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Justin Spence doin' thangs.

Let’s step back and take a look at the big picture. Things, they are a-changin’, and while we make an effort to stay humble, facts is just that. Facts! Look:

Reviews for Studio One 2 are off the charts. Sales, too. The StudioLive series of mixers are the best-selling mixer line over at Guitar Center. (Those search results are sorted by best-selling, you see.) We’re building great partnerships with amazing companies like SoundCloudRational Acoustics and Celemony. There’s also a bunch of other stuff we can’t even tell you about yet… but you’d get to know if you joined us.

So, it seems as though somehow we are doing something correctly, which means growth, which means we need more FRESH BODIES! If the idea of mucking around with a pack of  audio nerds in the hot Louisiana sun sounds like your idea of a killer work-week, than maybe we should talk.

Here’s the type of professionals we’re looking for, click the titles for the official job descriptions:

Director of Software Development
Program Manager
Senior Industrial Designer
Mechanical Engineer
Technical Support Representative (Do your part in the fight against hold times!)

So, if you think of yourself and PreSonus as a match made in gumbo, click the above job title of your choosing, read the Job Description, and dutifully carry out the contact instructions that follow.

Please don’t call about job availability. Crystal, our HR director, is kinda slammed right now. Growth, remember?

  • Guillaume

    Thank you so so much for being my partner in crime. It is very true that with out your mom and dad this party could have gone down hill qkucily! They are amazing and Todd and and I are so lucky to have wonderful friends like you and Scott.

  • I just encountered this post and despite the fact its old enough, it is quite different and intriguing for me. But I trust you will post more interesting contents there! Thank you! hehe

  • I can move back home to “God’s Country” and start just as soon as my soon to be 8th grader either graduates from Rice University, or Moves to NYC to attend NYU and/or otherwise becomes the Author/Illustrator she seems destined to be. Would expert Cajun cook with own gear (Jambalaya, Gumbo, & boiled crawfish for 40-100 people) & having several squeezeboxes, Key of Z Froittoir, etc qualify as “special skills”…? Until then, I’ll keep doing my best to fill in as pro bono marketeer, trainer & tech support for the StudioLive mixers & StudioOne DAW! 🙂

  • Angie Thompson

    If I had the qualifications you are looking for, I’d jump on the Gumbo train in a NY minute. I really respect your company and products. Well done, Presonus, you deserve all the accolades. If you are ever in need of a slightly less technical but wildly enthusiastic employee, look me up. Cheers!