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PreSonus Notion for iPad 1.3 New Features and Fixes

The following features are new in PreSonus® Notion® for iPad® 1.3:


  • Real-time record from onscreen keyboard, fretboard, and drum pad


  • Ability to turn autoscroll on or off when entering notes
  • Drag score objects around with finger (e.g., edit dynamics)
  • Swap articulations from above to below staff
  • Cross-staff beaming
  • Add Capo feature
  • Align Chords
  • Stemless rhythm slashes
  • Hide/unhide stems
  • Cautionary key and clef
  • Select and paste in/out individual voices
  • Show voice colors
  • Select lyrics for a region
  • Instruments add to score in normal score order


  • Export all parts to PDF
  • More Export options

User Interface

  • New languages: German and Japanese
  • Restore All Purchases button added

Notion for iPad 1.3 also has the following fixes and improvements:

  • Expansion sounds visible when not connected to network
  • Title/subtitle/composer can now be reentered from Score Setup window if they had been deleted in the score
  • Title/subtitle/composer information display across score and parts (on new scores)
  • Instrument technique boxes repositioned
  • Instrument order retained from imported scores
  • Backup of scores when syncing with iTunes
  • New server for Purchased Sounds for faster downloads
  • Various improvements to multi-measure rests
  • Concert Toms: name now displaying and sounds playing back
  • In-app purchase sounds retained on device*

* You may need to restore sounds for this version one final time. In future versions, the sounds should stay on the device unless you are restoring the iPad or you have deleted Notion.