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PreSonus Fam Friday with Perry Tee!

Our Artist & Influencer Relations Manager and all around coolest guy in the world is up for PreSonus Fam Friday!

How long have you worked for PreSonus?

I joined the company in 2012.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? Why did you choose to work here?

Being able to develop meaningful relationships with influential and creatively successful people to showcase real-world use cases of our product line in action; ultimately bringing humans together from different backgrounds in life who share a common love of expressing themselves through sound and vision.

I moved out to Louisiana from California to get away for a bit; a sabbatical from the L.A. hustle, if you will. Being the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans to this day still has a vibrant live music scene compared to other cities and I had enough $$$ saved up to live for at least 6 months. So I went from one L.A. to another LA.

For those who aren’t aware, PreSonus is based an hour northwest of New Orleans and they were hiring so I applied, got hired and ended up moving to Baton Rouge. Even though I no longer live in Louisiana, I’m still very lucky to be working daily with such amazing talented people. No other company is quite like us in terms of camaraderie and dedication to making things happen, world-wide.

What instruments do you play?

Bass, synthesizer, guitar, trumpet, sax, flute and drums. Studio One is the DAW environment is where I record and produce tangible recorded audio assets for others to use. But playing *live* with other musicians has always been my greatest strength and main love, in terms of collaborative creative events.

Of all of them, what’s your favorite?

As far as sonic explorations go, analog synthesizers. My favorites are the ARP Odyssey, Moog Sub Phatty, Polivoks and EMS VCS3.

Who are some of your favorite bass players?

Paul Jackson. BrownMark. Pino Palladino. Kev Hopper. Squarepusher. Thundercat.

What is it that you love about “live” performance?

It’s fun, brings people together and a very instantaneous source of joy. When everyone is in sync with each other, it’s magical. I believe it showcases positivity in humanity.

Why is this your favorite endeavor?

Engaging in real-time musical conversations with other willing musicians and expressing myself freely without being bound by the spoken or written language construct. When those moments of true musical chemistry and magic happen, you know it’s because the people involved are actively listening to one another, putting their heart and soul into the collective effort and channeling it as a group “sonic painting” event that rarely happens exactly the same way twice.

Everyone has a side gig, what’s yours? OR when you’re not at PreSonus, what are you up to?

Recording instrumental tracks for singers, producers and working on sound design. Teaching applied music theory, ear training plus improvisation to students young and old. Diving into modular synthesis. Updating my coding skills.

Who has influenced your own playing or approach?

Everyone I’ve played music with onstage or worked alongside in recording studio sessions.

Choose a movie title for the story of your life.

“Interstellar”. I constantly travel between different ‘worlds’ and can access experiences from all points in the timeline of my life’s stored memory banks to find viable solutions and resolving issues effectively. Never journeyed through a wormhole, though.

What’s your go-to Karaoke song?

“Regulate Ft. Nate Dogg” by Warren G.

Got any tips for working with Studio One?

Yes! Check out my Studio One “1-Minute Tip” videos:

Tell us about a successful event you worked with PreSonus products. InfoComm, NAMM, or an Install somewhere.

Every January, we congregate for a week in Anaheim to demo our Products and field questions like a tightly-knit family at The NAMM Show. Stop by and visit us at Booth #18801 in the North Building.

What are you currently working on at PreSonus? What’s next for you?

Finding more relevant product/use case resonant relationships for the company. We’re really interested in content creators and livestreamers with strong online audience engagement in addition to Artists, Producers, Live FOH Engineers, Studio Mix Engineers, and Mastering Engineers. Continuing to develop my Studio One chops as there’s always new improvements to our DAW happening regularly from user base input. Helping to make our products better every day for you all to enjoy and benefit from.

What’s the strangest talent you have?

I used to be able to perform the Doctor Who theme (lead synth melody line) using a cello bow on the edge of a standard hand saw; all while having gulped an entire packet of grape-flavored Pop Rocks and not letting the chaos inside my mouth affect my musical performance. That talent came to an end when all the bow hair frayed out… GAME OVER.

Anything else you want to share?

“No amount of money ever bought a second of time” (Howard Stark, The Avengers Endgame) really resonates the older I get and I hope that others will take that quote to heart too, as we make decisions that will inevitably shape the reality of what future generations will inherit from us.

Basically, choose wisely what you do with every moment of your lifetime and don’t take anything for granted!

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