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Celebrating 10 Years of Studio One with 10 Days of Giveaways




If you haven’t heard, we’re celebrating 10 years of Studio One this month! Starting September 16, we’re hosting a giveaway on our social media channels.

Prizes include daily copies of Studio One 4 Professional, and a single GRAND prize including a FaderPort 16 and a pair of R-Series studio monitors will be awarded to one lucky individual on September 27! 

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

  1. You must follow PreSonus on Instagram and Facebook
  2. Post a 10-second video of yourself answering the question, “What do you love about making music?”
  3. Post the video to your account and include the hashtag #StudioOneGiveaway in the caption


All the winners will be chosen at random from the hashtag. One winner DAILY! One entry per day max, please. Private accounts will not qualify, so set your profiles to public if you want to win!

This is a global giveaway and will run September 16 through September 27. Winners will be contacted directly by PreSonus.

Join the Studio One Fam today!

  • Northern Decay

    Sozial Media? No way! stupid way!

  • Steve

    I agree with you guys, this is actually false step and ugly move from usually serious PreSonus…
    I can hardly believe they are serious about this social crap…
    Hope they get back on track soon, and prize their loyal customers away from childish Facebook, Instagram and the likes… very disappointing deed.

  • Lion Bird

    Facebook a must for your prizes. Terrible news. Thanks but really. No thanks. Think about the whole facebook not for everyone part please. maybe next time will get excited and not bummed.

  • Vasily Shevchenko

    Круто, крутые ребята!!! Хоть я и присутствую в обеих соцсетях, но но видео вряд ли буду делать, потому как ваш редактор дал мне больше возможности заработать денег, и занять мое время, и теперь даже нет свободного времени сделать видео)

  • Dirk Conny Poque

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch ! PreSonus Super !

  • mfx

    Since SO4, I feel that the marketing dept is working harder than the software team…

  • SaintMe

    I’ve used Studio One from the beginning practically, it’s the only DAW I’ve ever purchased. I love it, and my StudioLive 16.4.2 …but there is no way I am setting any of my social media accounts to public for anything.

  • BRiTTO Ezekia

    I’m following Presonus on Facebook and Instagram.. Presonus is Growing day by day and i’m happy about It. As im a Old Pro Tools User, looking for the Great things from You. Please try to Help me to make a Professional Presonus Studio Setup. thanks #StudioOneGiveaway

  • Paul Fogarty

    nah I don’t wanna make videos.. I’d rather not be giving dear old zucky any more info then I have to.. I make music, doesn’t mean I’m “look at me” about it.. I’d rather not make certain folk know I make music, #fail

  • Ron Hatfield

    Well that leaves me out as I don’t do vids and I’m not changing anything on FB. Congrats anyway, Studio One. Your success is definitely deserved.