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Studio One 4.6.2 is here

To get this free update for Studio One 4 users, just click “Check for updates” from Studio One’s Start Page!

Here’s the complete change log:

New features and improvements:

  • Improved ARA chord integration (Melodyne 5 compatibility)
  • Added Quantum 2626 Device Template
  • [Ampire] Audible pop on instantiation
  • [Ampire] Loud click when switching thru Wah models
  • [Melodyne] Crash when using “Copy Song Data to Note Assignment”
  • [Presence XT] Sample start modulation shifts loop start as well
  • [Windows] Slow redraw moving less than 51 items
  • [Windows] Crash on duplicating / moving / replacing arranger sections
  • [Windows] Fat Channel Plug-ins not working on certain systems
  • Multi Instruments w/ NoteFX missing Fader/Inserts when recalled
  • Pattern Part “Variations” are not recalled correctly
  • Automation not responding on scroll wheel in Pattern Melodic Mode
  • Menu item “Assign in ascending order” should not appear pipeline’s port menus
  • Redraw problems in Scratchpad timeline
  • Potential crash on playback when an audio event has an invalid length or offset
  • “Tab to Transients” doesn’t work in .multitrack files
  • VST2 plugins do not report key switches
  • James Ramm

    I just took the update to and studio one now takes an incredibly long time to start (or freezes) and if I do manage to open it, it won’t play any audio.
    It was working flawlessly until this update. How can I rollback?

    I am running on Windows 10 Pro N v10.0.18363

  • Kevin Rendleman

    Sucks that presonus pretends this reaction and all 90 of these comments don’t exist, or aren’t addressed. Emailed support about my issues with S1 weeks ago, and no reply.

    I reformatted, installed macOS 10.15.5, installed my UA drivers, installed 4.6.2 and loaded up a new session. Recorded 10 vocal tracks, put melodyne on them and everything comes creeping to a halt and it’s crash city. This is with melodyne 5.0.2


    Studio One is the best product you make. Stop making shitty speakers and focus on what you’re good at! Ya’ll need someone who works with audio on your software team, because every new feature is something that pretty much only helps people who use virtual instruments. It’s like you’re begging me to go back to protools.

    And this subscription thing… That’s gonna backfire. If you made the upgrade a reasonable price I’d be happy to pitch in for your hard work. But being left with broken software and the only option to obtain functionality (maybe? There’s no demo for V5) is to pay another 150 dollars for software I already paid 400 dollars for, or agree to pay 180 a year to use it and a bunch of 3rd party fluff that helps me in 0 ways. Make S1 7.99 a month, and I’m in. Google drive exists and is dirt cheap. I have no reason to pay for a cloud service that (just like the presonus exchange, which hardly anyone is even aware of) will probably not live up to it’s potential. The avid cloud thing sucks more than just zipping up a folder and using Dropbox. Is it really that hard to manage collaborations? Not to mention, NO ONE ELSE I KNOW WILL USE S1 BECAUSE ITS CRASHING NON STOP. Sick, now I have a very small amoint of storage for sessions that no one else can open.

    Seriously bummed and disappointed. I have to weigh my options because I’ve become really attached to S1, but nothing pisses me off more than feeling like I’m backed into a corner and forced to spend money to make something I’ve already paid for…. Just work.

  • Kevin Rendleman

    Is anyone else extremely disappointed that anyone not willing to shell out 150 to upgrade is left with a buggy mess of a DAW? Why do companies do this? It happened with protools 12.6 and now it’s studio one’s turn to make people who have already paid full price pay even more for a working version of the software.

    I’m not even sure V5 fixed those problems, and frankly the only feature useful to me is the no overlaps edit mode and the scene recalls, which should have been included in a point update because they’re basic missing features that many other DAWs have already had for years.

    This whole situation sucks, because I want to love studio one. I want to sing it’s praises to all my buddies. But I can’t because it always crashes and I’m not going to be extorted into paying for software I’ve already paid for when YOU broke it.

  • We have added MPE to Studio One 5 toady. Hope you’ll give it a chance!

