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Welcome Joe Gilder to the PreSonus Fam!

Please join us in welcoming the esteemed Joe Gilder to the PreSonus family! He has a new Studio One playlist full of tips started… with more episodes to come! Check it out below. 

  • Hi Joey, our tech support team doesn’t scan the blog comments for support issues, please sign in at and submit a support ticket and we’ll help you out, thanks!

  • Joey Mosk

    Latency of ALL automation parameters upon any DAW when Using SL3 as Controller – HELP! Any move wether it be “send throws for delay”, or Simple hands on Volume automation, do infact get placed properly and recorded on time for playback…..BUT!!! you DO NOT get to experience your automation in real time. UNTIL you playback what you did. Ot will sound LATENT to the track while inputing in real time. Again until you play it back. Very difficult to work this way. I call It – “LATENT AUTOMATION ISSUE USING SL3 & DAW” Please help.I am experienced 30 years and cant find a resolution here, except mousing my way threw a track automation wise….this is just not acceptable! Help Help Help! Thanx ooxx!!!

  • Hey Alain, it sounds like everything is working, but the product key is typically entered via the “Studio One Activation” item in the drop-down menu.

    Double check that it’s been entered, it’s possible you’re running either the 30-day demo of Professional (which will expire in 30 days) or the free version, Studio One Prime, which is missing many Artist features.

  • Alain LeBlanc

    Hi joe. I recently just purchased a PreSonus audio box 96 bundle and was installing it last night while watching instructional videos on YouTube. On the video, he entered a product key at some but I never got the opportunity to do that. Everything else went fine and studio one 4 artist seems to be working. Just wondering if it’s a big deal that I was never asked to enter a product key? And if i need to enter it, how or where do I do that?

  • John Ferguson

    Hey, got a problem. 4.5 , Mac, image files keep exporting as alias???

  • Hey Joe is the Studio One user meetup tonight in Franklin still on? Thanks

  • Gary

    Awesome Joe! This should have already happened but better late than never!

  • Alan Hainsworth

    Oh my goodness, what a savvy move by Presonus! This announcement increases my faith in Presonus as a company.
    I’ve been following Joe for some time now and have watched most all of his Studio One videos. This guy is not only knowledgeable on Studio One, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, equipment, and the music industry; he is also a good person, and quite an effective teacher.
    Congrats to Joe, congrats to Presonus, and – maybe most of all, congrats to the community!

  • Justin Shane

    Good to see you here Joe, been following your YT Channel for several years. Good stuff man… Keep up the good work!

  • Vasily Shevchenko

    when order is in the head, order is in work. This guy has everything in place. Very cool tips and practical. Most of what has been said, I use in my work. But a few points were a pleasant addition to my knowledge. We wish you success in your work and are pleased to see the fam of the presonus!

  • Daedalus Wyss

    Welcome, Joe! Great to see you with PreSonus now! I learned so much from you about using Studio One in Home Studio Corner. Looking forward to many more wonderful and useful videos to come.

  • oVa

    Congrats Joe ! You’re a very good teacher for S1

  • MCHolley

    Nicely done – congrats on the new gig!

  • ALWAYS solid advice and ideas from this guy. Definitely a great addition to the squad.