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Announcing the Winners of the “Why StudioLive” Video Contest!

The “Why StudioLive” video contest was a smashing success. And that’s all because of you.

We received many qualified submissions—over eighty in total—and the process of viewing, judging, and choosing winners took a long time. You guys all did such a good job that the original idea of rewarding only two of the videos was not only impossible, but seemed a little unfair considering the quality of the material we received.
So, we are instead giving away four big prizes, adding a StudioLive 16.4.2AI or ADL 700, and Eris E8 monitors to the existing offering of a StudioLive 32.4.2AI and Sceptre S8 monitors.
These winners have already been e-mailed information regarding their winning status and instructions for claiming their prize. If you are listed below and didn’t get that e-mail, check your spam folder!
The winners are: 
GRAND PRIZE WINNER receives a StudioLive 32.4.2.AI:
Jerry W: “Why We Need This Mixer”

Second place winner receives his choice of a StudioLive 16.4.2AI  or  ADL 700:
Aaron S.: “Give me StudioLive or Give Me Death”

Third place winner receives a pair of Sceptre S8s:
Marco L.:  “Rule Your Gig”

Fourth place winner receives a pair of  Eris E8s:
Chris B.’s “Why StudioLive”

Congratulations to the above—but that’s not all!
We also have an additional twelve entrants, who will also be e-mailed soon, who will receive their choice from the following software:

Furthermore, everyone who entered gets a PreSonus T-shirt. 

Your hard work and support of PreSonus means a great deal to us. Check in with us again here at the blog and on Facebook for more coverage of the video contest in the coming week—as well as more info on future contests—and thanks again for making this one such a huge success.
  • Gareth Hook

    Awesome mixers, awesome everything from PreSonus, I truly believe they are the best! easy to use and professional in the way sound is processed! Well done to the winners!

  • Dave Cook

    I love preSonus can’t wait until I get my 32 going for a major upgrade from 16.4.2 yes hopefully soon preSonus your the best thanks friends I want my 32 channel please

  • Lee Hazlewood

    Congrat’s to the winners! There were some great videos to choose from for sure, and getting a T-shirt just for entering is pretty cool! I’ll were it proudly, and see y’all at Presonusphere!

  • Johnny salsa

    Like to winn it

  • paolo fiore

    I have a 16 4 2….send someting in Brasil pleaseeeeeeee….lol

  • David Lyons

    thanks for the consolation T-Shirt, going to wear it with pride

    Regards, dave