  • Koka Vukeni

    I don’t know if it’s a misfortune but from my reading of other people’s experiences it doesn’t seem like a misfortune. After upgrading to Studio One 4.6.2 I couldn’t load the previous songs/beats i was working on in Studio One 4.6.1. It’ll try loading the whole day and it won’t even open up the file. All of them were saved and closed before updating to SO 4.6.2. I’m thinking of reverting to the previous version instead. If somebody can help me revert please to SO 4.6.1. And sometimes the software would crash. I tried uninstalling and installing the app trice but the problem still persists. YOU GUYS NEED TO DELIVER STABLE UPDATE. WE DO UNDERSTAND THAT PROGRAMING/CODING CAN BE HARD BUT PLEASE TRY NOT TO SERVE CUSTOMERS UNCOOKED MEAL IF THEY’RE EXPECTING A COOKED ONE! THANK YOU.

  • Jon Delvaux

    Yea. It’s several different crashes, really. Been in contact with support – apparently as far as plugins go, Universal Audio, Softube, and Waves are causing my crashes. I… highly doubt they are the actual problem, but 🤷🏽‍♂️. I also get crashing with zero plugins, as well, which apparently is graphics driver related.

    None of this should be an issue, and certainly was not an issue before 4.6.

  • Terence Kearns

    Did you try disabling All your 3rd party addons and adding them back a bit at a time to see which one is the culprit?

  • Terence Kearns

    Having to pay ANYTHING for this is a massive rip-off. It’s embarrassing. I can’t recomend S1 Artist to any friends who are just starting out.

    Presonus needs to add this for free. Other “lite” versions of DAWs offer a lot more than Artist does and they don’t cripple 3rd party VSTs.

  • Yves Vander Haeghen

    I never had so many crashes since the latest update! I’m on PC (windows 10 64):
    – crashes when I remove vst instruments (Drummica)
    – crashes when I add a send (but my Studiolive 32 series 3 was also locked up, not sure about cause and effect).
    Before that (previous version) I had stutters and audio pops I never had on the 3.5 version

    Mmm, hope this gets resolved.

  • Andy Darius Bridger

    I love both S4 and Ableton. Both are Installed here on 3 different Windows 10 machines.
    S4 is rock solid on all.
    Live 10 has been great on one, but quite a headache on the other two.
    Each system has it’s own quirks – like the rest of us 😉

  • James Clay McCullough Jr

    So glad to see these posts. My session crashed royally in front of a client. THIS NEVER HAPPENS, with Ableton! This WILL be the last project I use on Studio1.

  • Daveyboy

    I have no such issues and besides I wouldn’t do such a thing! 🤣

  • Daveyboy

    Massively helpful, thank you.

  • Kevin Rendleman

    try pressing “n” on the keyboard. thats the shortcut for disabling and enabling snap. Up in the top toolbar, on the right hand side, there are several little icons that indicate things like snap, autoscroll, ripple edit. etc. Hold your mouse over them to see what they do. Also, hit the little question mark button in the main toolbar and check out the little info pane for helpful tips.

  • vasalli group

    If you’re not aware of the master volume control for the click, this is the quickest method (see picture).

    If you need individual click volumes. You can:
    1. Render the click to a separate track
    2. Set up your individual cue outputs for each track

    3. Adjust the individual cue click volume for each persons preferred monitor level.
    Hope this helps

  • Robbyrob

    Hopefully Presonus listens, because even on Win 10 I had several crashes since 4.6 and it is not because of 3rd party plugins as always mentioned, this argument is too simple but besides of this it is my preferred DAW, I get used of crashes,
    just start it again…

  • Ryan McVay

    Currently running OSX 10.14.6 – have not updated since this OS release. Been running S1 4.0 on this unit since day one. No issues until the last two updates. Many crashes, or lockups and audio not playing back. Especially having issues with NI Kontak now.
    I can say without a doubt this is not exclusive to OSX, and seeing that I lock my system from updates and am very careful to update incrementally to better trouble shoot potential issues. This maybe more severe to Mac users, not because of OSX natively, but maybe sloppy releases that are either ported to OSX or just plain overlooked because of deadlines on PreSonus’ end.
    Either way, I have been working in the professional audio industry for 20+ years and many of my colleagues (on Win and OSX alike) are have similar issues. I agree with @kevinrendleman:disqus that I don’t if PreSonus is paying attention to what users are requesting. PreSonus, please plug the holes and consider adding the much needed professional settings/prefs pane we need to make our workflow more efficient and productive!

  • Jon Delvaux

    Don’t be silly. And no – Win10 here, and constant crashing since 4.6.

  • Jon Delvaux

    Nah – constant crashing since 4.6. Win10 here.

