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Save 33% on Select Eris monitors in the USA and Canada

We’ve temporarily dropped the price of some Eris monitors in the USA and Canada; there’s never been a better time to get your own pair of our best-selling monitors! Hurry, this offer ends 12/31/18! 

Eligible monitors include:



Save 25% on Eris MTM-Series Monitors NOW through October 31, 2017!

25off_mtm_600x600_01_neeNew month, new promo deals!

The Eris MTM Monitors have a discount price right now—no rebate form or paperwork required, just less cash at the register! The Eris E66 and E44 are 25% off NOW until October 31, 2017!

In case you were wondering, MTM stands for Mid-Tweeter-Mid and describes the physical layout of the E44 and E66 drivers—twin mid-range drivers (actually bass/mid drivers) located on either side of a high-frequency driver. Read more about the monitors from our friends at Sound on Sound here!

And check out what Performer Magazine had to say about the family:

PROS: Perfect sound in vertical or horizontal placement, tunable to room space, excellent frequency range.
CONS: None.

This offer is available worldwide and ends October 31, 2017 so hurry up!

We can’t wait to get this deal in your hands.

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The Studio 192, Eris E44 MTM monitors, Studio One and Thou

Baton Rouge-based Thou—winners of Pitchfork’s Metal Record of the Year in 2014—recently took a Studio 192 on the road to record rehearsal sessions and demos for a forthcoming full-length.

Opportunities for collaborative songwriting had become more difficult for the band, as their members have scattered across the country. They typically only get together for tours and shows, making songwriting and recording opportunities somewhat scarce.

Not anymore. Recording straight into Studio One via the Studio 192 allowed the band to write and record in whatever impromptu spaces their tour found them in. Josh Nee (Drums) took recordings home to edit and mix demos for the record after returning from their most recent tour. The full-length, Magus, is on its way.

Learn more:

Back To School Sale: Eris 4.5 Monitors and iTwo Studio–Save $25!

back2school_600x600_6-13-16_nee01It’s August which means the first day of school is right around the corner. Why not start the school year right with a complete recording solution that’s perfect for dorm rooms, bedrooms, and can even be taken on the go? You can also enhance your set up with studio quality sound that fits nicely in a student’s budget (and space).

Now, through September 30th we’re offering $25 savings on the AudioBox iTwo Studio and our Eris E4.5 studio monitors.

The Eris 4.5 Monitors may be the little brother of the award winning Eris family, but so was Michael Jackson. Check out the whole review of the Eris 4.5 from MusicTech Magazine but this is the gist:

“These are not expensive monitors but they punch well above their price point. We hadn’t expected that much from the Eris 4.5 but the sound quality was remarkable. 9 out of 10 stars!”

The AudioBox iTwo Studio is convenient, portable, bus-powered USB 2.0 and iPad® audio and MIDI interface that offers two combo mic and switchable line and instrument inputs allowing you to record in your dorm room or anywhere on campus with a Mac®, PC, or iPad. Also included Studio One Artist, Capture and a Nimbit account! Check out this overview video from Guitar Center below.



If you think back-to-school deals are just for parents and students, you may be missing out some awesome deals! We’d love to fully stock up your dorm room, class room and studio with this deal!

This offer is available only in the US–Click here to find your local dealer!

Free Iso Pads with Purchase of Studio Monitors

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your studio monitors and listening environment, July’s a great time. You’ll get a free pair of the ISPD-4 Monitor Isolation Pads when you buy a pair of refurbished PreSonus studio monitors from shop.presonus.comfree_iso_pads_600x600_nee01!

This offer is available to customers in the USA, and only via our online store.

In case you’re wondering about why you would want studio monitor pads, consider this: When the driver in your studio monitor vibrates, the entire box vibrates along with it. These vibrations are subsequently transferred to any surface the studio monitors are resting on. That includes your desk, and once the desk gets moving, it’s likely to have a resonant frequency or two. This transforms your desk into something of a crappy studio monitor in its own right. This will most certainly lead to louder, inaccurate bass response in your studio.

That might even sound cool to you, at first. But the fact is that this resonance results in an inaccurate portrayal of your mixing work in the worst of all possible places—your studio! A recording might sound great in your studio sans isolation pads. But it will render thin and without much bottom-end when played on other audio systems.

The ISPD-4 Monitor Isolation Pads are the solution to this problem. While admittedly low-tech, they’re an important component to creating honest, accurate, pro-level mixes. And they’re here, for you, included with your purchase of studio monitors from

Click here to visit and pick the best studio monitors for your music and budget!

A word about our refurbished products: Hardware from has been fully tested, includes our one-year warranty, and isn’t missing any parts, documentation, or cabling like you might find from other manufacturer’s “B-Stock” items. This stuff is good as new, guaranteed. We call it B+ stock.

