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PreSonus Notion for iOS New Features

The following features are new in PreSonus® Notion® for iOS®:

  • Universal app – now on iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®
  • iCloud® support for seamless workflow with other iOS devices and desktop (Mac®/Windows®)
  • Sound manager (Your Sounds) to customize how much space Notion takes up on each device
  • 64-bit version for improved performance
  • Quick Access palette – the most frequently used tools combined in one palette
  • UI completely redesigned and updated
  • New iOS-idiomatic menus and dialogs
  • Document templates
  • New Standard Staves selection in score setup allows adding generic staves to a score
  • Alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, and glockenspiel now part of the initial bundle (via free unlock)
  • New in-app purchase instruments and bundles
  • 13 new woodwind and brass sounds
  • New ukulele sound
  • New bundles: Jazz Bundle and Guitar Bundle
  • New language added: Simplified Chinese


  • Write for all instruments, even if you haven’t purchased the sound
  • Enhanced font selection and page text editing
  • New workflow for setting up a new score
  • New page layout controls
  • Onscreen keyboard jumps to relative range of selected instrument
  • Can start downloads/in-app purchases from Part Details view in score setup
  • Press and hold to rename/duplicate scores on home screen
  • Better initial zoom when loading a score
  • New SATB template file
  • Instrument names show automatically on parts
  • Add chord summary score option
  • Option in Instrument Setup for chords to be shown transposed or in concert pitch
  • When sounds have finished downloading in the background, they will automatically become available in the score on which you are working
  • Default file name added during setup
  • New in-app purchases:
  • alto flute
  • bass flute
  • basset horn
  • contrabass clarinet
  • oboe d’amore
  • bass oboe
  • piccolo trumpet
  • soprano trumpet
  • cornet
  • flugelhorn
  • Wagner tuba
  • alto trombone
  • bass trumpet
  • guitars bundle
  • jazz bundle


  • Enharmonic tool moved into Accidentals palette
  • Scores shared with Notion for Mac/Windows now retain jazz font
  • Playback marker now continues during playback in Continuous view
  • If Scroll with Entry is off, don’t scroll the score when pressing the next and previous arrows (previously called “Auto-Scroll”)
  • Add Long Drum and Whistling to the percussion bundle
  • Add some missing or incorrect instrument images
  • Correct some errors in the demo files
  • Add in vocal ranges when writing for voice
  • Fix not scrolling properly in continuous view during playback when zoomed out

Minimum System Requirements

This update runs on all Apple iOS devices running iOS 8 or higher:

iPhone: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s*, iPhone 6*, iPhone 6+*
iPad: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPad mini 2*, iPad mini 3*, iPad 4, iPad Air*, iPad Air 2*
iPod touch: iPod touch 5

*Notion will run natively in 64-bit on these devices