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New PreSonus Progression 3 Features

The following features are new in Progression 3:



  • Audio upsampling for export
  • Export audio of each staff or bus as an individual stem
  • New PreSonus® Native Effects™ plug-ins from Studio One®: Compressor, Limiter, EQ



  • Cross-staff beaming:
    •  Notes can be beamed across staves, from left to right hands, for grand staff instruments (piano, clavinet, electric piano)
    • Arpeggios and glissandi will work across both staves
  • Chords:
    • Expanded chord library and characters
    • Recent-chord picker
    • Design custom chord symbols and diagrams
    • Chord symbols now vertically align on the page
    • Chords remain on fretboard for repeated entry
    • Chord diagrams can be edited on fretboard
    • Drag score items for exact placement
    • Improvement of note spelling in MIDI entry
  • Add Capo feature
  • Select and copy all lyrics
  • Add extended melisma line to lyrics
  • Stemless slashes for leadsheets
  • Ability to change font for all score text items
  • Flip enharmonics of a region and of selected notes
  • Copy-and-paste in specific voices
  • Add ties in step time
  • Cautionary key and clef
  • Out-of-range notes turn different color
  • Multiple first-time repeat endings
  • In Multi-Voice entry, move staccato articulation to center the articulation with the note stem
  • Allow user to manually move articulations vertically
  • Add ability to set the articulation to a particular side of a note


User Interface

  • Retina display (Mac)
  • Touchscreen optimization for Windows 8
  • Sibelius and Finale number pad shortcut set options
  • Localization in U.S. and British English, French, German, Japanese, and Latin American Spanish
  • New international keyboard shortcut set to utilize numbers for rhythms rather than letters
  • User interface redesign to reflect PreSonus Studio One® style


Progression 3 also has the following fixes and improvements:

  • Ties in grand staff voices now show the correct way up
  • Playback of chord extensions now possible (when using rhythm slashes)
  • Bracketed groups now showing on imported MIDI files
  • Option to keep mixer on top
  • Allow a mix of stems up and stems down in a beam group
  • Fix exporting chord extensions in MusicXML
  • Tuplet numbers show as default on the stem side, rather than note side
  • Quick Reference Guide updated and localized
  • User Guide fully updated
  • Issue with accidentals on grand staff now fixed
  • Fix the ends of slurs colliding with staccato
  • Fix slurs being attached occasionally to wrong voice
  • Fix ability to change stem direction for middle voices in a measure that has more than two voices
  • Progression tech support, online shop, downloads, resources, user accounts, Web site, forums, and knowledgebase now part of My PreSonus and