Eligible product families for this offer include:

  • Eris
  • Sceptre
  • Ceres
  • Temblor

Yeah, Temblor, the subwoofers. While not recommended for use with the monitor pads, we figure some of you out there already have monitors, but no sub or iso pads, and we didn’t want to leave you out.

25% off Eris MTM & R-series Studio Monitors, July 2016

PreSonus Studio Monitors: 25% discount

PreSonus Studio Monitors

Save 25% on PreSonus Studio Monitors

PreSonus E44 and E66 MTM Studio Monitors:

While MTM technically stands for “Midwoofer—Tweeter—Midwoofer,” you ought to know that they’re good from Mixing-To-Mastering. The MTM speaker configuration allows the MTM studio monitors to deliver the widest stereo field available in their class. You get a more consistent listening experience from varied listening perspectives. They’re also louder than they look, since the combined signal of the two relatively small drivers propagates forward like a single waveform. This mutual coupling provides a highly dynamic output in a compact footprint. And if footprint’s not an issue, mount them horizontally. We’ve designed them to sound just as good in either configuration.

Check out this video from A-list producer Chaka Blackmon. He relies on the Eris E66s for his daily grind.

PreSonus R-series R80 and R60 AMT Studio Monitors:

The R-series contrasts from the MTMs in a couple ways. While the singular woofer approach is a more traditional, the Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter is the star of the show. At the core of AMT is the astonishingly thin (< 0.01 mm!) Kapton® membrane voice coil, which moves at the same instant as the current that drives it, with no dampening applied to negatively affect the tweeter’s transient response time.

As a result, the R-Series faithfully reproduce the highest frequencies that can be heard by the human ear—and the vast majority of human microphones. The sonic result is a greater sense of air, space, and imaging that is characteristic of audiophile recordings and off-the-charts transient response. Furthermore, the AMT’s design inherently offers 8 to 13 times the projection area of a typical dome tweeter. This widens the stereo image considerably, while keeping problematic vertical dispersion in check. Consequently, the R80s sound consistent regardless of what room you place them in; a versatile choice for audio recording studios and post-production.

Here’s Mike White on the R-series.

Finally, both the R-series and the MTMs offer all the Acoustic Space tuning and connectivity options you’d ever need, and include RCA, 1/4″, and XLR inputs.


Get Ceres Bluetooth Speakers in May 2016, get Studio One Artist Free!

For a limited time, we’ll give you a copy of Studio One Artist—a $99 value—with purchase of the PreSonus Ceres 3.5BT or 4.5BT speakers! ceres_studio_one3_600x600_4-13-16_RR02This is an ideal combo if you or someone you know is interested in getting started in music production. Good speakers are a must for audio work, and Studio One 3 Artist offers one of the most intuitive music production experiences available.

The Ceres are versatile, powerful speakers for their size, and are ideal for working at the computer or as desktop speakers in the living room, bedroom or den. They offer a wide variety of physical audio inputs in addition to a wireless Bluetooth connection, allowing you to amplify nearly any audio signal you can imagine in true PreSonus quality.

Interested but not sure if Studio One is right for you? Click here to learn more about why Studio One is the fastest-growing Digital Audio Workstation on the planet. All you need to do is register your Ceres at and Studio One Artist will appear in your account.





Get Free ISPD-4 Monitor Isolation Pads With Purchase of Select PreSonus Monitors


Betcha didn’t know we made monitor pads. SURPRISE! And what better way to introduce these squishy li’l buddies than to give them away? From now until June 30, 2016, you’ll get a free pair of the ISPD-4 Monitor Isolation Pads when you buy a pair of R65, R80, Eris E44, or Eris E66 monitors.

I know what you’re thinking. “OK, great, PreSonus makes monitor pads. But why the heck would I need a pair of those? It’s not like my monitors complain about being uncomfortable.”

In a word: decoupling. Speakers transmit their vibrations to any surface they are resting on. That includes your desk, and once it gets moving, it’s likely to have a resonant frequency or two—turning your desk into something of a speaker in its own right. This will most certainly lead to louder bass in your studio—which may sound cool to you, at first. But fact is that this resonance results in an inaccurate portrayal of your mixing work in the worst of all possible places—your studio. A recording that might sound great in your studio sans isolation pads will render thin and without much bottom-end when played on other audio systems.

All you need to do is provide this rebate form signed with proof of purchase. Get a set of ISPD-4s with our newest monitors, and start making mixes that you can trust. The monitors may not thank you, but your clients will.


FOCUS… on the PreSonus Sceptre S8s

FOCUS… is a California-based record producer signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment who has produced tracks for Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé Knowles, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and more. He recently got a pair of Sceptres—and here’s what he has to say about them.



Follow FOCUS… on Twitter.

PreSonus R Series Monitors and Eris MTMs have Arrived in Select Stores in the USA!