  • Jon Delvaux

    Constant crashing since 4.6 – Win10 here.

  • Joshua Day

    I’m still holding out hope for an expression/articulation mapper like the BRSO Articulate plugin. S1 has great potential for orchestrators and film composers, and is certainly usable in its current state in that regard, but an articulation manager to handle keyswitches is the one thing that is missing! It would also be great if one or more tracks like the sketching piano track could be always pinned to visible in the piano roll, and clicking through the tracks did not constantly hide all the other tracks.

  • Daveyboy

    Guys I’m desperately needing a seperate volume option for the click. All other DAWS allow for that. Is that something that you’re thinking of in the coming releases. If you don’t already have it, it’s critical to me that you do as the click is one volume in the cans and It’s piercingly loud..

  • Jaime Josue Jurado

    this update keeps closing out my sessions when I use 3rd party plugins that worked before. can we also get automation back in the project page? it was very nice to have when mastering tracks.

  • Rocky Torres

    Maybe yours is immune. I don’t know, but mine ain’t so lucky.

  • George Trexagyrebopoylos

    Thank you my friend, you saved my life!

  • J. Tura

    Cannot agree: my computer is 10 years old, equipped with an AMD X6 CPU and 16 GB RAM. OS and programs are stored on an SSD, but everything else on the original hard disk. Nothing fancy. S1 (and Live) work great with lots of Kontakt instances. Only Cubase had slight occasional glitches.

  • J. Tura

    I think you want the feature that can be activated here:

    Options -> Advanced -> MIDI -> Chase long notes



    so the general consensus is that mac users should switch to PC and you wont have the issues you experiencing any longer. Stop blaming presonus for the fact your using an inferior system.

  • J.K. Loftin

    I’ve been professionally recording since 1967, doing music on computers since transferring digital audio from ADAT Super VHS video tapes 8 tracks at a time to edit in Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, Vegas and Acid and Cakewalk Pro Audio. I used Sonar for 13 years in my professional studio where I made my living, and even had 3.projects I engineered submitted for first round Grammy consideration by their record or video companies. I even had to use Pro Tools on occasion, and of course now, Studio One Professional, which I generally love. But the one thing about Studio One that is mind boggling in not so good a way, is that especially for the first few minutes of any session, and depending on which other windows, (console comes to mind) are open, there is no visible scrolling bar/cursor to show the location of playback. I hope I’m just not missing something, I’ve only been here about a year, but that to me is unacceptable for anything called “professional”. Someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong, or can we ask for something this essential in the next update?

  • John

    I lot of times its the plugins we are using that cause the issues.

  • Luuta

    Updates to a version of most software tend to focus on bug fixes, rather than new tools. I think you update the middle figure in the version number when you have a a few minor improvements or new tools to offer. And the bigger improvements and additions tend to be introduced with a new major version number, when you have finished testing them, am I right? And I think you work on a two year cycle, so that means a new version should have been released May 2020. I’m hoping, therefore, that it will be later this year.

    I find it more intuitive than FLStudio, but FLStudio offers many more useful addons and a credit scheme that allows you to pay into it, to build up the funds to pay for them. Studio One doesn’t offer life time updates for free, but neither does Magix software and their software is full of awful bugs, is dead slow, limited and all over the place. They have 4 (?) different DAWs below SEQUOIA that do virtually the same thing and run the same instruments, but in many circumstances you have to pay for those instruments 4 or more times to get them to work across products and devices. It’s an expensive mess. Buying their products, yearly, over the same period, would put it into the same ball-park as Studio One by the 4th year and would turn out more expensive after that.

    On the other hand, Pro-Tools is in another price bracket entirely, it’s twice the price of Studio One Professional for that initial outlay. However, that is a perpetual licence, like FL Studio, which means that Studio One will become more expensive to own in the 5/6th year, assuming a major upgrade occurs every other year. I can see why people with enough money would go with Pro-Tools.

    Studio One is now a fairly mature product. I haven’t seen any major gosh-wow updates since the last version, it’s really been an evolution and a polish. Unless you pull something out of the bag that makes our jaws drop, Pro-Tools would be the sensible way to go in future because the upgrade costs have awful diminishing returns after just two of them.. Maybe it’s time to offer a perpetual licence.

  • Luuta

    This has been the case for quite a while, last 3 updates at least, i think. I open Task Manager, find the instance that’s still running (hidden) and close it. Then the install completes. Not sure if this is a Windows bug or a Studio One installer bug. But the programme definitely isn’t shutting down when it should.

