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Get Fat Channel Plug-in Collection Vol. 1 for FREE when you buy a qualifying mixer

Did you know? When you buy a qualifying StudioLive digital mixer, you get the Fat Channel Plug-in Collection Vol. 1 automatically added to your account. The Fat Channel Plug-in Collection Vol. 1 adds 5 EQs and 6 compressor models to your mixer—and they can also be used in the Fat Channel XT Plug-in in Studio One!

This Plug-in collection would cost $499 USD if purchased independently. However, if you’ve purchased one of the mixers listed below after July 1, 2019, all you need to do is register your mixer and the Fat Channel Plug-in Collection Vol. 1 will appear in your account, ready for download and installation.

Qualifying mixers include:

  • StudioLive 64S
  • StudioLive 32S
  • StudioLive 32SX
  • StudioLive 32SC
  • StudioLive 32R
  • StudioLive 24R
  • StudioLive 16R

All Plug-ins are state-modeled to accurately produce the sound and response of the original hardware processors. The following plug-ins are included in this bundle:

Baxandall EQ
This EQ offers the world’s most popular EQ curve. Using gently sweeping treble and bass EQ shelves, it allows you to make subtle, yet effective, changes over wide swaths of the frequency spectrum.

Comp 160 Compressor
With simple controls, yet capable of extreme compression traits, the Comp 160 provides VCA character with a personality all its own. Try it on drums—you’ll be glad you did!

Everest C100A Compressor
Based on a classic design focused on gentle, natural-sounding gain reduction, the Everest C100A helps control dynamics while still letting the signal breathe.

Classic Compressor
The smooth character of this compressor allows you to create transparent or extreme color changes to your audio, making it a workhorse for just about any application.

Vintage 3-band EQ
With its distinct filter shaping, sheen, and bite, this three-band active EQ includes both high and low shelving filters, providing enhanced tone-shaping possibilities.

Tube P1B Compressor
In general, the response time of optical compressors tends to soften the attack and release, which can smooth out uneven volume fluctuations. Emulating an all-tube, optical design, the Tube P1B compressor delivers musicality, preserving the clarity of the signal even at the most extreme settings.

Tube Midrange EQ
This midrange EQ is based on a passive, all-tube design for ultra-smooth and musical equalization, making it ideal for any midrange source material.

FC-670 Compressor
This model of an iconic compressor/limiter of the 1950s imparts an unmistakable silky warmth on just about any signal.

Brit Comp
Capturing the unique sound of a twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier design, the Brit Comp is ideal for taming piano dynamics or adding punch to drums and percussion.

Alpine EQ-550
The 1960s-vintage EQ provides consistent, repeatable equalization using three overlapping bands, divided into seven fixed frequency points, each with five steps of boost or cut. Its selectable peaking or shelving filters for the high and low band, along with an independently insertable bandpass filter, provide an easy path to creating acoustically superior equalization.

Solar 69 EQ
The sound of classic British EQ is absolutely legendary and has enhanced many a great recording. Emulating this classic British design, the Solar 69 EQ adds definition to kick drums, shapes electric guitars, and adds shimmer to acoustic guitars and vocals without sacrificing body.

  • Hey Ernest: Get UC Surface for your phone, and then connect the 16.0.2 to a computer running on the same network.

    UC Surface is here:
    If you have more questions check in with tech support via your account.

  • Ernest Whaley

    How do I control my 16.0.2 mixer with an android phone?

  • Grégory B Greg

    I’ve purchased 24r earlier and open a ticket, but @PreSonusAudio:disqus didn’t accept to give the bundle. … middle finger … I’m however a regular client (rm16ai, atom, studio one … )

  • xpressit

    I have a 32R I purchased December 2018. Can I qualify too?

  • Great!

  • happinessvitual

    They already fixed it for me. Thank you

  • Did this get sorted out? I’m sure they’ll accept an electronic receipt if you have that—did your account get fixed? If not let me know.

  • happinessvitual

    So I submitted a support ticket, but they’re requesting a photo of my mixers, and copy of receipt… 🙁
    Even worse, I had problem with my account, so I had to delete it and sign up again, now even the old plugins I own in the past are gone.

  • nielshs1


  • Sorry, this offer is for Series III S console mixers and Series III rack mixers as indicated in the product list…

  • nielshs1

    Series III. 🙂

  • Series III or Series III S?

  • nielshs1

    I can´t find the collection om my account. I bought the StudioLive 32 serie III 5 days ago and have made a registration. 🙂

  • We like both kinds of customers. 🙂

  • happinessvitual

    Thank you for replying, I really hope you will offer this to customers who purchase the mixer earlier too. Otherwise, it will appear as if Presonus only care about getting new customers…

  • No middle fingers here! Both of you, kindly submit a support ticket via your account and we’ll see what we can do. 🙂

  • happinessvitual

    Presonus is giving you a middle finger!

  • John Karp

    I meet the criteria (just purchased a studio live 32SX) but also purchased the plugin collection… any chance for a credit toward a different product?

  • happinessvitual

    This is so unfair, because I purchased a 24R mixer last year. >.<