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StudioLive Remote iPad

January 27,2011

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  • Wayne

    I love this, it has made my life so much easier. Things I’d like to see added:

    1: a button to cycle through metering. Input / Output / Gain Reduction. This would make checking the gain at the compressor / expander visually possible from the remote.

    2: The ability to view the RTA / spectra-graph on the remote.

    If these were added my job would become even easier.

  • Rafael trejo

    How I connect the iPad to the mix? I need a computer also? Can somebody draw an example to easy understand? Thank you for your time and patience

  • Leonardo Anaya

    I love this app, I use it for a first time yesterday, and it work great.
    I just have 2 cuestions;

    1 . What should I do to run the app as one single mixer when I have two 16 channel miexers linked together.

    2. It only display from chann 1 to 12, so when I drag to the left to see the rest of the channels it does it very well, but once I bring a fader up or down, the screen scroll back to the first screen. It keeps doing what you want as far your finger is dragging up or down, but you are seeing the first 12 channels screen. What should I do to correct it.

  • Rick

    When will there be an anroid app so I can use my xoom

  • Rick Naqvi

    Yes, you can have multiple ipads all controlling the board simultaneously.

  • Jing

    Is multiple controller supported by the app? Re: personal monitoring mix

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