  • KEN5423 .

    My experience exactly on Windows 10.

  • rahim4411

    You guys beyyet get off tha Mac computer! S1V4 is better than PT all around.

  • rahim4411

    GET THE HELL FROM MAC APPLE COMPUTERS! I habe a PC and S1v4 has been on point. Apple update to much and companies can’t keep up.

  • Ralston van der Schyff

    After the latest update, Studio one cannot find my NI Kontakt instruments..says “not installed”
    My 20 track projects are now not working

  • MisterMixer

    This!! Great potential, but this Studio One Core situation has got to change!!

  • Kevin Rendleman

    I appreciate the thoughtful reply. My system remains offline and has been stable and remains stable in every other application. There is no stated requirement to be at any certain MacOS version as far as I can tell. I always worry about updates because there are too many situations where updates have broken a crucial piece of my rig and left me unable to work. I don’t have time to clone my system drive and update to Catalina right now and see no other valuable reason to.

    Crashes happen with or without third party plugins. I’ve disabled all my vst2 plugins that have vst3 counterparts, and disabled AU support as a test, as well as disabling all other non essential services. Mostly when doing things like bouncing/rendering/moves lots of items or fades… Sometimes when removing a plugin, sometimes when adjust automation lanes.. just seems completely random.

    Tried the new update and had persistent issues. Reverted to 4.5 and everything is less buggy, but the sessions I created in 4.6.1 are still a mess, and even copying to a new folder and making a new session doesn’t work. Also tried import song data into a new session and that didn’t work. It’s almost like any audio I recorded with 4.6.1 is cursed.

  • Tom Auffarth

    As a Windows user I can not understand everybody complaining here. F.i. Multicore support is there, almost no crashes in several years, everything is stable and gets better with every update. It´s most likely the Mac OS causing problems.

  • John

    Mac blows. Thats your issue. I have a PC and it runs flawlessly. I have yet to have S1 crash once in 3 yrs. Literally.

  • this new update has done nothing but cause crashes I never had prior on any version. This latest 4.6.2 is not working. If no update to fix this will be coming I will have to back date. sadly of course my work done in this new update probably will not open ………..

  • DavidGaliel

    I use 10.15.5. I had no problems with S1 4.6.1, and have none with the new update.

    The warnings say that there may be issues with a “future update” of the OS. That is now a standard warning in Catalina that helps alert users and, I’m guessing, keeps the pressure on developers to stay up to date.

  • DavidGaliel

    OSX 10.14.3 came out January 2019. That’s 18 months – and nine 10.1x.x upgrades – ago not counting umpteen security updates in between. I am well aware of the concerns upgrading to Catalina – I waited until all my plugins worked – but you haven’t even done basic security updates.

    Perhaps the stability problems you are experiencing aren’t Studio One’s fault? I have had zero crashes on my Early 2014 Macbook Air with just 8GB of RAM. I Run Spitfire BBCSO track template + a dozen more synth tracks plus Melodyne processing audio with no problems.

    In my 40 years of experience w PCs & Macs, crashes are often the product of add-ons/extensions/plug-ins and other 3rd party cruft on the OS and/or in the DAW and/or other apps running in the background.

    Also, maybe try htis latest S1 update first and see if it resolves your crashing problems?

    Your feature requests are on point and supported. We should be expecting S1 to be feature-competitive with rivals.

    At the same time, as someone relatively new to Studio One, I have found it to be progressing relatively rapidly for its age – and, to offer things that no other DAW does. I find the workflow much more intuitive and faster than Logic. Especially since I started using macros. YMMV, of cours; DAWs are just a tool, and we each should use the one that creates the least barriers between our creativity and our output. I hope you resolve your crashing problems.

  • George Trexagyrebopoylos

    Please…. midi notes must play from the middle of them, not only from the begining, I am cubase user and I have problems when monitoring vsti with large key switching notes.

  • Håkan Andersson

    I have problem with snap to grid. It doesn´t snap. I come from pro tools where this just works, you set a grid, it shows up on the screen and you can turn snap on and off. And it works, How hard can it be? Wich it was as simple as that in Studio one.

  • jay

    it scans all of mines..always has.

  • Paul Abruzzo

    Welp, just checked the studio one forum. Looks like this update’s even a bigger mess crash-wise than the last one. I have no idea what’s going on over there but they need to figure it out. Maybe get betatesters who know how to betatest or something.