Sure, we can talk all day about how great the R-series monitors and Eris MTMs are. Heck, we can even link to reviews and let OTHER people tell you how great they are. And we do.R-Series-Avail-near-you

But the fact is, when you’re going to spend some money on some serious monitors, you really owe it to yourself—and especially to your clients—to hear the darn things first to believe them and know what you’re getting. That’s not something any YouTube review can do for you. You just gotta leave the house.

Fortunately, the R-series and Eris MTM monitors have begun to arrive in select dealers’ inventories, and you can head on over to any of the shops listed below and give them a listen.

If your neighborhood isn’t on the list, that’s OK. Contact us at and we will set up a demo near you.

R Series Availability:

Dealer State Address Phone Website
Eatmybeats AL 4755 Jug Factory Road TUSCALOOSA AL 35404 205-758-9119
Sutherland Sight & Sound AL 3906 Jackson Highway Sheffield AL 35660 256-381-1995
Aspire Music CA 912 S. Victory Blvd BURBANK CA 91506 818-435-4553
Bananas At Large CA 1504 4th Street San Rafael CA 94901 888-900-1959
Sam Ash 66 CA 3418 College Ave San Diego CA 92115 619-573-9669
Sam Ash 95 CA 7360 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood CA 90046 323-850-1050
Skip’s Music CA 2740 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento CA 95821 916-484-7575
Westlake Pro, Inc. CA 4101 Lankershim Blvd NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA 91602 323-845-1199
Robb’s Boulder Music CO 2691 30th St. Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 443-8448
Music Arts Enterprises FL 3301 Davie Blvd. Fort Lauderdale FL 33312 954-581-2203
Sam Ash 32 FL 5460 W. Sample Rd. Pompano Beach FL 33073 954-975-3390
Sam Ash 33 FL 5360 NW 167 Street Miami Lakes FL 33014 305-628-3510
Sam Ash 52 FL Dolphin Mall 11421 NW 12th St Miami FL 33172 786-331-9688
Sam Ash 54 FL 4644 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando FL 32803 407-896-5508
Sam Ash 63 GA 2999 Cobb Parkway Atlanta GA 30339 770-818-0042
Sweetwater IN 5501 US Highway 30 W Fort Wayne IN 46818 800-222-4700
Big Dudes Music MO 3817 Broadway Kansas City MO 64111 816-931-4638
Sam Ash 51 NC 5533 WestPark Dr. Charlotte NC 28217 704-522-9253
8th St. Music NJ 7815 Airport Highway PENNSAUKEN NJ 08109 215-923-5040
Grandma’s Music NM 9310 Coors NW Albuquerque NM 87114 800-444-5252
Boynton Pro Audio NY 5463 NYS Hwy. 12 NORWICH , NY 13815 (607) 337-2676
Sam Ash 07 NY 333 West 34th Street New York NY 10001 212-719-2299
N Stuff Music PA 468 Freeport Rd. Pittsburgh PA 15238 412-828-1003
Northern Sound & Light PA 11 Shingiss St. McKees Rocks PA 15136 412-331-1000
Corner Music TN 2705 12th Avenue South Nashville TN 37204 615-297-9559
Century Music TX 214 W. Rhapsody Dr. San Antonio TX 78216 210-496-2050
Sam Ash 59 TX 25 N.E. Loop 410 San Antonio TX 78216 210-530-9777
Performance Audio UT 2456 S. West Temple Salt Lake City UT 84115 800-771-8330
Rising Phoenix Music & Sound UT 4598 S. 700 W. OGDEN UT 94405 801-399-1418
Beacock Music WA 1420 SE 163rd Ave VANCOUVER WA 98683 360-694-7134
Truetone Audio WA 1915 Larrabee Ave BELLINGHAM WA 98225 360-734-2500!sales
Full Compass Systems WI 9770 Silicon Prairie Pkwy Verona WI 53593 800-356-5844
Kraft Music, Ltd. WI 4700 W. Ryan Road FRANKLIN WI 53132 414-858-4002
Pixel Pro Audio, LLC. WI 601 W College Ave APPLETON WI 54911 855-269-0474

