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Save 50% on ALL DrivenSounds Titles!

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This deal expires THIS Sunday… Get ALL the DRIVENSOUNDS Titles for 50% off right out of the PreSonus Shop!

There are two to choose from.

The first one is Hip Hop General and if you are looking for some heavy and blazing kits… this pack has got you covered!

Hip-hop General comes with a collection of kits coming from all corners of hip-hop. Boom bap, Detroit style, cloud, trap, R&B, chill-hop… There’s nothing that can’t be done with this collection. This pack of nine Impact XT Kits is carefully created and processed with analog gear, to give you that instant warmth you’re looking for when it comes to hip-hop.

The second is the R&B Trap Engine and it’s only $10 right now!!!!

R&B Trap Engine is the most inspiring collection of loops for trap, hip-hop, R&B, electro, pop, and any kind of urban music genre. With a collection of 199 loops carefully created and processed with analog gear, R&B Trap Engine offers tons of melody loops, drum loops, and vocals that will instantly transport you to the creative zone. R&B Trap Engine gives you the keys to make a hit right away—if you are looking to sharpen your inspiration and make hits fast, R&B Trap Engine has you covered!

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