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Need ANOTHER Reason to Join the Studio One Family?

Here you go – Deals like this don’t come around often!

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We’ve combined the power and flexibility of Studio One with the Fat Channel Bundle for the ultimate StudioLive experience! Now through the end of August score the Classic Fat Channel Bundle for FREE when you purchase or upgrade to Studio One Pro! That’s a $249.95 USD value for FREEEEEEEE!!!!

Don’t forget—if you’re a StudioLive Series III mixer owner, these same Fat Channel plug-ins can also be run directly inside your mixer!

The following plug-ins are included in the Classic Fat Channel Bundle:

FC-670 Compressor
This model of an iconic compressor/limiter of the 1950s imparts an unmistakable silky warmth on just about any signal.

Brit Comp
Capturing the unique sound of a twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier design, the Brit Comp is ideal for taming piano dynamics or adding punch to drums and percussion.

Alpine EQ-550
The 1960s-vintage EQ provides consistent, repeatable equalization using three overlapping bands, divided into seven fixed frequency points, each with five steps of boost or cut. Its selectable peaking or shelving filters for the high and low band, along with an independently insertable bandpass filter, provide an easy path to creating acoustically superior equalization.

Solar 69 EQ
The sound of classic British EQ is absolutely legendary and has enhanced many a great recording. Emulating this classic British design, the Solar 69 EQ adds definition to kick drums, shapes electric guitars, and adds shimmer to acoustic guitars and vocals without sacrificing body.


Buy Studio One here and the Fat Channel Bundle will automatically be added to your account! 



  • Alberto Martinez

    Presonus should offer it to existing users at a discounted rate at least if not for free. I have also been a loyal user since V1 and paid for all upgrades. I can appreciate Presonus needs a revenue stream but they need to look after existing users as well in this instance.

  • Roman Grumer

    I am A studio on user since S1.2. and shame on you personus!!!!

  • Dave

    Not trying to change anyone’s mind, but please note that new users to our party are just as important to us as they are to Presonus. Without a revenue stream, none of this software gets written. How they keep that revenue stream is either from me, or new users. I prefer it coming from a new user! I have Bitwig too. Their model makes you toss in cash every year to get new stuff. My son has protools (that I pay for) they require a monthly fee – those fkrs. Just to keep using it. I like the Presonus model, Free updates and modest upgrades cost. BTW, I bought a Pioneer DJ SP-16 and paid dearly for it. They won;’t even OFFER a paid update to it. Of course they suck. Still, software is like magic. But when the revenue stops, the party stops too. I use this thing every single day (that i can) and I’m happy with what I’ve been getting for over 5 years. I hope the party goes on. But I feel I godda toss in to the hat too. YMMV.

  • Chi Bama Cbgmg

    Studio one yall see we are loyal yall stay loyal to us loyal customers

  • Chi Bama Cbgmg

    Ikr sad in i spend thousands on software and the real audio interface

  • Chi Bama Cbgmg

    True story

  • Chi Bama Cbgmg

    That should of been in our accounts

  • Chi Bama Cbgmg

    Im starting to feel the same way

  • Chi Bama Cbgmg

    I feel that way as well 160 in change for upgrade o support studio one everyone using pro tools and other daws i always recommend studio one in that deal should of been in studio one 4 pro 4.5 accounts and offered to new people why charge loyal customers for some you giving new people free a slap in the face

  • Chi Bama Cbgmg

    This is a slap in the face for us loyal customers i pay for every upgrade

  • David Nutter

    Once again I have learned to never buy Presonus software again. No more upgrades to SOP, no more addons or bundles. If you are like me and have spent thousands over the years on Presonus software and hardware you get nothing as a loyal customer. SMH.

  • William Easterling

    I guess we don’t matter..?


    I have been a loyal studio one customer for years. why only the new users get the free plugins? Thats a shame. we feel played.


    I tell you what, I am not buying a plug-in from Presonus. And I’m a Studio One Pro owner.


    Just doesn’t make any sense not to give the current owners of Studio One Pro these free plugins that you are offering to new customers. Presonus, what are you losing by doing that. You already giving it away. Just doesn’t make sense. Seems to me you’re taking the current owners for granted.

  • 최준호

    Does not include existing users? again?