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The VoxTool FX Chain

Y’all seem to like FX Chains, so here’s one of my favorites—the VoxTool, a toolchest for bringing out the best in vocals and narration as quickly as possible. You’ll still need to add any desired time-based effects (doublers, reverbs, or whatever), or perhaps some compression, but this will help take care of pops, EQ, peaks/transients, and vibrato during the songwriting process. In fact, this FX Chain may even do the job all the way to the final mix.

You can download the FX Chain from the link at the end of this tip; but let’s cover how the various modules affect the sound, so that (if needed) you can tweak this FX Chain for your particular voice.


This stage uses the Low Cut Filter, set to 48 dB/octave, with the cutoff frequency controlled by the Pop Filter control. Turning up this control attenuates the low frequencies where pops occur. The Steeper button adds a bit more low-frequency attenuation, aimed specifically at subsonics, by enabling the LF stage.



Now that the p-pops are reduced, we can add some limiting to tame any vocal peaks or transients. The Limiting control in the Macro Controls panel turns up the Limiter’s input control to increase the amount of gain reduction. 





This link in the FX Chain uses four filter stages. Like the first Pro EQ, the Low Cut stage ties to the Pop Filter control for further attenuation of sub-vocal low frequencies, while the Steeper switch enables the LF stage for additional pop filtering. The LMF section provides the VOG effect (what narrators call “Voice of God”). This adds fullness to the bass, like an FM late-night DJ, which can also help restore some low-end depth in the vocal range if removing pops extends a bit into the vocal range. The HMF stage is the engine for the Clarity Gain and Clarity Frequency controls. Increasing Clarity Gain adds intelligibility and articulation to the vocals; vary the Clarity Frequency control to find what works best with your voice.



This provides a vibrato effect, with Vibrato Depth and Vibrato Frequency controls applied to the Analog Delay module. You likely won’t want to leave Vibrato Depth up, but instead, control it with automation, a footpedal, mod wheel, or whatever to add vibrato when needed.


That’s all there is to it! So download the VoxTool FX Chain, and bring your vocals up to speed—fast.







  • Eli Maagic

    it won’t let me scroll through the page lol ??? help

  • CB

    How do I get the VOX Tool to show as the front panel as shown in the above view rather than as the individual elements in the effects list or send of a track?

  • Леонид Величковский

    Where this VoxTool.multipreset on Mac?

  • Jay

    PC- Download VoxTool then go to – Program files- Presonus – Presets – Presonus – FX Chains – Drag and drop Voxtool from Download Folder. Refresh folder. Will now appear in your FX Chain presets

  • Ed

    Hi Roger. It is two articles before this one. Here is the link:

  • Roger Shaw

    I wish I knew how to use them… Where’s this “Tightner” article?

  • Ed

    Great article, Thanks!

    So helpful.

    I didn’t know how to install the FX Chain so I looked at your early “Tightner” article and found where to put the file. Then I had to go on the forums to learn that I needed to “refresh” the directory in the browser so S1 could see it (I kept restarting S1 thinking it would be scanned the way effects are). There is a feature request from 2017 that told me what to do :-). (

    But, your ideas on this have been hugely helpful and I appreciate the work you put into this blog!