Eris MTM  Availability:  Eris-MTM-Near-You

Name State Address Phone Website
Eatmybeats AL 4755 Jug Factory Road, TUSCALOOSA 205-758-9119
Sutherland Sight & Sound AL 3906 Jackson Highway, Sheffield 256-381-1995
The Midi Store AZ 40 W. Cortez Drive Suite 3, SEDONA 928-284-1619
Bananas At Large CA 1504 4th Street, San Rafael 415-457-7600 CA 2818 W. Main Street, ALHAMBRA 626-282-7001
Aspire Music CA 912 S. Victory Blvd, BURBANK 818-435-4553
PSSL CA 10743 Walker St, Cypress 714-891-3990!zHU2ep7IELoG7PH5KyqZIQ!/
Westlake Pro, Inc. CA 1711 W. Burbank Blvd. Suite 101, BURBANK 323-845-1145
Robb’s Boulder Music CO 2691 30th St. Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 443-8448
Eternal Light & Sound LLC CO 3262 Sea Gull Ct, LOVELAND 970-222-8313
B & B Educ. Music DE 3443 S. Dupont Highway, Camden Wyoming 302-697-2410
Discount Music FL 3301 Gardenia Ave., ORLANDO 407-423-4171
Music Arts Enterprises FL 3301 Davie Blvd., Fort Lauderdale 954-581-2203
Music Masters FL 1114 N. Monroe St., Tallahassee 850-224-6158
Scitscat Music FL 12302 SW 117th Court, MIAMI 305-595-3002
Total Entertainment DJ Inc. FL 501 W. International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach 386-254-8727
Sam Ash 44 FL 7726 Cheri Ct., Tampa (813) 888-7876
Dirt Cheep Music GA 2415 South Cobb Dr., SMYRNA 770-433-0196
Portman’s Music GA 7650 Abercorn St, SAVANNAH 912-354-1500
UpTempo Music IA 2114 Beaver Ave, DES MOINES 515-277-0145
West Music IA 1212 5th St., Coralville 319-351-2000
FTS Studios (Sound) IL 201 W. Jefferson, Suite 4, EFFINGHAM 217-343-0906
Sweetwater IN 5501 US Highway 30 W, Fort Wayne 800-222-4700
C&M Music Center LA 2515 Williams Blvd. KENNER 504-468-8688
Matt’s Music LA 3235 Breard St., Monroe 318-387-3628
Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center MD 11151 Veirs Mill Road, Wheaton 301-946-2300
Big Dudes Music MO 3817 Broadway, Kansas City 816-931-4638
Fazio’s Frets & Friends MO 3100 S. Freemont Ave, SPRINGFIELD 417-881-1373
Morgan Music MO 689 N Washington Ave, LEBANON 417-588-1970
P.C. Sound Inc. NC 1826 W. 5th St., Washington 252-946-6100
Sam Ash 51 NC 5533 WestPark Dr., Charlotte (704) 522-9253
Dietze Music House NE 13015 W Center Rd Suite A-1B, OMAHA 402-333-1535
8th St. Music NJ 7815 Airport Highway, PENNSAUKEN 215-923-5040
Prymaxe Vintage, LLC. NJ 56 North Avenue, GARWOOD 908-232-7122
Grandma’s Music NM 9310 Coors NW, Albuquerque 800-444-5252
Imperial Guitar & Sound NY 2A Cherry Hill Rd., NEW PALTZ 845-567-0111
Boynton Pro Audio NY 5463 NYS Hwy. 12 NORWICH , NY 13815 (607) 337-2676
Corner Music TN 2705 12th Avenue South, Nashville 615-297-9559
Rik’s Music and Sound, Inc. TN 1505 Downtown West Blvd., KNOXVILLE 865-691-9590
Hermes Trading Co., Inc TX 409 S Broadway, MCALLEN 956-686-8742
Hermes Trading Co., Inc TX 9941 NORTH FWY, HOUSTON 281-820-0011
Mundt Music TX 2312 Judson Rd, LONGVIEW 903-758-8872
Rock & Roll Rentals TX 1420 W Oltorf, Austin 512-447-5305
Sound Productions TX 6631 N. Beltline Rd.Suite 100, IRVING 972-550-0001
Strait Music Co TX 2428 W. Ben White Rd, AUSTIN 512-476-6927
Performance Audio UT 2456 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City 800-771-8330
Rising Phoenix Music & Sound UT 4598 S. 700 W., OGDEN 801-399-1418
Audio Light and Music VA 6029 E VIRGINIA BEACH BLVD, NORFOLK 757-853-2424
Bellevue American Music WA 14340 NE 20th Street, Bellevue 425-641-5005
BSW WA 2237 South 19th Street, Tacoma 253-565-8114
Essential Audio Group WA 6700 NE Silver Springs Lane, POULSBO 206-335-6192
Focus Worship WA 6007 Thynewood Loop, WEST RICHLAND 425-422-5904
MUSIC 6000 WA 3738 Pacific Ave SE, Olympia 360-786-6000
Cascio Music WI 13819 W. National Ave., New Berlin 262-789-7600
Full Compass Systems WI 9770 Silicon Prairie Pkwy, Verona 800-356-5844
Kraft Music, Ltd. WI 4700 W. Ryan Road, FRANKLIN 414-858-4002
Pixel Pro Audio, LLC. WI 601 W College Ave, APPLETON 855-269-0474
Route 60 Music WV 60 Peyton St., BARBOURSVILLE 304-736-7466