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Studio One 5.2 has arrived. Here’s what’s new!


Driven by a one-two combo of user requests and PreSonus Software innovation, Studio One 5.2 boasts over 30 new features and improvements… here’s a quick ten, with a full changelog linked below. This is a free update to PreSonus Sphere members and Studio One 5 owners, and can be obtained from your my.presonus account or by clicking “Check for Updates” on Studio One’s start page.

Arrange your songs live from the Show Page or Song Page

Use Studio One’s Arranger Track on the Show page to trigger different song sections during playback without missing a beat! You can even control your arrangement from the soon-to-be-updated Studio One Remote… and, actually, multiple Studio One Remote users will be able to control different elements of the same Show simultaneously.

You can also use Live Arranging on the Song Page to experiment with new song structures and arrangements without dropping the beat.

Sound Variations

Extensive support for articulations in orchestral libraries has arrived in Studio One via Sound Variations, with a powerful but intuitive mapping editor that provides tools for managing complex articulation maps. Trigger your Sound Variations from remote commands, key switches, hardware controllers, macros, and more. Furthermore, the new Dynamic Mapping API lets third-party developers enable their VST2 and VST3 instruments’ articulations to be queried by Studio One so that Sound Variation maps are automatically generated. Vienna Symphonic Library and UJAM are already on board. 

Score View Improvements

We’ve added Drum Notation and Tablature to the Score view! Tablature supports multiple instruments and multiple tunings, for everything from Strats to baritone ukuleles, and you can even view tablature and standard notation simultaneously. Drum Notation has new symbols for open/closed/half-open techniques to be added as well.

And in standard Score View, notes can be entered into multiple voices for a single instrument; up to four voices can be created per staff.

PreSonus Sphere Workspaces in the Browser

PreSonus Sphere workspaces are also now available directly from the Studio One Browser for easy bidirectional file transfer. Drag and drop stuff from Studio One’s Edit window to your PreSonus Sphere workspace folders.

Splitter is now a plug-in

The Splitter—our powerful parallel processing tool in the Channel Editor—now lives alongside other Native Effects Plug-ins in Studio One’s Browser. If you haven’t experimented with this powerful processing option in the past, you should—and now it’s hard to miss!

Arrow tool Improvements

Genius updates to the Arrow tool make it easier than ever to edit Note Events in the Piano Roll.

Hardware Controller Improvements

ATOM SQ and FaderPort 8 and 16 now play better than ever with Studio One. ATOM SQ now supports Studio One’s Autofill command for plug-in control. Furthermore, you now get up to 8 pages of controls in Control Link for up to 64 individual controls. You can also now edit details of individual Pattern Steps with ATOM SQ.

FaderPort 8 and 16 users will be excited to know we’ve implemented grouping! Use multiple FaderPort 8/16s to create a robust mix setup that’s ideal for your space and process! You can also now deactivate Sends from your FaderPort as well as toggle the metronome and control volume level. Lastly, Studio One’s Channel visibility settings will now also be reflected accurately on your FaderPort(s).

Clip Versions

Now you can make edits to an Audio Clip that don’t affect every instance of the Clip in your Song; apply clip-based edits in Gain Envelopes or Melodyne independently!

New Safety Features

Studio One’s new “Boot with options” menu on launch allows you to troubleshoot problematic plug-ins and other culprits by selectively disabling them after a crash.

M1 Mac compatibility

Studio One 5.2 is compatible with M1 Macs running Rosetta 2.

And more…


  • Michael Marchetti

    using s1 pro v.5.3 for some reason when i have multiple vsti’s open on separate tracks, using midi, and have a section looping, when i try to play on track 4, i can hear different sounds being triggered on all tracks, not just the one i have highlighted and working on, for example i can have a kick snare pattern playing on track one with impact, but when i try to play another vsti on a different track, its triggering other sounds from the impact kit, as well as all other tracks. and can visually see it in the console when i have playback stopped, how do i keep each track independent ,. so it only triggers the sound on the track im working on ? and not all tracks ? its making it very difficult to record multiple tracks one at a time with whats happening. thanks for your much needed help.

  • Candlestick Wick

    Because, the enhancements are only for Pro.

  • Appreciate you!

  • OrdinaryOne

    Having come to Studio One from Reason, the difference in updates and community feedback etc is night and day.
    Love the updates!

  • Craig Anderton

    FWIW – Microsoft hasn’t supported W7 for over a year. Because there are no security updates, it’s best to avoid the internet. I know different people have different reasons for not wanting to go to W10, and I waited for a long time before changing ultimately. Ultimately I did an in-place install over W7 (didn’t wipe the hard drive) and it worked fine. Overall W10 has been faster and better for me than W7. It also handles native audio much better. Again, I respect your decision to stay with W7 because I’m sure you have your reasons. Personally, I would not want to go back to it.

  • Panos

    I don’t know if it’s the right place but I have some questions for the developers.
    At what version you could include (in your really excellent and clever DAW) some irritating omissions as
    a) Fader numerical readouts
    b) Post Fader realtime peak numerical readouts
    for every mixer channel just like Logic or Ableton
    c) folding Group tracks directly in the Mixer without the workaround of combining a dummy instrument utilizing your multi instruments feature?
    Thank you in advance!

  • TrumpLivesinTheirHeads

    I won’t be purchasing SO5 as they didn’t see fit to allow it to operate on Win 7. All my major music software operates on Win 7 or Win 10. Not Studio One 5. I will seek an alternative DAW.

  • Monroe Poole


  • Hector Mon

    Every time I click on the Upgrade Link in studio one it returns a message saying it failed. Please Help

  • Candlestick Wick

    It’s a waste of time if you have Artist.

  • Apoclypse

    Same here. I don’t see in the Apple AppStore. It doesn’t seem to be update or available. Only 1.5.1

  • Hey! That update is packed with new features! I love it. As for the notation stuff it would be awesome if the tab supported alternative tunings. As I see now for example there is a 7 string guitar option but only in standard BEADGBE tuning. I’m using drop G tuning on mine (GDGCFAD) so I guess I need to stick with guitar pro a little longer 😀 Maybe the next realease will include that 🙂 Fingers crossed!

  • Blue

    have you even read the messages or you just answered randomly?? what program and what help, we are talking about the remote application.

  • Bob Johnsonrod

    in program under “help”

  • Bob Johnsonrod

    its in program, not on this site

  • Bob Johnsonrod

    the update can be found in program…click help (top left) and scroll down , you will see check 4 updates

  • Broken Kurse Media Group

    where is the update?

  • Blue

    Hello, where can we download the Studio One Remote 1.6 update? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanx.