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Studio One on M1 Macs—what you need to know!

Our support team is always adding new and useful information to the Knowledge base, and with the advent of native M1 support in Studio One 5.4, they’ve updated a number of articles on the matter. If you’re encountering any issues with VSTs or hardware while using Studio One 5.4 on an M1 Mac, or if you just want to optimize your computer for Studio One, you may find the following links useful.

How to switch from native Apple Silicon support to Rosetta mode

While Studio One 5.4 can be run natively on an M1 Mac, some users may be working with third-party VSTs or hardware that are not yet native M1-compatible. In cases like these, you’re still able to switch back to running Studio One in Rosetta mode until your VSTs and hardware are updated by their manufacturers. Here’s how to do that.

Support for Apple M1 Macs – everything you need to know

This is a great FAQ-style list of helpful tips for anybody running an M1 Mac and Studio One, covering Rosetta, third-party plug-ins, Melodyne, and other pertinent compatibility issues.

Managing CPU Usage in Studio One

The Managing CPU usage in Studio One article covers some 5.4/M1-specific topics, including using plug-in nap to prevent plug-ins from consuming CPU resources when no audio is passed through them. Users who enjoy fine-tuning their computers for maximum performance will find a ton of useful info here; this one delves deep into esoteric settings like NVRam resets and GPU switching.

There are a number of useful tuning solutions in this article for Windows users as well, including real tweaky stuff like BIOS hyperthreading settings and core parking.


  • Robert Wellinger

    I think that it run with more power under Rosetta 2 as on any intel cpu with me experiences yet. The only problem I see is the low memory setup of 16 GB on the M1. But this is fixed now with the new laptops coming from apple! I guess it will take long time, that all plugin will support nativ M1 CPU. But the way is clear on apple platform. There is no other way as to move to M1 Pro or M1 Max! I mean the future of produce music with this new power can by spectacular!

  • I bought the Mac mini M1 at the end fo 2020, I waited until February to install a little part of my softwares, I bought more than 1,000 plugins! Until now the most of the plugins runs under Rosetta 2 avoiding me the use of the entire power of this wonderful ARM CPUs! (sorry for my English, I’m Italian)