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Studio One Artist and burning a CD

December 28,2010

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  • PreSonus Audio Electronics

    Hey there, sorry about that. We don’t really use Vimeo much since YouTube went HD, but you can view the video here:

  • Tom Jefferson

    I am a member of Vimeo. How do I longin!

  • Ryan Roullard

    Hey Kirk! Check out this forum thread on the matter:

    If that doesn’t help, please contact tech support here:

  • kirk weitzell

    why when I export to mixdown and use 16bit , 44.1 to burn a cd to a wave file the cd only plays back on a computer and not on a CD player in a car, home stereo, or boom box. I have widows 7 Ultimate
    on a Dell tower with 4 GB ram. Other than this problem I love Presonus studio one 2. I have another less powerful computer with an older version of Presonus studio one that does not have this problem. I do not have either of these computers hooked up to the internet to keep my projects
    and recording computers safe from piracy, viruses and malware. I record tracks using a yamaha M16 mixer into a Delta 1010 soundcard. I really would like to fix this problem or I may have to go back to using Sonar x1 producer. thank you for you expedient help.

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