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Using StudioLive Series III in the Studio


Let’s take a closer look at the “Studio” in “StudioLive,” with special guest host Matt Osgood! In this six-video series, Matt covers everything from basic setup to recording with effects and remote control. Later in the series we get a look at StudioLive DAW Mode and automation writing in Studio One.

This is good stuff.

  • Koen Vermeiren

    These video’s are very well made and so practical. To be honest: the official manual is rather poor and keeps you in the dark. These six video’s cleared up so many things. Thank you very much! Best Regards from Belgium.

  • Udo Krzyzynski

    These vids are extremely helpful and more than this: necessary. It´s a bit disappointing and annoying, that Presonus hided so many details till now: how else can I know, that the signals of my computer are received through „tape in“ on channel 37/38 per usb?? How could I otherwise know, that „shift+play“ makes fast forward? Thanks for these late but lucky videos!!!