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Try the free demo of Notion 5 for 30 days!

Notion-DemoInterested in adding a new tool to your music creation process? Notion’s got a lot to offer, and the free demo is available to all. Check it out! Perhaps you would like to compose for orchestra or horn section? Create guitar tablature to print and share with your bandmates? Notion’s got you covered.

You don’t need to know how to write or read notation to use Notion, by the way. You can input your music in a variety of ways outside of the traditional staff, including by guitar fretboard, keyboard, or drum pad. We’ve even got you seven-string guitarists covered. Notion also includes an interactive chord library that allows you to create and store your own chord structures.

Notion also plays nicely with Studio One and your VSTs. You can export the audio for each staff or bus as an individual stem and import it into PreSonus’ popular Studio One® DAW. Or export audio from Notion as a PreSonus Capture Session that will open directly in Studio One and retain instrument name, score order, pan and gain settings, rehearsal marks, initial time signature, and metronome marks.

Notion sounds incredible thanks to world-class orchestral sample library recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, and guitar and bass samples recorded by Neil Zaza and Victor Wooten, respectively. All of the samples include dynamics, articulations, and various performance techniques to bring human nuance into your compositions. Notion offers the key features composers need while keeping ease of use as a top development priority.

How to get the Notion demo:

  • Log in at If you’re new here, you’ll need to create an account, but it’s a relatively painless procedure. You don’t need to own a PreSonus product to get an account.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Click here to try the Notion 5 Demo!” button.

Still not sure? Come on, it’s free. Check out some of the nice things folks are saying about Notion:

  • “I personally really liked Presonus Notion 5 from the moment I first opened it. It is really easy to use with a multitude of features, sounds great, and it works across all of my computers as well as my iPad. Its biggest advantage is that I can work on my music everywhere I go.” Franto Kormanak, Film and Game Composers
  • Keith Gemmell of gave Notion a 9/10 review in November of 2014.
  • “I think that music teachers should abandon their loyalty to Sibelius (and, to a lesser extent, Finale) and embrace a third way – the Notion way.” Jonathan Savage,
  • “Notion continues to deliver a fast and intuitive workflow, ability to work well with other studio technologies (including full ReWire support), and playback with high-quality sounds from world-class artists and studios, including the London Symphony Orchestra.” –


Notion 5.1 Available Now! Includes Ukulele Support and Free Demo Version


We’ve got an update to Notion to announce today! You can click here for the full list of changes, but here’s the long and short of it: You can now open exported audio stems from Notion in Studio One, with automatic track names, volume, pan, rehearsal marks, and initial tempo and time signature information. Additionally, we’ve made the usual batch of bug fixes, including SoundCloud uploading and adding instrumental techniques for the new Woodwind and Brass expansion packs to display in the palette.

All you need to do to install the update is launch your existing copy of Notion, and you’ll receive a prompt to download the update. To update from, sign in and click on Notion in the “My Software” category. Next, click “Download Notion 5 Installer.”

We’ve also made a FREE demo of Notion 5.1 available to all via You don’t need to own a PreSonus product to get the Notion demo, just create an account, sign in, and click the button that reads “Click here to try the Notion 5 Demo!” Enjoy, and tell your friends!

Last but not least, we’ve released a Ukulele expansion for Notion and Progression that is available at our online store by clicking here.  The Notion Ukulele was recorded by David Doucet on a Collings soprano ukulele, and includes sample variations for open strings, picked or plucked notes, and both up and down strokes. It’s available standalone or as part of the Acoustic Bundle Pack alongside the Mandolin, Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar, and Banjo.