  • Paul Abruzzo

    Is it still crashing horribly? I’m on 4.6.0 because the last update was such a clusterfcuk so I didn’t update after seeing how many people were having problems. I’m still hesitant to update though because I’m not sure they fixed the constant crashing.

  • Jander

    Cuando es que van a añadir los iconos para las pistas para poder identificarlas mejor?
    Esto lo veo como un punto muy negativo. de verdad que si.

    Es algo básico siento que es lo único que le falta a este DAW.
    De verdad, arreglenlo

  • King Stabber

    i Love studio one, bu i just need you guys to get studio one to scan and find all my third party plugins .
    i tried cubase and bitwig demos and all my plugins appear in these DAWS, but studio one seems to have a problem ….this is a cry from a super fam ,,,PLEASE TAKE NOTE .

  • RobinTapuch

    Much of the criticism is valid. In my humble opinion its a case of new features vs stability. I was the Steinberg (Cubase/Nuendo etc..) distributor in South Africa many years ago and the same paradigm krept in at Steinberg. Strange how new features sometime lack basic ability e.g. chord track can’t export a midi note track (even if it is basic triad). Need to use old tech Piz audio chanellize?? Presonus, this is a case of a feature list finds new users; stability holds on to the old one’s. Seems as if marketing dictates the development. Cakewalk now free (old Sonor). Why? Because you have to buy instruments, effects and other plugins before it becomes practical to use.

  • David

    After reading all comments, I’m sorry to say that S1 has a great potential but Presonus need to put more effort, pay attention to your users please.

    I have around 20 years on this DAW world, after tried with Logic, Cubase, Reaper, Protools I decided to concentrate on FL Studio, Image-Line offers always free updates and are constantly improving the DAW with many minor and major updates, in my opinion they have the BEST comprenhensive, fast and easy piano roll in the market, multichannel writing on the same piano roll, an easy write/delete/edit notes, etc., I only miss the fact that can’t directly rename keys (as you can do in S1 with drums) and the worst part…they still focus his DAW in the major audience Electronic Music, However many musicians uses today FL Studio to do classical, metal, rock, latin music as me…
    And of course, nothing is perfect, FL Studio has many issues with MIDI CC and poor comunication with some third party plugins…

    These was the most reasons to move to S1..I can feel me comortable with the easy GUI and click/drawn concept and the piano roll have many good options, for the mixing territory is great too.

    I’m relative new on S1 but I’m a little disappoint when I compare with my previous DAW about the attention to users, updates and some features that can be more exploted

    I hope to see someday

    1- Multichannel note editing on piano roll (for instruments that have many articulations on differents patches no keyswitches, think about many kontakt libraries) and why not???

    2- Customizing the piano roll notes, color, name…to make our own visual reference for libraries or plugins that use keyswitches (this would be awesome and unique)

    3- Multithreading support for free the CPU on mixing sessions

    4- See the video on a track and make simple functions like copy, cut, etc

    5- A more flexible Piano Roll…is not copy others, but check FL Studio piano roll, so easy to change the velocities, to enter and delete notes, lenght, editing…etc.

    Is my modest opinion…sorry for my english…I’m from Cuba

  • David

    Please let me know…I have a doubt…S1 not uses multithreading technology??? Seriously? In 2020??? I can’t believe it….For things like this (and also a lack of fluid in the piano roll) I share my work between S1 and FL Studio…however I still dreaming the day when I can fully move me to S1

  • David

    Still some bugs to fix but it’s well…however I think Presonus take a while to do this…6 months! I know is so easy to say but is not, sorry but please consider it.

  • Aleksandr Siskin

    Well, sorry guys but it is time to go. We are in 2020 now and so many people including me was asking for MPE for ages. I used to use Bitwig before and left them because their license policy. They give you only one year of updates for a price, then you have to pay again. However on the other hand its seems they earn my money, unlike Presonus, who do not listen to us. Bitwig now grown and matured and seems they like to please us, the end users.

  • miratonemoog

    It’s a big disappointment what you did there, I waited half a year and the other DAWs did a great job! What is this!? Melodyne blah,blah,blah and nothing else !?
    Version 4.5 is over a year old!
    Studio One was on the fast lane, since 3.5 it has been slower and slower! If Cubase would work better in HDPI, I would turn my back on S1.

