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Purchase Studio One 2 Professional for $399 and get a FREE FaderPort!

June 1,2012

Between the title above and the big image below, I don’t have much more to write! It’s simple: buy Studio One Pro for $399 and get a free FaderPort. Click the jumbo-tron large image below to get the PDF required for entry.

Click Above to get the Offer File! (.PDF)

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Posted by Ryan Roullard

  • Bruce molepo

    my name its Bruce molepo and I am 20 years old I stay in south africa in johannesburg and I am such a big fan of your software and hard wear I’m studying sound engineering and music production I produce house music I sing I found that your software and hard wear are just perfect I was wondering if the you people from presonus can be my sponsors at the moment I can’t do anything at all I don’t have cash and I’m looking for the perfect people to sponsor me this is my number 0766994623 and my email address is this is my BBM pin 266B954B and you can find me on facebook as Bruce Rauto Molepo..thank you very much for your time and thank you

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