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CRUSHing Old Paradigms in the Practice Room with the StudioLive16.4.2!

June 20,2012

We didn’t choose the name “StudioLive” arbitrarily. The whole point is that the idea of mutual exclusivity between “studio” and “live” environs is becoming something of an anacronism. This is a paradigm shift which we endorse wholeheartedly.

Case, meet point. This is CRUSH, performing “Faithfully,” recorded live in a modest practice space.  But it doesn’t sound live, it sounds like a studio sesh. Get it? We’re impressed, and you think you will be too.

Note that any similarity between “Faithfully” and the music linked below is likely unintended—but pretty hilarious.

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

  • Nikos Mermigkas

    Sounds awesome!!! I hope I’ll be able to by a 24.4.2 till september 😀

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