  • I’m seeing a lot more crashes than ever with the most recent updates. I used to go months without one now it’s almost every session. Usually when moving data within a track – nudging etc. It

  • In my opinion, Presonus Studio One works great if you have a super fast computer, with not quite the very best parts but damn close. If one is trying to make it work with a 3 or 4 year old computer, forget about its going to be glitch master deluxe, its super ez to blame the sound card, but it all honesty, its buss, cpu, ram, and hard drive speed.

  • Frans van Nispen

    I’m a bit disappointed in this update, but was prepared. I expected a small update after the release of Melodyne 5 and I noticed it was not possible to send the Melodyne chords to S1 though ARA. another reason I expected a small update: to me it looks lie, give the last 2 updates and the time between, they will announce S1 5 soon.

    I reported several bugs the last few months of which at least 2 were reported back to me to be fixed. None of these made it to the release. I have also reported extensive research to the performance of S1 regarding their bus processing, which is off as wether or not audio needs to pass the connected bus, the plugins on the bus gets processed several times anyways, increasing the bounce time for clips dramatically (just bounce an event with plugins on the master bus enabled and disabled and it is at least a factor 3 difference in speed).

    I reported a major bug in the VST 2/3 handling where having these 2 versions reporting the same ID, just one shows up in S1 and its crashing your sessions randomly. So if you experience heavy crashing on S1, just go over your plugins and disable either VST2 or VST3 for the ones which have both fixes most of your problems. It’s acknowledged, but not fixed in this release.

    There are timing issues in sample playback in the file browser and all of their sample based VSTi’s. Reported fixed, but not in this release. (Having a 6/8 sample loop, dragging it in the arrange plays correctly, but in the file browser and Presence/Impact, it will always play to slow).

    And then there is the endless discussion I had several times with support about the context menu actions on track layers. In every area in the GUI where you can select multiple items of the same object, a right-click and then delete removes all. This happens with tracks, channels, events, piano roll notes, drum editor notes,… BUT it does not work with track layers. You can actually select multiple, but this selection is totally ignored. You have to delete layer for layer. I have attempted at least 4 times to get this on the bug list, but S1 support refuses to call this a bug as they have implemented it wrongly but it does not crash and it has worked like this since the beginning. To me as a developer and software engineer, it’s a clear bug though. But bug or no bug, the behavior is totally unexpected and the ability to select multiple layers is completely pointless now as it does nothing.

    My guess: this was a needed update to support Celemony with their Melodyne 5 release. The rest we will see in a payed update in the next few months.

    Not complaining though, if S1 5 comes soon and fixes these things plus adding support for visible keyswitches on the pianoroll back and improve our coloring options. I’d gladly pay for an update. After all, they cannot endlessly keep providing updates for free.

  • Martin MIJNO

    I’m suffering from a lot of crashes too. It’s a pain!!! I cannot open the instruments windows! The instruments do not show and whenI close the window the system crashes (impossible to close studio one : are you experiencing the same bug?

  • Erik

    I can’t figure out that either, if there is ever going to be a Studio One 5 or if it just too expensive these days to do this kind of product development… Maybe it is not worthwhile and Presonus is focusing on other products? I see the same trend with Ableton Live…

  • Erik

    Well same thing with Ableton… One minor update after another… Is the innovation in DAWs over and are we just going to get minor updates until the end of times?

  • Erik

    From your screenshot, it is running while you run the install. It definitely should be closed – maybe the installer was not able to close the instance.

  • Bernadus C Uaku

    Love your updates. Keep it up Presonus. I did not do any review on the update but also looking forward to next update. Thanks family.

  • Markey Blenda

    If multithreading support is not implemented i’m going to go back to using Logic pro X.
    Studio one has potential but it needs to get up to speed with Logic pro X

  • Markey Blenda

    Studio one needs to have multi core multi multithreading support. i have a i9 9900k running on a mac and i’m not able to utilize the full potential of my CPU when mixing, my CPU is at 80 percent on a mix that doesn’t contain a lot of tracks and plugins. i suggest engineers at presonus have a deep look at logic pro x multithreading support they have the best multithreading support

  • LebensAnwender

    I feel the same. Checked last update periods, but this one is poor. So many features missing. e.g. more midi routing and grouping channels, etc.

    When comes a big update?

