to get this to integrate with those FireStudio interfaces. I would love to have that FireStudio Tube as extended I/O for the StudioLive.

  • ricknaqvi

    Yup, those are old photos. The ones on our site are correct and on the shipping StudioLive’s. There are still some dealers that have the old photos and haven’t updated them. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Anonymous

    Rick, I’ve been viewing the web for photos of the StudioLive and i see there are a few of what appears was a prototype which does not have the SPDIF out, and the DSUB’s are male. I assume the photos on the PreSonus site itself are of the production model then… i.e.: SPDIF and Female DSub’s?

  • ricknaqvi

    Hi Anton,

    Yes, there are a ton of routing configurations with the StudioLive. Plus each of the Aux’s and Subgroups also have the Fat Channel (EQ and Dynamics) on their outputs. You can also link adjacent Aux’s and Subgroups as pairs. So that way, you can eq the pairs with one set of controls.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rick, so going by this, like most other interfaces you’re not restricted by the channels. If you wanted you could run as many channels of audio to the same two channels of output, if that was a requirement… So in addition it does potentially have the ability to route the 6 AUXs for 5.1… During playback hard left / right the channels 1 to 6 and then route to AUX1 through 6 for each… if you have a patch panel that would work nicely… as a studio integration. Or if not mistaken include the Subs 1-4 that has the potential for up to 9.1 ? One last question – if sending audio via the FireWire, does it route to direct outs as well… ? You can guess where I’m going with that each being 8 channels :).
    Thanks Anton

  • Mario

    I just signed up for your email list. Thanks!

  • ricknaqvi

    Hi Mario,
    Yes, the StudioLive will work fine with GarageBand and Soundtrack. Just go to your AudioMidi Setup and select the PreSonus Firestudio Driver as the default input and output device.

    Regarding your second question: We are in beta testing of the new firmware update. We hope to have it implemented within the next 14-30 days into all new mixers. But it will be a firmare update for existing StudioLive customers that you will be able to get from our website. If you are on our email list, I’ll send an update as soon as it is available. Here’s the link if you’d like to sign up for the email list:


  • Anonymous

    Very cool and helpful on the latest video. I have a MAC preloaded with GarageBand and Soundtrack. Will these work with StudioLive?

    Order my StudioLive a couple of weeks ago. Will the ones shipping now have the latest updates and functionality?

    Lastly, as new updates and functionalities are added, how would users get them?

    Can’t wait to get my hands on them.


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely COOL!!