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Get Studio One Prime and the Studio Magic Suite when you buy a PreSonus Studio Monitor!

Now through the end of May 2021, get Studio One Prime and the Studio Magic Suite when you buy a PreSonus Studio Monitor—over $1000 USD worth of software!

Thinking of upgrading your speakers? Maybe you’re looking to up your audio production game? Maybe both?!  Well, there’s never been a better time to get some new speakers from PreSonus, because if you buy one before May 31, 2021, we’re going to throw in Studio One Prime and the Studio Magic Suite.

No matter your sonic demands, PreSonus has studio monitors for you, ranging from the small-footprint, Bluetooth-enabled Eris E3.5 BTs, all the way up to our top-of-the-line coaxial Sceptre S8s. You can browse our monitor offerings here.

Studio One Prime is the entry-level tier of our award-winning, flagship DAW: Studio One. Studio One Prime includes everything you need to get started in music production, and it’s ideal for creating podcasts, too!

The Studio Magic Suite is a bundle of music creation software, plug-ins, lessons, and loops that would cost over $1000 USD if purchased separately. We don’t have room to talk about them all in great detail here, but here’s a list of everything included in Studio Magic’s when you register a qualifying PreSonus speaker:

  • Arturia – Analog Lab Intro
  • Brainwork – bx_opto
  • Brainworx – bx_rockrack
  • Cherry Audio – Voltage Modular Nucleus
  • Cherry Audio – Surrealistic MG-1 Plus
  • Ghosthack – Essential Sounds
  • iZotope – Neutron Elements
  • Klanghelm – SDRR2tube
  • KV331 Audio – Synthmaster Player
  • Lexicon – MPX-i Reverb
  • Mäag Audio – EQ2
  • Melodics (Piano lessons!)
  • Native Instruments – Replika
  • Output – Movement
  • SoundSnap – 3 Months Free Coupon
  • SPL – Attacker Plus
  • UJAM – Virtual Bassist ROWDY
  • UVI – Model D Concert Grand Piano

For more details on all of the above, you can visit the Studio Magic page to see the full descriptions of every item in the suite. Note that Ableton Live Lite is not included with Studio Magic when the software suite acquired via a speaker registration.

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