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Buy Quantum 4848, Get Monitor Station V2 FREE

Now through June 2020… score a FREE Monitor Station V2 when you purchase a Quantum 4848 audio interface!

Check out what our friends at All Things Gear recently said about the Monitor Station V2:

The design of the PreSonus Monitor Station V2 is quite well-done — and we love the new color-scheme, which gives the device a much more professional and sleek look. The PreSonus Monitor Station V2 may largely be targeted at home use, but you could easily make a solid case for it being used in a pro studio too. It’s well-designed, well-built, and extremely easy to use.

…and you get it FREE when you purchase a Quantum 4848!

Need to know more about the Quantum 4848? It’s the biggest brother of the Quantum Thunderbolt interface family, intended for use with boutique outboard gear. It’s equipped with 32 inputs and outputs of DB25 line-level connectivity and pristine digital conversion with 120 dB of dynamic range. You’ll get vintage and boutique analog gear into your DAW at blazingly fast speed, and you’ll have 16 additional channels of ADAT Optical I/O to tie in digital gear, and you can expand your simultaneous I/O to 192 channels.

It also includes Studio One Professional with Pipeline XT, allowing you to use your analog gear as plug-ins inside your Studio One session.

But don’t take it from us. Here’s Production Expert’s Quantum 4848 overview:


This offer is available worldwide.

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