  • Dustin Calderón Paredes

    I have trouble with volumen automatization

  • Aris Elliot

    Some of my sessions can be 50 to over 100 tracks with lots of virtual instruments. In writing and demoing sessions I don’t bounce down virtual instruments for patch recall and tweaking purposes. I only bounce those down in the final mix session.

  • TruthTeller77

    I’m seriously beginning to wonder… Since Presonus does SO MANY products- speakers, mixers, software. interfaces… etc…

    Has Studio One taken a back seat to all the other high-profit software and hardware?

    In the last 6 or 8 months, I’ve had freezes, crashes, and certain processes become non-functional. The only solution that actually works is to reboot…

    This is (needless to say) annoying and time consuming… Suddenly Pro Tools and Logic don’t look so bad..

  • girish phaterpekar

    Will it support OS Catalina 10.15.5?
    I have been getting a lot of warnings by Apple that S1 will be obsolete after update

  • Kevin Rendleman

    This is seriously disappointing. I’ve been waiting 6 months for an update to keep me interested in Studio One and this is what you deliver? The last update (4.6.1) caused so many crashes on OSX 10.14.3 that I had to revert to a pre 4.5 build to find any stability. I want to love Studio One, and I’ve been using it as my primary DAW for several years, but I’m leaving soon if you don’t pay attention to what your users are telling you. Does anyone read the feature requests? The preferences window needs to have about 150 more options for workflow adjustability/customizability. Put a lock on it if you’re afraid of children getting into trouble. If you want to continue to tailor to bedroom producers, don’t be expected to be taken seriously by professionals. Import Song Data is a joke compared to Protools, and the functionality is clearly there to import the data… WHY CANT IT JUST BE COPIED OVER THE EXISTING TRACK WITH THE SAME NAME???? Every time I have to mix a record I’m forced to either throw everything into one giant mixing session, or save hundreds of FX chains and variations and write down fader levels to match as a baseline for the next mix. EVERY TIME I COPY SOMETHING I HAVE TO SPEND 45 SECONDS FIGURING OUT HOW TO GET THE EVENT BEHIND TO NOT CATASTROPHICALLY SCREW MY CROSSFADES. WHY IS THIS THE DEFAULT FUNCTIONALITY?? WHO WORKS THIS WAY? JUST MAKE AN OPTION TO MOVE THE COVERED REGION TO NEW LAYER, OR TO TRIM BEHIND COPIED AUDIO.

    PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE FEATURE REQUESTS THAT MATTER TO PRO AUDIO ENGINEERS AND MIXERS. Look at what the amazing scripters are doing with REAPER and all the incredible flexibility it lends. Stuff all that functionality into your interface and we’d all be happy. Also, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP CRASHING. Many people like me are having the same issue since the 4.6.1 update.

  • Dmarco

    Most of my collegues are going back to protools because of engine problems with st1.4.6….Can you guys fix the p[roblem it sounds to crisp even for me.

  • Jo Chouinard


  • Tifosi Fratello

    How large are your sessions?

  • Tifosi Fratello
  • Alexey Smirnov

    Thanks for your work! This update solved some of the issues I experienced.

  • Tom Slowcat

    I had a similar issue when bouncing in real time but only with Eventide plugins. I contacted them and they are working on a fix right now. Not sure if that helps.

  • Dustin Calderón Paredes

    HEY!!! I have the same issue!!!
    Presonus do somethingto solve this!

  • Dustin Calderón Paredes

    Hey! I’m having serious problems with automatization!
    When i work at the DAW the automatizations works but when i bounce, the audio file lose some of the automatizations!

  • Dario

    What about several video files in the same project??

  • Tom Slowcat

    It’s been months since the last update and that’s all you can come up with? Looks like we’re taking extended lockdown holidays at Presonus…

  • Steve Erquiaga

    Nope, bought it a week ago

  • Ramu

    Are you use crack version 😂

  • Ariel Esteban González Luffi

    can you integrate the third party vst support to the artist version of studio one??? please 🙁

  • David Perdana Pangkey
  • Steve Erquiaga

    I’m trying to update my Studio One to 4,6.2 but the download fails every time

  • Aris Elliot

    I hope that the next update brings about improved CPU Handling. I’m running an Intel core i9 9900k and Studio One still has problems handling my larger sessions.

  • Bill

    Just discovered potential problem when rendering a track with pan automation to project. I’m hoping this update will fix it.

  • kevin thomas

    I was expecting a big update but this is what we got

  • David Tritschler