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Get the CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper FREE when you buy or upgrade to Studio One Professional—June 2019 Only!

For a limited time—if you get Studio One Professional (either a new copy or an upgrade), we’ll throw in the CTC-1 Pro Console shaper for FREE—that’s a $79.99 USD value!  All you have to do is buy Studio One and CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper will appear in your account.

The CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper brings analog console modeling to Studio One with three great-sounding console models and several major enhancements to the Mix Engine FX environment. It’s the second plug-in developed for the Mix Engine FX interface in Studio One and the next evolution of plug-ins from the included Console Shaper.

Utilizing state-of-the-art State Space Modeling technology, CTC-1 captures the character and personality of legendary analog consoles that are otherwise out of reach for most musicians, producers and engineers. Going far beyond virtual channel strips and mastering plug-ins, CTC-1 is capable of changing the way how people mix inside a DAW.

Mix Engine FX are capable of processing every channel of the mixer separately with just a single plug-in instance. When added to a bus channel or the main output channel, every signal routed into that channel is processed independently at the source, allowing the plug-in to transform the sound of an entire mix while still maintaining the nuances and dynamics of every individual channel. Although being suited for many different applications, Mix Engine FX are tailored for analog console emulation. The original Console Shaper and the new CTC-1 both belong in this category.

  • William Hyde

    it is annoying when companies reward new users and ignore long time users and early adopters. bitwig did the same thing. puts a bad taste in your mouth, but hey that’s business i guess. gotta add incentive to get people in the door


    They are so many Studio One owners who obviously think that’s it’s wrong for Presonus not to give them the CTC-1. You better listen Presonus, you don’t want to lose us. You don’t want to be like AVID.

  • ST Drummer

    Not fair. What about already owners of Studio One Pro. Think about it!

  • Kip Count

    Do I get CTC-1 for free if I buy the Studio One Pro Upgrade from Sweetwater?

  • skyL0rd

    Not fair, I just bought StudioOne in late May. 🙁

  • Kevin

    I missed this by one day. Literally, one day. 🙁

    can i haz freebie anyhow

  • Andreas Casado

    I just bought a transferred license of Studio One 4.5. Do I get the CTC-1 as well?


    Awhile ago I suggested Presonus make CTC-1 a part of Studio One. Now Presonus is making it available to people who upgrade now and not previous owners of 4.5. This is bullshit and fuck you Presonus for doing that. I repeat CTC-1 should be a feature of ST1.

  • Alexander Sheboltaev

    Ok, thanks!

  • Nope, this is a limited-time promo for June 2019.

  • Yep!

  • Sasha Shishkin

    It’s unfair for long time existing users. Sad.

  • Pedja Radivojevic

    Hi, what about existing owners of Studio One Professional 4? Do we get CTC-1 Pro too?

  • Alexander Sheboltaev

    Will I get it for free if I upgrade from Studio One 3 Professional using this upgrade link?

  • Great question – the answer is yes, as long as you finish your rent-to-own payments between June 1 and July 1 2019. That will add Studio One Professional to your account and will trigger redemption of CTC-1. Thanks!

  • Kromanoid

    Can I get it if I’m paying through Splice?