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StudioLive AI Firmware 1.05 (firmware 5436) Released—Cascade your AI Mixers!

SLsA firmware update for the StudioLive 32.4.2AI, 24.4.2AI and 16.4.2AI mixers has been released to the web! You’ll need to log in to to get it.  

In this release is a New Feature!

As of firmware version 1.0.5436, the StudioLive AI mixer line will have the ability to cascade two mixers together to create one large mixer. Start with a 16.4.2AI, 24.4.2AI, or 32.4.2AI, then cascade a second StudioLive AI mixer of any frame size to create custom-sized mixing consoles with the hardware and software advantages of StudioLive Active Integration™ systems.

For full details on this update, please click here to download the PDF.

For troubleshooting your cascaded mixer setup, click here.

SL Room Control Now Available!

Hey StudioLive AI PA Loudspeaker owners, we thought you would like to know that SL Room Control is available now for Mac and Windows. It’s free. The iOS version will be available soon.

Click on over and log in to to get the latest firmware update for your StudioLive AI PA loudspeakers, which will unlock their full power via SL Room Control! SL Room Control provides wireless access to a suite of professional system-alignment controls for customizing each StudioLive AI-series speaker on the network to compensate for room anomalies, create delay systems, eliminate feedback, and more.

To get SL Room Control, simply log in to your account and download the installer for SL Room Control, as well as the firmware update required for your speaker(s) to connect to it. Once you’ve updated the speakers’ firmware, you’ll be able to take advantage of SL Room Control. Have fun!

Oh, and here’s a video on the StudioLive AI Loudspeaker firmware update process. It’s easy.

Click here for the full press release.



Major Firmware Update Now Available for StudioLive AI Digital Mixers

Hey StudioLive AI owners, thanks much for all of your feedback on the AI family of mixers. Your input is critical to the improvement of the gear you’ve come to rely on. We’ve heard you, and have been working hard to alleviate the issues some of you have been experiencing in the field. Effective immediately, you can download version 1.0.5124 of the new AI firmware, a maintenance release for AI-series mixer firmware to resolve known issues.

We highly recommend that StudioLive AI owners install this update.

To get the new firmware, please visit and log in with your PreSonus username and password. Once logged in, choose your StudioLive AI mixer in the “My Hardware” section. From the subsequent page, choose “Firmware.” You will then be presented with an option to download the latest firmware, and you should do so. It pays to stay current!

For more detailed instructions in getting your firmware installed, kindly click here for a knowledgebase article on the subject, or check out the videos at the end of this post. Click here to download the full release notes in a .PDF.

Primary issues addressed:

  • Returning Feature: POST EQ&DYN button for post-dsp recording of channels
  • 2277: DSP overrun distortion at 48kHz
  • 2789: Low frequency harmonic noise on GEQ
  • 2798: Corrupt Aux Mix data prevents remote app connection
  • 2825: Mute Group store corruption’


Additional bug fixes:

  • 2650: Linked Auxes with Even as master have incorrect permissions pairs
  • 2733: Stereo GEQ only applied to left side until toggled (only after firmware update)
  • 2759: Solo mode setting not saved on reboot
  • 2770: Mute Group ALL OFF turns on Talkback


Mac OSX AI firmware update instructions: 


Windows AI firmware update instructions: